9th Mar 2007, 21:39

Yes, the T80 is holding up well, although I was on a wing and a prayer the other day when it would not start for an hour as I tried to leave work. It turned out to be a loose battery cable, which the security guard found with his torch. Talk about embarrassed, I had spent an hour trying to kick start it right in front of our office windows. I have still not lived it down. At one point it seemed as if every smoker was outside watching me struggle to start my bike. When she finally kicked in I could not leave fast enough.

10th Mar 2007, 09:27

I busted my sides laughing imagining you trying to kick start your T80 Townmate for over an hour in front of your workmates. No offence meant, but you got to admit that is one funny scene.

12th Mar 2007, 10:42

I agree that the Townmate wins hands down over 4 wheels, no more stuck in traffic, no parking fees (in my area bikes park for free) and at 60mph+ how much faster do you really need to go?? As for the snow, bring it on!! I do like a challenge!

15th Mar 2007, 08:41

Indeed yes friend, I believe it will handle OK in the snow, because of the thin wheels. If it did all go pear shaped, I would simply jump off at low speed. I am now getting sick of the cold commute, and will be pleased when spring arrives fully. My family still think I am bonkers, but I have saved up 300 quid so far out of the petrol I am saving by selling my Laguna. I would have had more money, but I have my Hobbies, The Pub and the Bookie call me sometimes. Lets face it, anyone married knows a man has to have an escape route.

24th Mar 2007, 09:38

I have a T80 Townmate too. The best thing I ever bought. Do any of you guys know where I can get some peformance bits for it, as I need to cheer it up on the acceleration and top end front.

20th Apr 2007, 11:09

- "At one point it seemed as if every smoker was outside watching me struggle to start my bike. When she finally kicked in I could not leave fast enough." -

Yes, well funny, LOLoud!

Dictionary definition of working life in modern Britain today: "...it seemed as if every smoker was outside watching me..."

Devoted C90 fan myself, envious of the shaft drive on the Townmate though.

8th Jun 2007, 09:01

I'm new to this. But thought I'd let you know that where I live, Kinshasa Democratic Republic of Congo, you can still buy T80s new at the local Yamaha dealer. Does anyone know if Yamaha still make them for this market, or if it's old stock? Much enjoyed your comments, and going to buy a new for myself. They retail here for $1200 or around £600. Not bad I think.

17th Jun 2007, 12:56

Well I would say buy it. You will not go far wrong, Yamaha know how to put a motor and tranny together, and the way petrol prices are going, you will be smiling.

28th Jun 2007, 19:00

In response to the person that does a 115 mile commute to work. Good idea, bearing in mind you must use only a gallon of petrol and can do the trip without stopping (I had a T80 that did 112 mpg urban). But I have to ask, does the T80 cope with these long commutes? How often do you have to top up the engine oil?

Anyway, I suppose that is the way to do it. Rather than forfeiting the huge running costs of a car and spending thousands on a brand new much larger bike, it just goes to show, all you need to do is spend a few quid for the same job. Bearing in mind, nowadays most of us drive because we have to, and most of us hate it, so why waste money on expensive cars and motorbikes when a T80 is so cheap to run, many people will soon be envious of all the dosh you are saving. Laughing all the way to the bank - ha ha ha.

1st Jul 2007, 10:35

Indeed sir, at my age an ego is not a necessity. I have now been away to Australia with the money I have saved from selling my car. This has also enabled me to visit my local bookies far more, and I must say I have done very well this year. I have 4k in my Building Society from my betting hobby. Obviously the wife has no idea.

As for the T80, yes it consumes a fair amount of oil, as it runs very hot 115 miles a day. I am very glad summer is here. I will be sure to get a heated suit for next winter. I am still laughed at by my work colleagues of course, they nicknamed me Barry Sheene.

6th Jul 2007, 13:04

I agree with the previous owners. The T80 is a sound economical little commuter bike. The only thing that lets it down is the inherent rust problem & the feeble 6 volt lights & indicators. I have had two T80s, & use the current one (a J reg) day in day for going to work etc. Pity they don't still make them.

If anyone is looking for spares I have quite a few. Leg shields, front mudguard, air box, rear bevel drive, speedo, front forks, front wheel, rear suspension units etc, etc. (No frame or seat) ) tel 01223 843802 (evenings) Cambridge.

7th Jul 2007, 04:34

A great little commuter bike, will do up to 120 mpg. Only bad points are the 6 volt electrical system with direct lights & indicators are dim. In the UK the pressed steel parts, including the rear mudguard assembly, rust badly. It's difficult to find a good one.

8th Jul 2007, 18:08

The T80 (E reg) that I owned was a little gem used daily. My one had no rust whatsoever. When I bought it (Jan 2001), there was a bit of rust under the seat and under the rear fender. This was dealt by with a small tin of Hammerite.

Its demise came when the gearbox lefthand output shaft bearing became noisy. The T80 was replaced with a C90 in Dec 2002.

23rd Jul 2007, 05:41

What's the highest mileage anyone's got out of a T80? I am enjoying my P reg at only 13000 miles, wondering how many years I will enjoy the economy and ride etc. It was fabulous getting round the queues after the floods in Sheffield when many roads were closed. The poor old car was stuck in traffic next to the river Don and then abandoned (luckily not waterlogged). I visit secondary schools and teenagers don't "diss" the bike, but normally say why don't I get something more modern. No chance!

4th Aug 2007, 20:54

I am now on holiday from work, so I am taking the opportunity to service my T80. I have the seat and mud guards off. I have sanded down, then blue Hammerited my petrol tank and front forks, but only where it is stone chipped or rusty. It looks like hell because the frame is black, but I could not care less.

I also have the carburetor off, a new needle and float assy installed, and it is currently soaking in a sink of petrol.

I am also replacing all rubber tyres, and overhauling the front brake.

I shall also be treating it to a new battery, so for about 120 quid, I will have renewed this bike!