10th Jun 2009, 10:44

I saw this '92 XV1100 sitting alongside the road for sale. Sat on it and fell in motorcycle love with her. Perfect fit for my short little 5'6" frame. Great, comfy wide seat with a beautiful classic look to it. Lots of chrome and graceful lines. Bought her at 20,860 miles two seasons ago, she now has 31,460 on it.

She's truly a joy to ride! Got tons of thumping low end power, not much point in revving her past 5500 rpm. Great acceleration up to 80 mph, after that she starts breathing harder to keep climbing to the top speed that I've had her at - 110 mph (with a tail wind). Stable at all speeds, great stopping power with two front discs.

A few things to fix, but once I got these done she's been trouble free. I suppose she wasn't maintained in her earlier years. I replaced the steering head bearings that had literally disintegrated, both fork seals that started leaking after I owned it, had a shop clean the carburetors, replaced the clutch cable and battery, front tire once and the rear tire twice since I've had it.

She handles well, I've scraped both pegs cornering at speed more than once and she felt solid. There is a slight squirrely wobble at higher speeds in longer turns, I suppose the somewhat extended fork rake has to do with this.

She's a cruiser, clean and comfy. Won't beat out any superbikes in drag racing or cornering, but that's not her purpose. Her shaft drive is smooth and maintenance free. I hope and expect to get many more rides out of this baby.

Now if I could get my girlfriend to love her too!

13th May 2010, 13:19

I've had 16 different bikes over 35 years. 84 GPZ900R and an XJ900S Diversion 1999 now. At 58 speed is not an issue, reflexes slow down, haven't got the nerve anymore.

Looking at XV1100s now, some good prices here in oz. They're a good bike at a bargain price, $6000 will get you a nice clean one at 50k. 89-96 model.

Keep on torqueing.

6th Jul 2015, 03:58

Prices there are shocking. "Blue Book" for my 1987 XV1100 is under $2000 for excellent condition. My bike is near-mint, ~22k miles. I'd think it's worth more than $1900, but who knows.