1982 Yamaha XV920J Virago from United States of America


I want another


Starter went out about 1984. And on one long trip, a donut gasket blew.

General Comments:

Came off the line like a bat outta hell, loved that. Best bike I ever had.

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Review Date: 29th November, 2012

1983 Yamaha XV920J Virago from United States of America


Good solid design that gets you down the road and is fun to ride


Problem with the starter like everyone else.

I have the same problem with the start button on the handle bars. I think it is a contact, pulled it apart and cleaned it, started doing it again, may be from sitting out in the rain. I keep a screwdriver with me so I can jump the solenoid when I have a problem. It's down by the battery; you don't even need to take the cover off.

Problems with the Yamaha sycom computer low battery low oil?? Reset it and it's fine. Must just be touchy. I see a number of people with the same thing.

Speedometer cable broke. Have been using my GPS until till I find a replacement.

Rear air shock leaks.

General Comments:

Factory seat is a little hard. I installed jell pads when I replaced the worn one with a factory seat cover. Made a world of differences on the long rides.

My 920 is a factory full dress with a full sized fiberglass front faring with built in head light, stereo and glove boxes removable fiberglass saddle bags and rear trunk, so it is a lot heavier than most.

I have never found another like this. It will still get up and go, it just won't get as good as gas mileage as most only about 35 around town.

Love all the storage for trips to the store, shopping and long trips, and it's still very stable and responsive.

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Review Date: 15th November, 2009

1982 Yamaha XV920J Virago from United States of America


Awesome bike; too bad they quit making the Virago


The first thing that went was the gasket on the pet-cock; it started to leak, and the bike had sat for about twelve years.

Then the fork seals started to leak. All these were repaired by myself.

Then the next big expense was to replace the starter, the clutch which was done by a local repair shop.

Small stuff like the turn signal flashers bought at a salvage yard. Those plastic turn signals, after replacing three sets of front ones and one back one, the cost of buying original equipment stuff had gone through the roof. So they have been replaced with aftermarket (metal) ones.

I've had trouble with the oil sensor, but if you keep your oil level at operating level, it shouldn't come on.

As far as the digital dash, it's great when it works correctly. After my accident (hit by a car) my battery light stays on, I know it's just the water level in the battery, nothing to be terribly alarmed over, just keep your water level correct and that won't come on.

My bike is painted PPG vibrant paint, ruby slippers (maroon) leather stock seat, Jardine exhaust - it's a nice scoot.

General Comments:

The bike will eat Harleys for breakfast, never lost a hole shot to one yet.

The Virago 920 has a sound of its own; put a set of Jardine slip-ons ON and she'll come alive and make the Harley boys look.

Long rides are the only draw back to this machine: seat need gel packs.

The gas tank needs to be about a gallon bigger, so it will have the same range as the bigger bikes.

Has been the most dependable bike I've ever owned, aside from that starter that sounds like a can of rocks.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2008

9th Apr 2013, 18:30

You said you fixed the bike yourself, so by chance do you know how much fork oil goes in each fork? I have a 1982 Virago XV920J on the front of my VW trike, and got a leak, but nobody seems to know how much oil to put back in.

14th Jun 2014, 06:42

XV920J front forks take 10.2 oz of 10 weight oil.

19th Dec 2021, 18:20

Fully compressed front 920J forks hold 6 ounces of oil each.