27th Mar 2009, 02:21

Ditto for the left fork seal going out. On the bright side, changing the fork seals is a snap on this bike.

6th May 2009, 10:31

That's good to know! The 95 I just bought looks like both seals are leaking. Agreed though, killer bike!

23rd Aug 2009, 19:03

G'Day, this is Tim from Queensland Australia. I have been the owner of a 1998 model 1100 Virago for a couple of years now and cannot find any major faults. I have had some work done on firming up the suspension, as I have a bad back, and don't want to give up riding every day (I don't own a car).

I had heavy duty fork oil put in when both front seals were replace, which helps the front end. The rear has the setting at 4 (just click!) and am getting the bottom ends of the rear shocks wound up too.

I find the bike a pleasure to ride, up to the usual limits for a cruiser and then some! The bike had Yamaha saddle bags and a screen when I bought it, and I would recommend adding these if you are touring.

The only draw back is the small fuel tank, which gets me about 200 km before refuelling (not far in this wide brown land!) I am still learning the " slow down laid back style " of cruising riding after years of riding big japanese fours.

The bike gets lots of admiring glances whenever I am out riding, though she has been mistaken for a Harley, an Indian chief, and a "nice bike what make is it?" With the surprised looks when I tell them!

Ride safe out there. Regards, Tim.

13th Jan 2011, 06:08

Hi all, sold my Harley Dyna lowrider 1350, a heaps of chrome, pretty bike, but it seemed to get heavier as I got older.

After a couple of months without, I found a 1995 Virago 1100 that had been stored for 2 years by a lady rider.

After much cleaning and polishing, it looked good. I was surprised at the ease of handling, light weight, low centre of gravity, the engine response, maintenance free shaft drive. No wonder girls like these bikes.

I think this will be my last bike, and I hope to keep it until the bike or myself is in the ground.

Ralph 70.

6th Sep 2011, 18:16

I have had my 1989 for over 7 years. I also had to replace fork seals (normal maintenance) except I also installed progressive fork springs and 15wt fork oil. Made a world of difference in handling, giving a solid feel in the front end. I changed to Pirelli RT 66 tires front and back. Am happy with cruising and commuting on this bike, pretty much trouble free.

14th May 2016, 02:39

I'm surprised no one yet has complained about the horrible battery location, prone to dirt and sand contamination and rusted cables, and the poor charging / electrical system that is far from reliable.