29th Sep 2008, 17:24

There was talk about fabricating a backrest to go with the Maxim. Was this a hard job? I wish to put on a backrest at a low cost.. Looked into sissy bars with the pads and what not. Nothing for the maxim. Plus I'm not much of a fabricator.. Just looking for a backrest to pop on her without much work to be done.

29th Sep 2008, 18:32

Has anybody switched out the fuel tank on the XJ650 for the larger one found on the XJ750? I think it's the 1983 tank from the 750 that fits both, but not sure. Thanks in advance.

30th Sep 2008, 06:29

Backrest with luggage rack is on ebay until 4 Oct, but they are bidding it up. Don't know if you want all that equipment or just a sissy bar type. Wish you luck.

3rd Oct 2008, 10:55

Hey, this is wicked, I just bought a 82 XJ650 Maxim the other day for 750$, 40k clicks on it, there was a good amount of rust and a dent in the gas tank. I've filled the dent and painted the gas tank, replaced the handle bars, and now I'm going to start cleaning the rust off.

Does anyone know where I can get new hand controls, like kill switch turning signals and what not? I'm not looking for anything brand new, but it would be nice to get this bike prettied up. Runs great though.

3rd Oct 2008, 19:00

Exact model of fairing I mentioned earlier is S-02. Cheapest I found is on Amazon for $166.27 delivered. Get the clear so you can see better, forget tinted, wear shades. These are actually "windscreens" and have no blind spots like traditional fairings and much lighter.

I've experienced no adverse high speed use in over 20,000 miles. Crosswinds are crosswinds. No worse. May cause me to lose a mpg but the comfort is well worth it :) Another plus is that it looks good on these Maxims. Doesn't rattle or move around once tightened. Makes bike look bigger too, ha!

John B :)

p.s. Only reason I mention this item is because it works and takes the guess work out of 'does it fit'. There's also a slightly cheaper one without the lowers that may work well too.

p.p.s. If you're prone to bike tip overs for any reason, this item may not be for you. Buying one once is worth it. Not sure about 2x tho. Ride on!

4th Oct 2008, 05:40

Ebay is best source of used parts I've found. Type in Yamaha 650 Maxim and a couple of hundred items usually pop up. Just depends who is stripping their bike that week.

Make sure the part listed is really for the XJ650. I've seen a few that are XS parts. Also do a cross reference with other years and makes of Maxims. Some on line parts stores have Yamaha's parts diagram break down with exact part #'s to aid you. Some XJ750 and 550 parts work.

Also try Craigslist and local salvage yards. You may get lucky :)

p.s. Remember to compare new vs used prices! Sometimes new is cheaper or as cheap as used. Look around, look around.

6th Oct 2008, 12:32

My first bike is an 82 XJ650 - fantastic. Awaiting service manual delivery.

Question at hand: What is fix for speedometer reading about 25% slow? Maybe dust in meter magnets?


13th Oct 2008, 06:32

I am in need of help. I have a 85 Maxim 700 and it has ran fine until now... It just doesn't want to start..

I thought it was a electrical issue, but it is a fuel issue.. It will start and run fine, and the next time it won't.. All the plugs are firing, but you can crank the throttle all day long and smell gas, but the plugs are dry... Then all of a sudden it will run again.. even on 3 cylinders.

Had the plug out to check the spark, and it starts after a couple hours of cranking. The motor runs fine and starts for a dozen times, and then fails again, no fuel, tries to run, sputters like out of gas.. I am at my wits end. The motor runs great when running.. Help, any thoughts..???


15th Oct 2008, 15:03

To 6 Oct with the speedo problem: First, hope you have it fixed by now. If not, by any chance have you had the front wheel off recently? Reason I ask is there is a 'drive dog gear' that has to be lined up in the wheel hub which drives the cable up to the speedo. I had a misaligned one after a tire change that wore it's two drive nubs off, which caused a slow speed reading, then erratic, before it failed totally. ($5 part) Not saying this is your problem. It could just be a poor turning cable itself. Check the ends to see if they're totally rounded. They should have a square-ish look to them. Again, all just guesses before you have to repair/replace the meter itself. John B :)

p.s. Once you get it fixed do a cross reference between your speedo and tach values while driving and jot them down afterward. This way if it goes out on you in the future, you can still compute your mph via rpms and selected gear. Wish you luck :)

26th Oct 2008, 17:39


I just want to say that this is a great forum, and after I read about this bike, I made my decision. Today I bought '81 XJ650 in almost perfect condition, and after I rode it, I have to say it is a great bike. What a ride! It is not my first bike, but I never felt like this.

Thank you! Your comments were of great help.

29th Oct 2008, 11:45

I picked up a 650 midnight Maxim on eBay for $1049 a few weeks ago. Some of you may have seen it there. It has 2900 original miles on it, and hasn't been ran since 85.

It was well stored except for the mufflers, and after cleaning out the carbs and getting it out of mothballs, it runs great. The finish is almost factory new, and I should know.. I owned a 850 midnight special that I bought new.

My biggest problem has been finding mufflers for it. They are not separate from the collector pipes, so replacements aren't available. Mac sells 4-2 chrome systems for 650 Maxims, and black or chrome 4-1 systems. I emailed them, and they agreed to make me a black 4-2 system, but it will take 6 weeks. Anyone else out there needing a black 4-2 system should get a hold of them, so they will make a limited run of these. If you need a chrome 4-2 system, they have those in stock.

I have a Triumph Sprint 1050 Triple that will eat this Maxim for breakfast, but honestly this bike is a lot more fun to drive!

18th Nov 2008, 16:52

Hi all...! I just discovered you guys. Question: I'm looking at buying a 1982 XJ650 so that I may chop it, and am wondering can it be converted from a shaft drive to a chain drive? And where do I begin to find instructions on how to do so? Thanks! -Mark.

19th Nov 2008, 09:53

Why would you want to mess with such a nice classic motorcycle?

20th Nov 2008, 04:44

Looks like some shaft to chain info is in comment #45 of 21 Nov 2006. Good Luck :)