3rd Sep 2007, 17:51

Again I agree, I own a 98 Thunder Ace. Two years ago I bought a 2003 R1 to replace the Thunder Ace, but the Thunder Ace did not get replaced; I kept it because it's so damn good. I just can't fault it.

27th Jun 2008, 21:41

I've had my 97 YZF 1000R from new here in the US(Only sold one year here). Must say it's tough to beat on trips, a limo by sport bike standards today, but I can ride all day on it - it has room to move around and laughs at speed and distance. I just would like some better mirrors and not see so much oil pumped out - it's always done this. Not changed out the clutch yet (42000 miles) but I suspect a Falicon upgrade will be in order next year.

Enjoy it!


7th Aug 2011, 10:26

I decided to buy a bike in England and go touring Eastern Europe with my brother, whom I had not seen for nearly 30 years. He lives in Germany, and I live in Australia. I bought the Thunderace sight unseen, except photo's on the net. I am 64 and have ridden bikes since I was 14, and have owned and loved many bikes. But the Ace is literally the ace.

I had to fit a "comfort Kit" as the silly boy racer position was untenable as I have a frozen shoulder. Two years now I have owned and ridden this bike, and I have decided that like an Egyptian Pharaoh, I will be buried with my steed.

Awesome bike; bought it, arrived in England, rode away on it, and have covered over 20 000 miles with no problems at all.

9th Jan 2024, 04:57

Hi, I like your review. What kind of comfort kit did you install? I am 6 2 and thinking to at least add 1 inch handlebar risers. I am about to buy a Thunderace 1997. Very good shape. Take care, Daniel.