1981 Yamaha XV1000/TR1 from Australia


Quirky classic


Head gaskets, fork seals.

General Comments:

I bought my 81 XV1000 (no 920s here in Australia) in 1985 - smooth ride, powerful bike.

Problems included head gaskets blowing and enclosed chain seal failing.

I converted it to a cafe racer - Ducati 900SS replica fairing, custom made 2 into 1 stainless steel exhaust, 38mm mikuni slider carbies. This greatly increased performance (and fuel consumption).

Great bike to ride through twisty mountain roads. They are hard to find now, but I think they will acquire a cult status of sorts.

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Review Date: 12th February, 2008

1981 Yamaha XV1000/TR1 from Australia


The first of the Japanese cruisers- a real classic v-twin


Don't know, but it does need some TLC (tender loving care)

General Comments:

I have replaced a lot of bits since I bought it, but what would you expect with a 26-year old bike? - Brake pads, fork seals, chain and sprockets, exhausts (Mufflers), float valves (both) and numerous minor fittings.

I've had to re-coil a number of threads that had been stripped by previous owners and glued up (probably the same owner) including one of the main rear engine mounting bolts.

The fully enclosed drive chain is a good idea; supposed to give 50K+ chain life, although it is a pain to change chain and sprockets.

Very comfortable to ride, even at slow speed around town and through traffic, but the steering feels a bit heavy as it really wants to fall into corners, and significant counter-pressure needs to be applied to maintain a constant radius corner. The narrow handle bars are a real bonus when moving between stationary traffic.

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Review Date: 26th October, 2007

12th Feb 2008, 21:55

You mentioned it 'falls' into corners - that was why I could out ride most other people through twisty roads on my XV1000 - it turns into corners very well, and with its bottom end torque pulls out of them quicker than a top-endy 4. Those old XV1000s handle like a dream.

19th Feb 2009, 13:02

Fortunately it doesn't handle like a Honda Dream... I've just bought my third XV1000 (TR1) in as many decades. It could well be the best all-rounder ever to come out of Japan - as long as you don't want your all-rounder to come with no pillion accommodation worth talking about, or to be covered with plastic, or cursed with a head down, bum up riding position, like most 'all-rounders' seem to be nowadays. No, the XV1000 (TR1)'s a proper motorcycle with a characterful motor, plenty of comfort and if you have the later, restyled version, it's even good to look at.

15th Apr 2022, 07:01

I've got the first model TR1 and the later facelift model. I really prefer the first model, it's distinctly different, less plastic and the hugger rear guard was a nod to Vincent, along with mono shock and frame. They examined, dismantled a few V-twins before settling on this motor design and frame etc.