30th Apr 2011, 16:44

Can you please explain to me how to use the extra shifter.. I almost died in traffic today because I stalled it out and couldn't find neutral. I have the 83 CB 1000c and love it, but it's confusing.. Thanks.

31st Jul 2011, 13:04

I use the upper shift as a 6th gear, or just keep it in the upper position all the time.

10th Aug 2011, 16:58

Just shift through either high/low gears. There is on need to shift 2low/2high, etc. Just shift 1-5 in low or high. If you shift 1-5 low, you can shift to 5 high and get better gas mileage. Low gears are for mountain/towing. High gears 1-5 are for regular cruising.