5th Feb 2012, 19:23

At $250, you didn't "buy" it, you "stole" it! Got to be the buy of the century! Buying one tomorrow -- $1650.

17th Apr 2012, 00:36

I just bought my first bike - 1985 Yamaha Maxim-X 700cc, 45,600 miles on it for 1200.00.

I have been riding this bike every day. Since this is my first bike, I am not really sure what to expect from it.

The bike seems to have some front brake issues - which I am taking to a technician.

I have had the opportunity to ride the Maxim for a little over three hundred miles in a week. 45 MPG I have been getting, and am so far very pleased.

Looking forward to having a great summer on this bike, and riding it until the roads freeze over.

13th May 2012, 13:35

Wow, that is awesome!! I am looking to buy one tomorrow for $1000.00, trading with work. I can't believe the reviews on this thing!

I need to go check it out and see what future repairs I might expect, but for the price, it might be worth it.

When I look at it and test ride it, what is the most important things to look for... as in, what are the costly weaknesses on the XJ700 I don't wanna get entangled with?

Thanks for all the reviews, it helps a lot.


21st Apr 2014, 13:08

I've had a Yamaha Maxim XJ 750 for two and a half years now. I ride it every single day to work. I have ridden it through the winters, through the rain, through the storms, and through the desert. It has never quit on me.

It's got little quirks like the battery disconnecting, tires, brakes, but it's overall one of the best bikes I've ever owned.

The electricals can get a little wonky, but it's an easy fix in the field. I even had it go off road a couple times, mostly due to my error. And even at a very high speed, you can handle these bikes in gravel and off road, although I do not recommend it.

I also ride with 14 to 1750 Harleys, and I keep up with them with no issue. I can also out pace and out maneuver them. They are also practically bulletproof.

I strongly recommend these bikes for a first timer or for a lifetime; well worth the money.