23rd Mar 2007, 21:02

Hi, everybody, from Spain.

I got my 1982 XJ650 seca about six months ago for 1300 US dollars, and still have to repair a few electrical problems, but it runs like the wind.

I really liked the 650 Maxim, but couldn't find it here in my country. Does anyone know if I could turn my seca into a maxim's look by changing the seat and bar? Could be that possible?

I really like this forum, it makes me love more and more my motorcycle. Thank you very much.

27th Mar 2007, 21:13

I NEED HELP PLEASE, my 650 Maxim was running at a low idle speed, so I adjusted the throttle adjustment screw till it ran at about 1100rpm, worked great for about 3 minutes. Now my bike will not run at all. Is there a way to set it to like a factory default to get it running? After it runs, I can figure it out from there.

Thank you for the help if you give it, I need it more than you know. Thank you, thank you, thank you...

1st Apr 2007, 12:32

I'm looking for a throttle lock for my 82 xj650j.

Any suggestions?

BTW I love this bike, 25 years old and runs like the wind.

I've been working on it for about 6 months and it beats the snot out of any of the new bikes.

Easy to work on, light, maneuverable, and power to spare.

On a recent trip I did 70mph (legally) and barely touched 5400rpm.

6th Apr 2007, 14:01

About the tire rubbing on your shaft drive: I had the same problem when I put a new tire on my bike. I took the tire back off and used a grinder to knock down the weld on the shaft drive where it was rubbing and checked for fitment. Then I painted it and stuck it back together. I haven't had any more problems with it. Just be careful not to put a hole in the case LOL.

7th Apr 2007, 18:02

I have at 1982 Aamaha 650 maxim. It was my first bike and still is for the past two seasons.

Only problems I've encountered is that it takes a while to warm up (due to being carburated).

I now need new rubber, and speeding tickets. I've had it up to 195km/h. It is completely stock, minus my newly installed radar detector. Does anyone know a simple and not to costly way to increase my power and speed? I don't want to sell it, but I want something a bit bigger.

Any tips? Don't be shy to comment.


17th Apr 2007, 21:23

Great forum! I am looking at buying a 1982 Yamaha Maxim 750cc. I noticed there has been a lot of bragging on the 650 Maxim, and I am curious if the 750 and 650 will be very similar in the ride and the quality of bike.

This will be my first bike I have ever bought and want to make a wise choice. Does anyone have any comments about the 750 Maxim and will it be identical in ride, durability, and enjoyment as you guys have found in your 650's?

Thanks for the info.

7th May 2007, 09:16

I have a 1983 750 Maxim, which was my very first and only brand new motorcycle, and I have recently purchased an 83 400 Maxim and an 81 650 Maxim.

I have had other bikes, and these Maxims keep showing up kind of by accident. All are black and all look very similar to the untrained eye. I ride all three to work, and no one ever knows the difference.

Great bikes that are easy to work on. The 400 is the most surprising one of the bunch! It is bone stock and will run with both my others below 80 mph. I would say it must be that I love these bikes. The only other bike I want is an 85 or 86 V-max. Something about the Yamaha's.

7th May 2007, 21:28

Hi all,

I am new to motorcycles and my first is a 82 Maxim, I LOVE it. My only issue is how fast it raps out. I bought the bike with hopes of long road trips, but at 55 MPH it is over 4000 rpms, and at 60 it is around 4500. Is this normal, can I ride it at 4500 or 5000 rpms for a long time (50-75 miles)? Or do I need to/can I change out the rear end or gear pack? Any advice would be great!

Thanks in advance.

12th May 2007, 15:15

I'm looking at one for my first bike. I found one for sale for $1750. 23k miles on it, the guys had it for 3 years and has put 10K miles on it in the 3 years. Said he changed the oil ever 1000 miles and changed the filter every 3000 miles. Said the bike runs perfect and hasn't had any problems in the 3 years he's owned it. Not sure about pricing and I haven't got over to ride it yet. I drove by it and it looks to be in great shape.

I'm just wondering how this bike would be for a first time owner, from the sounds of it, it's a good first timers bike. How do they ride on expressways?

13th May 2007, 22:08

I recently bought a 1981 Midnight Maxim 650 for 1200 Canadian with only 15k kilometers on the clock.

I was skeptical at first, but it seemed to be in very good shape, so I bought it expecting to do some work to it, after all it is 26 years old.

I was surprised to find very little wrong with it. It ran fine, but would leak gas sometimes so I cleaned the carbs, changed the oil and filter and shaft lube. I also removed the front caliper and checked the pads, and cycled the piston to free it up. It passed safety with no problems.

After riding a bit, I had very slight oil seepage from the head so I retorqued it. Seems O.K. now.

This is the first street bike I have owned, and it is very easy to ride, and seems to handle good (better than the LTD750 Kawasaki that I took my test on when I was 18.) My only complaint is that the seat is very hard. I plan to recover it and add new foam to raise it up a couple of inches.

Overall I am really enjoying the bike, and after reading all the positive comments, may keep it forever.

14th May 2007, 21:10

I love my 1982 650 Maxim. This is my first bike and it's only my third season riding. I adore riding and I adore my bike, it's a perfect beginner bike, but I'm also not going to get tired of it as I advance.

My main problem is that I have no mechanical knowledge. The second problem is a lot of places won’t work on bikes over ten years old, and currently the back brake is non-existent (which I guess would be problem number three). So my question is; does anybody in the metro Detroit area know a reputable bike mechanic that’s willing to touch a 20+ year old bike? Or is it something that I could do myself with a good manual? I’m not opposed to working on it myself, I just don’t want to hurt my bike.