26th Jan 2007, 20:31

To the attention of GB in lafayette: you probably need to rejet the carbs. I have an 83 cb1000 custom. I accelerate hard and quick. Cruise 70mph and get 44mpg. Bike has 35k miles and is full dress.

6th Feb 2007, 20:44

I have a 1983 CB1000 and have enjoyed it for several years. I think it is one of the best motorcycles ever produced. My motorcycle currently has 29,500 miles on it. This past riding season it developed a miss in the engine. I have been told that I may have a burnt valve and that I have lost compression in the number 2 cylinder. I may be retiring the old girl. Too bad since I just put new tires, brakes, and battery on it before this happened.

Are there any clubs or organizations that are seeking these bikes? I do not want to see it go to waste, since it is such a nice example of a CB1000.

Feel free to contact me at dcs0206@tahoo.com with any information.

26th Feb 2007, 22:30

Hello all, I just purchased a 1983 CB 1000. The valves are burnt, but I have a motorcycle mechanic/friend who is working on the problem. I heard a lot of good things about the cb1000. Let me know any other problems that may arise from this bike. Don't worry, I wouldn't think of parting from this machine.

25th Mar 2007, 01:58

It is NOT a 10 speed motorcycle... OK, you take off 1,2,3,4,5... where's 6,7,8,etc...???

1st Apr 2007, 00:06

Ya 5+5=10 1st low+2nd low...+ 1st high + 2nd high... =10.

24th Apr 2007, 13:07

Then a 10 speed bicycle is not really a 10 speed. Exactly the same thing. 5 speeds with a high-low range giving 10 distinct gear ratios.

I've been driving my brothers CB1000 to work everyday - 45 mile round trip. I love this bike.

BTW - It's a little redundant to say "1983 CB1000 Custom", since this is the only year the bike was made. What a pity - but just makes them more rare.

7th May 2007, 18:34

Thanks for all the information (good news). I am presently purchasing a cb1000 and didn't know much about it. I have not ridden it yet, so it seems I am in for a treat.

Thanks for your comments, sounds like a good bike. I am buying this one because I just like the look of it.

16th May 2007, 15:29

I've just purchased the 83 CB1000. It has 22000 on it, but it has a little rattle in the engine. Does anyone else have this problem?

But otherwise, it runs fantastic.

23rd May 2007, 08:16

I have the same problem with mine. It is especially noticable at idle, but out on the road it doesn't seem to make a difference. I still can cruise the Interstate at 65 and 70 with no problem.

I have wondered whether the valves and cam chain need adjusted again, as I haven't done this since purchasing the bike a couple of years ago.

26th May 2007, 20:08

What's a good price for this bike? I found one in excellent condition at $1500, but it has 48000 miles. Any advice?

27th May 2007, 15:00

Just bought a cb1000 custom for $1200 in mint condition and only 11000 miles on it.

Does anyone know what the cash value is? E-mail me at ghost_rider_1964_64@yahoo.com


28th May 2007, 21:38

I just got a cb100 last Friday for $1050 with 32k on the odometer (Michigan). It's a little dirty, as the guy didn't have a garage, but kept it under a tarp, so I have some cleaning to do.

I've noticed a lack of parts and accessories on-line, and just today realized they only made these for one year.. Guess I'll keep it stock, I like the looks as is anyway, but would still like to find some way of replacing some of the stuff like the seat etc.

I would recommend to anyone who has one of these, to get a service manual to help with some of the Q's I've been reading here. I just bought one on Ebay for $24 incl shipping.

I'm still at a loss as to where to get parts or accessories for this thing on-line.. any help would be appreciated.

I used to go to Dennis Kirk, but they do not even show this model.. too old or rare I guess??

Any help would be appreciated..


12th Jun 2007, 21:32

I just won mine on eBay and will pick it up this Saturday. I am very excited about this, and from what I have read in the bikes background, it is a gas.

I used to drive an 18 wheeler over the road, so a 10 speed transmission appeals to me.

I need a choke cable, so if anyone knows where I can get one, let me know.



13th Jun 2007, 11:25

Hi I have a CB1000 Custom, and I can get most stuff from http://www.davidsilverspares.co.uk

He is in Leiston, Suffolk.

Hope this may help - happy riding.

18th Jun 2007, 17:36

I just bought a 1983 CB1000, the battery dies after a few hours after charging; is the battery shot, or could it be something in the charging system?

20th Jun 2007, 15:14

To the individuals who are experiencing a rattling noise: I've had this happen twice, and found two sources for noise like you described.

1) Cam chain tension too loose. Be sure to check both chains for proper adjustment.

2) Starter clutch bolts loose (behind the timing cover on the left side of the engine).

25th Jun 2007, 19:55

We are the original owners of a CB1000, bought very early in the year of 1983. Does anyone know where we can find VIN decoder so we can find out how many were made in '83 and other facts? The kids are grown-up and it's time to ride again :)

2nd Jul 2007, 12:53

My beautiful 83 CB1000 had a bad experience last weekend involving a brother-in-law, and long story short, now needs a new/replacement engine. Any ideas on this? Thanks!

4th Jul 2007, 19:30

I just got my CB1000 yesterday, on eBay, without seeing it first, for $1525 with 26k on it. I can't believe how well it runs; TOTALLY IMPRESSED!!

I did not even know it was a ten speed until I read this forum. Now, can someone tell me how to shift? LMAO John.

8th Jul 2007, 16:41

If you are looking for an engine, I have one I will be putting up for sale soon. I will sell the engine and throw in the rest of the complete and running bike for free. 30K miles in average condition... not pretty, but complete including those expensive sidecovers and insignia, and all paint is present with scratches and a small dent or two in tank.

It has original exhaust without rust, but with battery leak at some point. Has Vetter windjammer with lowers and radio mount. Bike is complete and in good running condition.

I plan to price it in the $1750 range. Can be reached for info or pics at visual_memories_imaging@yahoo.com

17th Jul 2007, 18:24

I am looking for one with low miles. Anybody interested to sell, let me know!


30th Jul 2007, 14:04

I was riding my CB1000 yesterday and was the victim of a drive by shooting. They missed me, but hit my bike. They took out my rear tire, taillight, and LH turn signal.

With these bikes being so rare, it's hard to find parts, until now. If you need anything, go to www.cyclepartsnation.com. I didn't buy my tire from them, but I got the taillight lens and turn signal for $60, when the original parts from Honda would cost more than double that if they still made them.