1981 Yamaha XJ650 Maxim from United States of America


This is a great bike!


Previous owner neglected the bike.

Bike sat idle for years.

Starting motor brushes worn out.

Front brake caliper piston seized.

Carburetors dirty and out of adjustment.

General Comments:

Nice style.


Easy to work on.

Original parts are still available.

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Review Date: 3rd January, 2007

2nd Sep 2008, 21:18

Sounds almost like my situation. The previous owner also neglected my bike and had the starter motor apart and thrown into a shoe box. I discovered that the front brake caliper was seized after I took it out on the road for several short trips.

1981 Yamaha XJ650 Maxim from Canada


The bike has timeless beauty


After 25 years, the seat needs some attention.

Not bad for our climate here in Vancouver Canada.

General Comments:

I love the looks of the 650 series from Yamaha.

I presently own a 2000 Harley Fat Boy Custom as my own ride, but purchased the 650 Maxim as a training bike for my son, and now for my bike crazy girlfriend.

My very first bike was a Yamaha 650 Special, and I bought it because of its Harley looks at the time, and have loved the bike ever since.

My only observation or complaint is that the seat height is too high.

Does anyone know how I can lower the bike for my girlfriend, by at least 2 inches?

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Review Date: 13th July, 2006

14th Jul 2006, 11:29

The seat's too high? It's like 29.5 inches from the ground.

I'm only 5'7" and the seat height of my Maxim is fine.

Instead of lowering the height of the Maxim (and reducing the ground clearance to dangerous levels), why don't you find your girlfriend a Honda Rebel or Yamaha 250 Virago?

If she's that small, the Maxim may be too much bike for her anyway.

4th Oct 2006, 14:59

Hello there, email me at redfordranger2000@hotmail.com, and I will send you a pic from a guy from europe in what he did to his yamaha 650, solved the seat situation, the bike looks way cool...


22nd Feb 2009, 07:14

You can lower the shocks buy turning them, and loosen the front forks.. by the tree bolts and pushing the forks up one inch.

2nd Dec 2014, 16:45

Larry: PS: Contact email is berniek@technicaldevelop.com

I'd very much like to see the modifications you made to lower the seat for your G/F. Less than 30" sounds low, but perhaps it was too wide. I'm assuming the bike to be an XJ650. Am presently looking to buy one. I'm short with a 31" inseam.

Thanks, Bernie.

1st Oct 2016, 17:41

One good idea might be to find her a pair of high heels; much cheaper than a new bike