18th Jul 2008, 21:16

Agree with the other posters. I have 03 V Star 1100 Custom and it is weak on acceleration. I had a Kaw 454 LTD that had more acceleration. Does need an overdrive 6th gear.

The air cooled engine puts off a lot of heat.

Great bike for commuting to work with good gas mileage.

Looks nice. Mine is black with some deep purple.

28th Sep 2008, 03:10

Hey guys, I have a 1100 07. Mine has really good acceleration. But it too needs a sixth gear! I've had no problems at all.

25th Oct 2008, 09:23

My 2004 1100 has proven to be absolutely reliable and a real pleasure to ride. The only issue I have had was the rubbish bolt not holding the pillion seat. If, as has been stated before, you use the correct starter button procedure, you should not have problems with the kick-back issue that has caused starter failure.

While it is not a big deal to replace the oil filter, Yamaha should not have allowed this basic design flaw to tarnish the image of this otherwise wonderful motorcycle. Braking is as good as it gets on a bike and yes it does lack the grunt of other 1100cc engines. If you want real hairy performance, buy something else. If you want good gas mileage, fun and reliability, buy an 1100V*

My bike is currently on 18000kms and still on its original shoes. Paintwork and chrome are excellent, and handling for this old guy is as sharp as it gets. I have 5 motorcycles and the star is my favourite.

13th Dec 2009, 11:09

Wow thanks for the comments. I got my first bike at age 46, and got the 04 VStar 1100. It's black with chrome, chrome, and more chrome. What a beauty. I wondered what the issue with the starting was, and will now do as other recommend. I find it a wonderful ride, and enjoy it more than I can tell. I do tend to always look for 6th gear, even at 50. But once you get used to it, it still moves pretty well, but you get what you pay for. Am very happy to have learned on the Yamaha, and will forever be a fan, even if I upgrade to the Harley.

14th Mar 2010, 14:37

I have a 2003, and like some say, the only problem was during the oil change that you have to remove the exhaust pipe.

On mine, I have put a oil filter relocation kit that really eases on the oil change.

Really happy with mine, and put on it lots of chrome accessories, and have 50 000 km on it already.

No problem of any kind with it, and really enjoying the ride.

20th Apr 2010, 00:12

This is my 4th season riding and 2nd on my 06 V-Star 1100. Smooth ride under 100 kms per hour. After that she vibrates when throttle is on. A strange tapping caught my ear and I'm told that's normal.

Seat not so comfy, just did 2 weeks on the Baja. This is a nice ride for day trips, takes corners nicely. I won't go on another long tour with this one.

8th May 2010, 23:56

I have the 2007 V-Star 1100 with 17400 miles. I love the bike, but I do wish it had a 6th gear or a mod kit for the transmission or rear end. I have done some research in parts manuals for other similar bikes to see if I could put in a different 5th gear set or rear end. No luck so far. I am sure many of us would pay well for a solution.

28th Jul 2010, 18:35

I have a 2001 V-Star Classic. Didn't have a problem with the bike until Spring of 2009. All down hill from there!

The regulator rectifier went out; had it replaced and then into the Fall it wouldn't charge. The stator went out, had to buy another battery also! Third one.

In July of 2010, my starter clutch has gone out. Uhhhh! Wish I would have know about that starter clunk.

22nd Sep 2010, 15:45

I used to love my 2005 Yamaha V-Star 1100, but now, not so much.

Bought it new in '05 and had no problems, just a bad battery after 3 years.

This year, would not start very well. Finally, would not start at all. Was told it was the starter clutch, and that Yamaha was redesigning the assembly. I had to wait a month to get the new, redesigned assembly, but now the timing is off. Was told the old design was flawed (by mechanics, not by Yamaha, who said they redesigned it to enhance the bike's operation...hmmm). So, now, I need a new valve and other parts in my rear cylinder. Seems to me like a very poor design. It is the last Yamaha I will own.

15th Jan 2011, 21:59

I bought my 2004 VSTAR Silverado in May of 2010. Wanted a mid-size cruiser. The seat is not made for long cruises, I have my oil relocation filter on order, and it definitely needs a sixth gear. Overall, I am very happy with the bike. It handles great, rain or shine.

19th Feb 2011, 20:41

I agree with everyone. I have a 04 VStar 1100 and love it. I added the oil filter relocation kit and I added a HyperCharger. It made a big change and has a good bit more power. I also put a front fairing on it from a Harley, and love it. I agree, it really does need a 6th gear bad.

5th May 2011, 00:02

Yes, the V Star 1100 is a nice ride. I have a 2004 Classic. Modified pillion seat for my wife. Had it made wider and softer. She could ride more than half an hour before we had to stop and rest. Took it for a couple of tours. Longest was to the Grand Canyon with a couple of Buds on Honda's. Bike handled perfectly.

Have over 50000 Km on it. Had to replace starter clutch. About $750.00 in parts. Changed it myself. Noticed starting improved immediately. Even from the first day I had it, the starter didn't sound right.

Haven't ridden since last August. Hit a deer on the highway doing 80-85 Km. Head on. Wife on back. Deer dead. Wife fine. Me, broken ribs and ankle. Bike needs front fender and left turn signal. Left mirror scraped. Custom saddle bags saved my wife and the bike. Buddy rode bike home for me. Three hour ride, said it handled fine.

Other than the broken bits, looking at the bike, the frame and body work are fine. Just a little deer hair on the clutch cable.

Tough bike, but going to sell. Going over the bars at 80 Km hurts. Wife told me that morning was the last summer for her joining me. Turns out that was her last ride. Mine too. Too nervous now.