26th Oct 2008, 22:37

I own a 01 V Star 1100 Custom. It kicked out of gear on me and I put it back in gear, I drove about another 5 miles or so and down shifted for a stop sign. When I went to put it in gear, it took me 30 minutes to get it in 1st gear. I brought it home and now can't get it in any gear. Any advice will be helpful. LOST IN BRAZORIA COUNTY, TX.

12th Nov 2008, 23:34

I have a 2004 V-Star, and I had the problem with it only idling with choke on. On a whim I started it up with full throttle held down, and it backfired a couple of times and roared into action. I haven't had any trouble since.

16th Apr 2009, 21:25

I have an 05 V Star Classic, and want to take the emblems off, especially the large tank badge. Anyone know if that year the emblems were glued on or if they have pins in them. If they can be taken off with paint still in good condition underneath...?

18th Apr 2009, 13:20

I use fabric softeners, the kind you put in your clothes dryer, to remove most emblems. Just wet fabric softener with water and soak emblem good. Then use a dry cloth and rub emblem off. Also works great to remove windshield bugs. Never use paper towels to clean or polish your bike or windshield. Paper leaves microscopic scratches.

26th Apr 2009, 12:08

I just bought a used 05 1100 V-star with 1800 miles. I noticed that one of the exhaust pipes had already turned blue!? Is that a sign of fuel mixture being too rich and burning too hot? Also I was just looking for some simple modifications for the bike. Thanks.

8th Jun 2009, 17:23

I bought a 2004 Vstar 1100 last year with 5000 miles. It all appears to be stock with the exception of the exhaust. I am averaging 32 mpg on the highway, everyone else I know with the same bike are boasting 45-50 mpg. Why am I getting such poor mileage?

12th Jul 2009, 10:38

I have a 2002 1100 V Star Custom, and it was running perfect until all at once it started backfiring on deceleration. The bike has a hypercharger aftermarket pipes and has been re jetted, and it was running great for months. Some people told me a coil could be going gone bad or another told me it could be a cracked intake manifold gasket. Any help greatly appreciated.


20th Jul 2009, 13:48

I just picked up a 2001 V-Star 1100, and have been obsessively reading everything I can find on it. Apparently many of these bikes have trouble starting and idling without choke. One of the issues seems to be related to the choke itself. The design of the mechanism is not standard. As someone had pointed out, it's not really a choke but an "enrichment device that does not use the throttle butterfly", therefore while the bike is warming up, touching the throttle may lead to some damage to the bike, namely the starter and the carbs. Not sure how much truth there is to this, but it's something to consider.

22nd Jul 2009, 22:24

I need to adjust my Yamaha 2001 V-Star 1100 cam chain tensioner. It seems to make noise while riding and gets louder at higher RPMs, but at idle you don't hear it. Need help ADJUSTING. If anyone out there would be so kind to tell me how do this. Thanks.

10th Mar 2010, 22:21

I hear a pinning noise every now and then when warming up my bike. Also when I accelerate. Does anyone one know what this may be? I have a V-Star Classic 1100 2000.

4th Jul 2010, 09:16

My oil light keeps coming on. Oil's new and full. How can I check the oil pressure? I have a 2001 Yamaha V-Star 1100 classic.

7th Jul 2010, 15:41

A friend of mine just bought a 2001 V Star with 12000 miles. She has rode it 3 times, now and each time the battery seems to go dead while riding down the freeway. She has replaced the battery twice, and had the connections checked; all seem to be working, and yes the battery is dead each time.

23rd Sep 2010, 09:16

I'm looking at a 2000 V Star 1100 with 30k miles on the bike. What should I look for and what question should I ask the present owner? Should I keep looking and hope to find a bike with fewer miles on it?

