25th May 2008, 15:47

Just bought a 1983 CB1000 Custom... haven't received yet due to the Memorial Day Holiday... I remember when I got my first new dirt bike in 83, I saw one of these on the showroom.. I was amazed.. I was a star struck 13 year old... Now 25 years late I own one.. Did not know much about it then, and trying to piece stuff together now... I may have paid too much for it, but oh well it's only money... I will make more. Can't wait to ride..

29th May 2008, 13:13

Update to my last comment... I received my CB1000 day after Labor Day... I love it... smooth powerful and just an all round good riding bike.. I am enjoying so much...

Got on the interstate and kicked it in high 5, and just putted down the road @ 85, feet laid back on high way bars and saluting other bikers as the admired my bike...

I used to stare at other peoples bikes and now they stare at mine.. If you have a chance to buy one or ride one, do it...

29th May 2008, 20:20

I have been riding my CB1000 round town since I put the tranny in it this spring. I was wandering if anyone can tell me about what RPM you are turning in high range cruising at about 60 to 65?

10th Jun 2008, 14:32

There is a CB1000 for sale close to where I live for $1400. Has 47k+ miles on it. After reading all the comments here, I think I at least need to go have a look. Besides the high mileage, is there anything that's particular to these bikes to keep an eye out for?

Any help, comments or suggestions are welcomed at rider92898@bellsouth.net

Thank you.

19th Jun 2008, 09:50

My CB runs @ 3500rpm doing 65... smooth as silk and steady as a rock!

25th Jun 2008, 13:40

Hi all, I'm a pretty big guy at 6'6" and about 310 lbs. I'm definitely looking at getting one of these bikes, and I found one for about $1700. If I get this bike, it is going to be my beginners bike, but not sure if it is too much for me. I was wondering if you think I would fit on it. I rode my brothers 88' Ninja and I just dwarfed the bike. Any comments or helpful advice is much appreciated.


ALB 60.

26th Jun 2008, 21:11

This motorcycle is absolutely remarkable. It's as fast as a rocket, straight as an arrow, and smooth as it gets. The handling is nimble in essence. Generally reliable. And on top of all: IT'S BEAUTIFUL.

I am a proud owner of one; absolutely sure that she is beyond any ghost of a doubt: an absolute classic. Deserves to be treated as a jewel, simply because it is one.

Any comments fariasignacio@msn.com.

28th Jun 2008, 01:29

Hello, just purchased a 1983 Honda CB1000 as my first bike. The bike is very hard to push, especially backwards, and the rear brake caliper was just rebuilt, so I was wondering if anyone has an idea on how I can fix this. (Have to get up to 3000 rpms to get bike to go, and then it's fine..) Thank you.

16th Jul 2008, 15:22

Still loving mine... Got day after labor day and have been riding it as much as I can...

Just wanted to answer some questions to be helpful...

My bike is at 3500 rpm @ 65 mph also..

The big guy... The physical size would be perfect.. You would feel more at home on this bike than any of these new bikes...

As far as being too much for a newbie rider... Remember the bike only goes as fast as you want it to... in other word you are the master of the controls.. Go for it buy it already, you won't regret...

As far as miles...47k ha LOL... these things will run forever as long as they are maintained. Mine has 44k and runs like a banshee... Only issues I have with mine since I bought it, were the battery, and the tach makes a noise now and then..

You buy it, you love it... I love seeing the face of the crotch rocket riders who try to jump me... I just sit there and wait for them to catch up... and just laugh...

I have mine up to 100mph and the darn thing keeps pulling... and hard... it's got much more power than I need..

19th Jul 2008, 17:27

I wanted a CB1000 when they first advertised them in late 1982. I've owned and still own Harleys, but the Honda CB1000 is a different bike. It has its own attraction in its own way.

I bought my CB1000 about a month ago, it was a bit neglected, and I have been happily restoring it since. The rear caliper locked-up (because of the master cylinder needing a rebuild) (hydra-lock), but cleaning/honing the master cylinder and reassembling fixed that. Don't use a synthetic motor oil that contains MOLY! It will cause your clutches to slip! Otherwise synthetics are the way to go, better mpg, mph and cooling.

Mine came with the full Honda-line "quick-detach" touring package.

I have since removed and stored the tour-pack for increased performance and economy. Seems the fairing caused about a 5 mpg decrease in fuel mileage because of the parachute effect. Much leaner and quicker now.

Happy cycling, Hopper.

31st Jul 2008, 20:55

I have had my CB1000 for about a year now, and have loved every minute of it. I have had to do A LOT of work to get it back into good every day riding condition. I have been looking around for a while trying to find information such as how many CB1000s were made, decoding the VIN#, etc. If anyone has any idea of where I can look for that kind of information, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and happy riding.

12th Aug 2008, 15:53

I've let my CB1000 sit for a couple of years, and found the rear brake pedal was sticking down and not applying the brake. Took the master cylinder off, cleaned it up, blew air through the brake line, and reassembled. Tried to bleed, pumping out of the master cylinder but not through the line. Since air went through, I'm not sure what to do. I tried finding a replacement line with no luck and the curved compression fittings on each end don't allow for a wire to be pushed through to clear. Any suggestions on clearing the line, replacing it, or is there a certain way the port fittings have to be positioned for flow? Just feeling my way through this.

13th Aug 2008, 21:48

Does anyone know how much a 1983 CB 1000c weighs?

Someone e-mail please, just curious.




19th Oct 2008, 06:26

I just traded a great van for a CB1000 with 20,000 miles on it... Any idea what it's worth?? My van was listed at $4,500, did I make a decent deal??? michaelflood1@aol.com

1st Dec 2008, 14:57

I was given a 1983 Honda CB1000 Custom for my 40th and I love it!! I use to own a '79 Honda CX500 with a Vetta "windjammer" fairing and would love to find something like that for this one. Any suggestions?? Anyone with pictures to send with the fairing would be great..


Please list the subject as CB1000. Thanks..

5th Feb 2009, 16:20

I bought my CB1000C just before Christmas and really haven't had a chance to ride it except for on the way home after the purchase. I was totally amazed at the power this bike has. I've owned a Gold Wing, Cavalcade and about 4 or 5 others and Nothing I've ever ridden touches the ride, comfort, power and handling of this bike. It is in near mint condition with a little over 14k original miles, and I couldn't be happier with my new toy!