30th Oct 2007, 18:07

Loving my '82 Yamaha Maxim 650. In my younger days I had a Ninja - Now I'm an old guy at 33 but still love to ride a bike. Fun to ride and has the guts to pull this 250 pound knuckle head around.

9th Dec 2007, 16:38

Hi... a great site for someone like me who wants to do his own repairs, but is still pretty amateur.

I got an 85 Maxim 700 last spring after it had been sitting for 3 years. Took it to a great repair shop here in Calgary and they got it running perfectly. I had a great summer of riding this bike... fast, fun, smooth... started on a touch!!

Other than a little lower high speed cruising revs... I don't know why I would ever want another bike.

But I have a problem now. Parked the bike in the garage in Sept... filled the tank up with treated gas... and left it. Went to start it this week (just to give it a mid winter start!) and it wouldn't start. I don't think this is long enough for a gas problem. There is spark, but to my untrained eye and never having seen a Maxim spark before.. seems a little weak.

Any suggestions! I don't want to have to haul the bike to a shop if I can diagnose this one myself.


16th Jan 2008, 14:06

Hey everybody, from Orlando Fl.

I just bought an 83 Maxim 650. The guy that sold it to me was moving and I got it for $500 bucks American... JA! What a deal!!

It's in great condition and it starts on a touch. Everything is working fine excluding the rear brake. Don't know much about this bike, but what the previous owner told me was that he replaced the front and rear brake, and the rear one just didn't work after that.. LOL, guess he didn't do that good of a job.

Anyways the pedal doesn't come back up when it's pressed, and the rear brake is not functional at all. Can anybody help me out? What do you guys think it is?

30th Jan 2008, 22:34

Going out to look at a Maxim 750 1982 tomorrow -- less than 20K miles; guy wants almost 1700 bucks. Says it is in perfect condition -- bought with 3000 m. and had rehabbed. It looks great in the ad. Any thoughts?

1st Feb 2008, 12:05

I just started riding, and somehow stumbled on a 1982 XJ650 Maxim on eBay, and bought it without even realizing what I'd gotten. I bought it to ride out to see some friends in CA. Leaving from PA next week. Any advice as to what level of service I should treat this bike to before I head out? May be reselling it upon my return. Under 20,000 mileage by the time I get back, for those interested.

29th Feb 2008, 02:45

Wow it's great to find this thread! I own 2 650 Maxims, both 82's... one has been completely re-built and customized to suit my need/style... I grew up with AMF sportsters... we'd lean em out and terrorize the freeways & byways of Southern California...

I scored both these bikes for free and LOVE them... much more reliable than an AMF sportster! Check out pictures of my bike here http://www.myspace.com/adam4man... If my bike inspires any of you to step out of the stock mode with your XJ, then cool! Feel free to hit me up :)

29th Feb 2008, 21:41

I was given an 82 650 Maxim with 20k miles on it that had been sitting in a barn for 10+ years not running. The owner said he stopped running it after he had a problem with gas dripping out the small condensate hole in the bottom of the right exhaust pipe.

Mud had been splattering on this bike thru a leaking roof and it was hardly recognizable. After determining the engine and transmission would turn over, I bought rebuild kits for the carbs, rebuilt the vacuum assembly on the fuel petcock, which I believe caused the fuel dripping problem. The bike started and ran pretty good. I ran around on it for a few weeks and brought it to a Yamaha shop to have the carbs sync.

The mechanic called me to tell me it needed a timing chain also. This smoothed out a vibration I had around 4500 rpm. Also I bought front fork seals for $20 each, it was not too bad to put them in, but I have been hot rodding cars for a while and that experience came in handy.

After a paint job and a lot of cleaning, I am very happy with this bike; it runs very strong, and sounds good.

At first it would not corner without giving me a little "low air in the front tire feel" as I leaned it over, very unnerving. The front tire had good tread, so I didn't suspect it at first. After checking everything it could be, I replaced the front tire and the bike corners very well now. Live and learn.

5th Apr 2008, 14:33

I bought a 1981 650 Maxim for 300.00 dollars last year. Two new tires, 4 new plugs and changed all the fluids. This bike has enough power to take my wife and myself plus an overnight bag 150 miles a day. We have made many weekend trips on this bike. One of the best purchases I have ever made. This little bike is awesome.

20th Apr 2008, 18:00

Hey folks, was wondering if you had some info/advice for someone buying their first cruiser.

Last year I took my sport bike from Alberta to Miami and loved it. So as a present to myself for graduating University, I'm planning a trip from British Columbia to Newfoundland, then to Central America and back. I want to pick up a RELIABLE older bike that will be easy to find parts for wherever I go. I have been looking for a mid 80s Virago but came across an 82 Maxim 650 for $800 the other day. It has 78,000km on it but otherwise is in wonderful shape. (I want an older one so that people are less likely to steal it in Central America)

What I'm wondering is just how common these bikes are, or how hard the parts are to find, compared to say, a Virago or a Honda Shadow. Anybody have any advice/recommendations for me?

Rob in Canada


23rd Apr 2008, 09:20

Original reviewer here - my 650 Maxim is probably the best bike I've ever owned! It's been just great!!!

I doubt that I'll ever sell it!

28th Apr 2008, 20:01

I just bought a Maxim 650. Love the bike.

I would like to put on louder pipes.. The ones on are very quiet. Any suggestions??

30th Apr 2008, 07:57

What's wrong with quiet pipes?

I don't understand why some motorcyclists need to puncture the eardrums of other motorists within a 1/2 mile radius.

My completely stock Maxim 650 is fine the way it is.

30th Apr 2008, 12:57

I have a '82 Maxim 650 that I am getting back on the road.

On top of the connectors from the carbs to the engine there is a port on each carb. On carb 1,2 and 4, this is capped off with a rubber cap. On #3, there is a tube with a clamp on the distant end, approximately 9 inches long. The tube was not connected to anything and I was hoping someone might be able to tell me what it should be connected to?

Thanks, Mike.