3rd Sep 2016, 06:16

I recently purchased a CB 1000 Custom that had been sitting for around 7 years (garage kept); it was in pretty great shape and runs very nicely. I had all the brakes rebuilt and put new tires on it. After that I took it for a ride which was so awesome!! And it warmed up, the clutch started to slip and I just made it at home. I just tried it cold and the bike won't move. Any ideas where to start trouble shooting this clutch issue? Or what the problem is?


13th Sep 2016, 22:39

I assume you have changed the oil before you started it, after 7 years? There is a possibility the clutch plates have stuck together, especially if the oil is heavy.

I'm not sure if this bike is a wet clutch, but, if so, you have possibly added too thick an oil? Try a semi 5/20w? Hope this helps. Good luck.

14th Sep 2016, 20:21

Thanks for your reply. It is helpful info for the future. I broke down and took it into the shop... Hopefully it will soon be back on the road.

9th Oct 2016, 22:07

I have just purchased my 2nd 1983 CB1000 Custom bike. My first one I sold about 18 years ago and have been sorry ever since. I finally purchased this one a few days ago and can't wait to get it on the road. Before running it, I'm going to drain all the gas out and change the oils. Everything else on the bike looks good-to-go.

My question is: my previous bike had progressive front fork springs in it, and they were GREAT! I want to put them into this bike, but cannot find the springs any place. Have checked more that a few on-line stores with no luck. Can anybody steer me to where they can be found?? Also, what other models/years of bikes take the same size springs? Maybe there are some that are interchangeable? I would greatly appreciate the help. Thanks.

29th Oct 2016, 21:09

I bought a 83 Honda CB1000. Does anyone know how to change the transmission oil and how many quarts does it take? Also, I cleaned the brake caliper, changed the pads, and new front and rear master cylinder, but the brake is not working on both. Any ideas how to fix this? Thank you guys, I really appreciate any help.

7th Mar 2017, 03:16

Changing the flasher should help. Also, make sure to spray some electrical cleaner in every connection along the harness; let it soak in & where possible brush or try to remove corrosion from all connections before reassembly.

4th Jun 2018, 21:20

Hello! Yesterday I bought a Honda CB 1000 Custom! It need some major TLC, and I was wondering if there is an online shop manual available? I´d be happy to buy a printed or PDF version as well if someone has one!

22nd Jan 2019, 02:20

Amazon has manuals; not cheap, but they are a great help.

11th Sep 2020, 02:08

Does anyone know how many of the 1983 CB 1000 c were produced?

6th Oct 2020, 17:38

I have heard 1200 produced. Still trying to verify.

29th Dec 2021, 00:21

I have a 1983 CB1000 with 11000 miles; it rattles at an idle as many of these bikes do. Most of your rattle is in the drivetrain, even at idle. If you pull your clutch in at idle, you will notice it gets much quieter. I had a 1981 CB750 that did the same thing, but it is normal for these bikes.

29th Dec 2021, 00:45

Do you still have a CB1000? I have been wanting one for years and finally bought one and love it. Great looking bike that has a lot of chrome.

1st Aug 2022, 17:20

In the front of the motor in between the exhaust pipes!!

11th May 2023, 18:01

I believe it was gold. I have a 1000 custom and mine is gold.