24th Dec 2007, 00:08

I would ask Gentlemen who posted comment on January 9, 2007 and owns two CB1000 Customs, of which one has been chromed out, to send me some photos of it. I would like to chrome mine and would appreciate any pics.



29th Dec 2007, 16:00

I got my CB1000 Custom on Christmas day 07! I had previously owned it 7 years ago (aged 24) when it was given to me by my father (who passed away during the summer), who had imported it from the USA 5 years before that. I previously toured France, Italy & Switerland on it with my now wife, tent & luggage. The low box was great for the swiss alps, and the high 1 for the french auto-routes. I got it to 135mph fully loaded (scary) trying to catch the ferry from Ireland (home) to France (which we did, just). Best 3 week holiday of my life.

It is black/grey and always got conversation going with other bikers, "never seen 1 of those before" being the usual comment, I have never seen another 1 on the road myself. It is of great sentimental value to me and will never be sold again, it has 29k on the clock and runs perfect!

Had finished with bikes due to my baby son, and a few near misses on sports bikes over the years. But can't wait to get the CB back on the road after reading the comments here, it has reminded of how good they really are. Roll on summer!

31st Dec 2007, 10:12

That's a great story. It's stories like this one that I hear all the time from people who own these Customs. They are beautiful machines and you're right to be proud of it. Check out the site www.cb750c.com for anything you ever need to know about these bikes. I know it says '750', but it is for all CB DOHC bikes (mostly 900's and 1000's) and the guys on there are experts with these things, and great guys to boot. Tell 'em "nbhab" sent ya!

5th Jan 2008, 02:24

Howdy All. I have two 83 CB 1000 customs and do my own maintenance. One has a vetter fairing and samsonite bags on the rear. The other is stock and I am looking to outfit like above. I have found another samsonite bag setup, but what I need now is a vetter fairing mount that will fit the cb1000.

I believe it would fit the 900's also. If you have for sale please let me know THANKS PeregrineVisions@sbcglobal.net

11th Jan 2008, 13:06

I am painting my 900 the 1000 colors (black and achilles black) and would love to find some side covers for the 1000. Also, I'd buy a tank too if I could find one. Please let me know if you have some or know of some. Thanks very much and ride safe!

14th Jan 2008, 16:57

Hi, I'm thinking of trading my 89 Chevy Blazer for an 83 CB1000c, but I'm only 18 years old, and have a very good idea of what the bikes are. I have owned many other bikes before, like the Kawasaki Ninja 750 and one other, but this bike sounds like it would be the best bike I've owned so far. I was just wanting some insight on what you guys think, and what I should offer for the bike?

The bike is in very good shape, and nothing is missing but the symbols from the tank, but that's all. If I should get this bike let me know! Thanks.

14th Feb 2008, 22:40

Hi. I just bought a 1983 CB1000; on eBay of course. No one has to tell me these are good bikes - I owned a 1982 CB900 about 15 years ago. One of those 'never should have sold it' situations. Anyway, I can't remember if I can run 87 octane unleaded. Seems to me the 83s took unleaded OK, but I'm not sure. And I'm not sure about the octane requirement. Can anybody out there can enlighten me?

14th Mar 2008, 22:17

I have recently purchased a CB1000 Custom from a friend. This bike has been sitting for over 1 year. Cleaned the tank thoroughly, checked the oil, wd40 down spark plug holes, new battery; this bike fired up and ran quickly.

This bike is a bit of a rat; 3 colored primer paint job, no side covers, every turn signal stem is broken but all the lights work.

Rear caliper hung up and self destructed. Found a caliper on eBay and planning on riding this bike as soon as my lane sees fit. Will report on progress later.

24th Mar 2008, 17:31

I have owned a 83 1000 CB Custom for about 17 years, most of which the bike has been in limbo.

A few years ago, I brought the bike to Oregon and began riding again. But rust had formed in the gas tank, and pinholes appeared near the bottom of the "tear drop" part of the tank. I sent the tank to an auto restorer who cut the tank open and did what they do. I received the tank back with primer on it and would like to paint it back the way it was.

This bike has been sitting around my barn for quite a few years in this condition, I never did put the tank back on. After reading this forum, I am ready to actually finish the repair. I love the bike, but was out of the mood till now, maybe it will be back riding soon, if not, the you'll see some parts come on ebay, including those side covers!

31st Mar 2008, 10:43

I own an 83 CB1000C and burned some valves. I am looking for the cylinder head gasket. If anyone has one that I may purchase, or information on where to buy them, please email me at atcdwl@yahoo.com. I have already tried bikebandit.com, denniskirk.com and others. Thanks for your time!

31st Mar 2008, 22:08

Just purchased the CB1000 for a great price. Only problem that I've come across is the turn signal relay/flasher is missing. Been searching the internet and called several salvage yards. Have yet to come across one. Any suggestions on where I can get one, or are there any other universal parts that I could have wired to make this work. Any help is appreciated as this is my first motorcycle. I can be reached at sarge_o@bellsouth.net

18th Apr 2008, 19:08

My son bought a 1983 CB1000 in the Fall. Really liked the bike, but when he changed the oil this Spring, and took it out for a ride, the oil light came on and we can't seem to find the problem. Any one else have this issue? It only comes on after he has ridden for two or three miles. There is lots of oil in the bike.

29th Apr 2008, 13:03

I just got a CB1000 custom yesterday, and the left rear directional stem was cracked. I removed a cargo container that was wired in with that same light, and I replaced the light and stem, but now it doesn't blink. I need to have it inspected very soon anyway, but I'd like to take care of it. Any advice?

13th May 2008, 18:42

I was lucky in finding a 1983 CB1000, in a swap deal for a CB400 I was sold. Don't know much about it, the guy said had week spark; would not start.

I got it home and started troubleshooting.

No spark at all. So I pull the timing cover plate and oil ran out??? Looks like it should be there MAYBE??? But the book doesn't say anything about it. I think this is what's wrong; looks like the pulse generator and the coil rotor are contaminated with oil.

Not good for circuit in ignition system.

Does anyone know about this? HELP PLEASE???