5th Sep 2006, 17:28

To the person looking for a good aluminum polish, try Mother's Mag Polish ($8.00 US). It worked really well on my '82 Maxim.

I purchased my Maxim approximately 3 weeks ago. The only other bike that I had been on was my fiancee's Yamaha 250. I was a bit nervous about purchasing a used motorcycle. However, I wanted my own cycle, so I took the plunge. I bought a 1982 Yamaha XJ650 Maxim with 6,950 original miles for $600.00. I was afraid of it at first. It seemed enormous compared to the 250. I was determined to ride it, though. And once I got a feel for it, I was hooked. I spend every spare moment either polishing it or riding it. And if I'm not doing either of those things, I'm on the 'net looking for after-market goodies for the bike. The power this 24-year-old has is amazing. It seems to jump with every up-shift. I feel very fortunate that the 650 Maxim is my first bike. I couldn't ask for anything better. Although, I did spot an 1100 Midnight Maxim for sale the other day...

6th Sep 2006, 05:24

Stick with the 650, unless you really want a heavy bike that you won't want to take on those short rides around town.

11th Sep 2006, 15:58

For the guy trying to find the model go here: http://www.dropbears.com/y/yamaha/xj67info.htm

I just bought a 650 today. Can't wait to get started working on her.

12th Sep 2006, 13:34

Just got a 1982 XJ650J Maxim, only 4,500 miles on it. Changed the oil and changed the gear oil too. Runs fine, but seems to shift rough. I am not sure because it is my 1st bike. Seems really sweet... and extremely fast.

I have only had it 3 days and put 120 miles on it. I didn't know I was getting such a great bike!

17th Sep 2006, 16:49

Well, another riding season is dwindling down and my '82 Maxim 650 still continues to perform flawlessly.

This bike just continues to amaze me with its smoothness, power, handling, comfort & bullet-proof reliability.

Why did they stop making these 4 cylinder shafties???

As another New England Winter approaches, I can console myself by knowing that the restoration of my 1975 Yamaha RD250 is almost complete. I look forward to spending my free time this winter putting the finishing touches to the cosmetics.

Now that will be a fun ride come Spring!

27th Sep 2006, 19:02

I love my 1982 XJ650J. I've only had it for 4 weeks, and it was missing a little. Someone said Seafoam fixed that problem on his bike. I put it in the tank and rode about 40 miles, but the next day it wouldn't fire up.

Now it starts, but dies after a few seconds and smells flooded.

I drained it, and refilled the gas and changed the plugs. Still no go. Any help?

9th Oct 2006, 07:12

Wow, great forum. I just picked up a running 82 XJ650 Maxim for $500. Gotta love ebay.

No problem finding an exhaust, need a red right side cover. Any help will be appreciated.

I owned many XS specials through the 70s and 80s, 400s, 750s and 1100s, and now ride an V star Classic 1100, which is a slow bike for an 1100.

Looking forward to getting back on an inline 4.

11th Oct 2006, 05:57

I have just bought a 650 Maxim for 600 pounds on eBay in England.

Just thought you ought to know that I feel the same about the bullet proof bike. Mine has done 48,000 miles and runs like a dream around the London streets.

17th Oct 2006, 09:24

I just picked up a 650 Maxim all original. I am looking for a good catalog to buy alternative handle bars, I have been searching the web with no luck thus far.

16th Nov 2006, 18:46

I have an '82 650 Maxim. I purchased it without being told, or realizing that the frame was bent. I have a frame from an '81 and I would like to know if the '82 and the '81 are the same? The '82 is a YICS and the '81 is not. I have ridden the bike over 1,000 miles, so it can be ridden, but it's not quite right.

The only other thing that bugs me is that it has a vibration in each gear that begins at 5,000 rpm and goes away at 5,100 rpm. I would be grateful for any suggestions.

17th Nov 2006, 14:57

Could someone tell me the difference between a 650 Maxim and a 650 Special please.

19th Nov 2006, 17:44

Can anyone tell me how to change the final drive from having a drive shaft to having a chain?

20th Nov 2006, 13:34

I just bought my first bike about 4 weeks ago. I got my permit and started riding. Last Saturday I started a rider safty course in NYC and they told us to always use the kill switch, so I came home, hopped on my bike, rode to the gas station filled up for $6 (can't beat that), used the kill switch then it started up... about 3 miles later it just shut off.

After 20 minutes of working the kill switch and trying the ignition, I popped the clutch and got it started. The electricals came on as soon as the bike fired up, I rode home and disassembled the kill switch, only to find nothing wrong. I checked the fuses - nothing.

I figured out that if the bike is leaning to the right, the power comes on, but there is definitely something going on somewhere in the bike. I'm thinking it could be possibly the ignition switch has a loose connection? Does this seem likely, or has anyone had an experience like this before... any help or advise is appreciated.

21st Nov 2006, 10:00

I converted the drive from shaft to chain on mine easily enough, it took me 5 hours. You will have to go to the dealer for the parts though. You need, a chain, two sprockets, one trunion balancer, 8 M9 X45 hex bolts, and two shaft plugs/seals. Let me know how you get on and if you need any help.

21st Nov 2006, 22:09

I posted the question above and I fixed it... this just goes to show that you should always check the easy things first... it was a loose battery terminal I guess after riding a few hundred miles it loosened up, so I tightened it and now everything's great. I'm heading off on a 600 mile ride this turkey day weekend - gotta love the holidays.

Take it easy and ride on.

15th Dec 2006, 14:54

The difference between the Maxim 650, and the 650 Special is pretty wide. The Specials started being made in 1978 as a cruiser model of the Yamaha XS650 standard. They shared the older design vertical twin 2 cylinder engine and chain drive. The XJ650 Maxim came along in 1982 (or thereabouts) as a cruiser model along with the standard XJ650 Seca. These later XJ's shared a newly designed (at the time) inline 4 cylinder and shaft drive. Anyway, I hope this helps.

19th Dec 2006, 09:28

To the guy wondering if he can switch parts between '81 and '82 engines. I put an '82 YICS engine into my '81 with no frame problem whatsoever. It was a little tricky for a moment because the YICS valve covers are a little more square, but they fit. You will have to switch your tachometer to an electric one since it was a mechanical one for '81. I found one on eBay for $10 and grabbed the wire right off the coil for power. As for the vibration, I had that same problem only to realize it was my exhaust slowly cracking on the left lower side. Once it cracked all the way through I had no vibration problem! Lucky me hey?

I love my XJ650. It may have a real 80's look to it, but as far as comfort and drive-ability I have not found its equal. I often ride newer and far more expensive bikes, but I have yet to ride any other comparable bike, (size and style) that I like better.