VF750C Magna

Awesome bang for the buck!

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VF750C Magna

It's an exhilarating, quick, well handling power cruiser at a low price

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VF750C Magna

Reliable, fast, stylish, economical, practical

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VF750C Magna

The best bang for the buck!!!

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VF750C Magna

Great all around motorcycle

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VF750C Magna

The best Honda ever made

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VF750C Magna

Dependable power that handles the twisties

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VF750C Magna

Love it

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VF750C Magna

The '94 Magna is a long term "keeper"

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VF750C Magna

Can't decide between a bullet bike or a cruiser? Pick up a third generation Magna

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VF750C Magna

A great 'power cruiser' that separates you from the crowd of v twins

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VF750C Magna

This has been a great bike and I hope I never have to see it go!

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VF750C Magna

Great buy

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VF750C Magna

V30, V45, V65; Collect the whole set

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