12th Dec 2012, 21:44

I also have to run full choke and 6 turns in on the throttle adjustment, and hold the damn throttle for over 10 minutes until it will even idle when I let go. Then I have to chase the throttle adjustment back to a setting that is hard to find. Never had any problems like this with my old Honda. Was told the winter fuel treatment needs to be run out. Fresh fuel never works. Over 2000 miles now, and always the same...

25th Feb 2013, 22:07

Has anybody come up with a solution? HELP.

14th Apr 2013, 19:44

I love the looks of this bike. But, I didn't buy it to look at. I have had my 2007 carbs reworked twice. Still chasing it. Did anyone find a solution yet? I also have to run ethanol.. I just had to put out $1400 to get my Sea-Doo reworked because of fuel lines decaying from ethanol. I hate to think the future holds better designs when this is going on, and nobody can solve it.

3rd Sep 2014, 16:16

Yes, the problem is the gasoline, not the carburetor design. I have worked in the auto parts business for 15 years and can tell you, automobiles are the only engines that don't have a major problem. Lawn mowers, tractors, scooters, boats, motorcycles all have a problem with ethanol. Ethanol gums up quickly when it lays in small areas such as the jets in a small carb. It is highly recommended to only use ethanol free gas in these items. Ethanol free gas is not available everywhere. If you cannot use that, you should be using an ethanol treatment to prevent gumming.

16th Sep 2016, 10:13

Where is the adjustment screw at and what do I do? It's running too lean.

6th Mar 2017, 02:25

When you put 110 jets in and shimmed the needles, was the bike:

1. Still stock?

2. Did the MPG change for the better or worse?

3. How many shims? Was the shim a .020 thick #4 washer?

24th Sep 2017, 00:08

I wondered why the bike was upped to a 110 main? The reason I ask is my jet kit from Six Sigma for my 650 custom came with a 25 pilot; stock is 20 and 95 and 100 mains... Instructions were to shim 2 each needle... The PMS was drilled and 3 turns out set.. My problem is the second I add throttle and just at that point in any gear just when the needle starts to rise, I get a chatter like popcorn and no one in any forum has ever spoken of this issue... I'm thinking it's the shims allowing just a bit too much gas at the low throttle position vs the PMS setting, but has anyone experienced this? Sorry for asking in this manner... Should I have gone bigger in the jets?

purrreml@hotmail.com Eric.