4th Nov 2010, 23:39

I live in Australia and had to sell my VN2000 as I got injured in the military, so I wanted a VT1100. I saw a 2004 XVS1100 with only 2500 miles on it, and it was dirt cheap. The bike is a stunner, brakes were like the 2000cc Kwaka I just sold. Power wasn't as close to the VT1100, but since I modified the mufflers, it's pretty close.

One thing I did notice was that the starter motor was a little noisy, I have had the same problem with all my Yammies (you would have thought Yamaha would have fixed this?) I have owned 98 bikes since 1980, and the least popular were the Suzies followed by the Yammies, but the XVS is such a sweet ride. If you want better performance, just remove the last baffle and don't worry about re-jetting or a hyper charger (they just look good).

1st Apr 2011, 17:26

I took mine off, and they are put on with adhesive. I used fishing line to cut them off, and make sure you get Goo Begone, and plan on scrubbing a lot, but it looks great after they are off.

24th May 2011, 06:13

I just bought a 2002 V-star 1100cc. I have had the bike a total of 2 weeks, and I have been stranded out on the road twice; both times due to a completely dead battery. I bought a brand new maintenance free and installed it, and rode approx 200 miles, and the same thing happened. It was then obvious to me that there is a problem with the charging system on this bike.

I have yet to get it to a repair shop, but will repost when I do. Has anyone else had issues with the charging systems on the 2002 1100cc Vstars?

19th Jul 2011, 08:31

Might be your carb settings.

10th Oct 2011, 10:01

I have a 2001 XVS1100. I have no fifth gear, and it's a 5 speed. It will not shift into 5th gear. Any suggestions?

7th Jun 2012, 00:16

Just had the same thing happen with mine. All of a sudden when I was decelerating, it would back fire. Checked the bolts, where the exhaust bolts to the engine, and one was loose. Tightened it back up, and back firing stopped... Just a thought. Hope it helps.

17th Apr 2013, 13:37

I get 150 to 160 before I switch to Res.

5th Oct 2015, 15:42

The blueing is common; to treat the pipes and remove the blue, use Turtle Wax chrome polish with rust remover; this will remove the blue and limit rusting, also turning it sort of yellow; not as noticeable. It also protects from blueing again when used regularly to polish your dipped chrome parts. Do not use on painted chrome parts like plastic; it will eat the paint off. Good luck.

5th Oct 2015, 15:52

For this model bike, the starter is also a generator, working along with the stator to complete the charging of the battery; either one of these parts or both could be the cause, or wire damage. You need a repair manual for the bike and a volt meter to check. Good luck.

14th May 2016, 04:20

In cases like this you should replace the exhaust gaskets between your pipes and the cylinder, and sync your carbs. My '02 1100 started doing the same thing, and after replacing the exhaust gaskets and syncing the carbs, it runs great again. I know this post is a few years old, but maybe someone such as me looking for information may stumble upon this.

14th Jul 2016, 00:56

Yes the check voltage at the battery; you should have 14.0 volts at 5000 RPM or just rev it up high if you don't have a tach. ANYTHING below or above 14 is not going to work. 99% of the time it's your voltage regulator. The part is 120.00 and easily installed.

14th Jul 2016, 00:58

99% sure it's your voltage regulator.

19th Feb 2017, 19:31

I have a 2002 Vstar 1100 that made a loud pop at a stop sign. Tried to start it and there was a loud banging sound. I'm in the process of tearing it down and installing a new starter that WAS twisted and new heavy duty starter clutch. I think it all stems from the bike not starting well when hot. The carbs are not jetted right and/or gas is bypassing the gaskets in the carbs. The motor floods with bypassed gas and sits there. When you go to start it, you crank on the starter a least a couple times before it will clear out and start. With all the compression, the starter has a lot of torque on it and sometimes it kicks back when you let off the button. Well I will let you know if this solves the problem. RIDE ON BROTHER!!!

13th Aug 2018, 20:01

Running rich usually will not cause backfire. Running lean usually does.

24th Oct 2018, 13:22

Aftermarket exhaust? May not be enough back pressure.