4th Oct 2005, 20:52

Wow, thanks for the suggestion on using premium gas. I just never thought about it. And, synthetic oil is definitely a must!

26th Oct 2005, 14:57

Growing up in Thailand I saw tons of these Passports cruising around. In many cases, it is the family car and you see them loaded down with an unbelievable amount of stuff. My folks owned one, and me being a 5th grader, had a blast with it, sans the tire smoking trick. Steve Roadarmel - mish kid.

9th Dec 2005, 12:55

Your claim that this bike will do 65mph with a stock engine is ludicrous at best. With a properly tuned motor, you can achieve a top speed of about 48mph... and that is downhill with a tailwind.

25th Dec 2005, 20:24

I recently bought a c70 for 7t php (Philippines). It's really economical (gas and parts).

It runs at 40kph, not bad for an old motorcycle.. I had it checked a/f and it ran as if it was new.

23rd Jan 2006, 22:24

My dad owned one for years. he fitted a full height front screen on it, which actually lowered the top speed by 5 mph!

A brilliant reliable bike, amazing fuel economy and a cinch to ride.

7th Feb 2006, 18:42

Gas tanks can be cleaned and lined with a plastic liquid type material. One might also consider placing small fuel filters in the lines. They are clear plastic and you can see if they begin to clog up with sediment.

Be sure to let it idle down before shifting to the next gear for smoother shifts and less strain on the shift parts. Keep the idle down to the minimum will also help with smoother shifts.

15th Feb 2006, 09:26

I have removed the stock air box and replaced it with a cone filter. I also took a large hammer to the exhaust pipe. I have collapsed the baffles inside the exhaust. Of course it is very loud now, but it has released some power.

My last upgrade was a carb swap. I fitted the carb from a CB125N. I have now had 79 mph out of it. Very unstable at that speed, I almost fell off.

8th Jun 2006, 15:24

OMG. 70 mph. Amazing! So what are the steps a novice needs to take to get her 1983 C70 Passport to at least 50 mph? Right now top speed is only 35!


14th Jun 2006, 07:10

Geez, what is it with people over-hyping these little bikes?

Folks, no matter what, these bikes are slow and nothing will ever change that. If you are looking for something fast, step up to 500cc+. But if you are looking for a cheap, reliable, SLOW commuter, then pick up a Passport. Swap the motor out or bore it up to 125cc and you will have something that can keep up with traffic. But you will be sacrificing some efficiency and it will still be SLOW!!!

20th Jun 2006, 21:11

Neat forum,

I bought a 2006 Passport from the Jailing plant (owned by Honda). Seems to be the same bike all around.

Some guy was asking what all the hype was about, here it is... the Passport is the most manufactured automobile in the world to date at over fifty million sold. Something has to be great about it, to have them keep selling like that.

I love mine. I zip to work on it every day that weather permits, and save some dough on gas too. I say, who needs a five hundred cc motorcycle to do things like commute to work and go for joy rides (and it is such a joy to ride). Everyone smiles at the guy on a rad scooter rather than turn there head from some scary looking man on a HOG.

And it's true, they can and will do 60mph. Mine cruises at 50!

21st Jun 2006, 14:17

If you would like to get your C70 to cruise at 60 mph plus speeds, you need to do the following:

Replace the stock air filter with a bolt on air filter, then you need to replace the carburettor. I personally find that the Cb125 Carbs bolt up with little more than an oversized gasket and plenty of sealant to cure any imperfections.

Then you need to enrich the petrol mixture. Do this by altering the fuel air screw on the carb. You will have a bike that will see off 75% of cars to 40/50 mph when all this has been done.

Happy Biking.

I have now tuned my Honda C90 to do 92mph.

22nd Jun 2006, 06:15

92 mph @ 3 mpg???

10th Jul 2006, 20:59

Can anyone tell me where to go about getting one of these bikes? A friend of mine got his off of CraigsList, and I LOVE IT. I, however, am not so lucky; I can't find one.

Also, if I get one in poor condition, I know nothing about motors. Can pretty much any auto-mechanic get one of these things running for the most part?

Thanks guys!!!

13th Jul 2006, 10:24

Two comments:

-- One, a stock C70 really will do pretty close to 60MPH. My wife (then girlfriend) and I owned one of these way back in 1973/4. I used to regularly freak out Harley riders by cruising by at 55+ while wearing a full-face helmet and laying out over the bike with my feet hooked over the rear pegs. Topping 60 did require the use of a downhill slope, but was achievable.

-- Two, finding a C70 isn't too hard. There are two for sale on eBay right now. Go to "eBay Motors", and search the Honda selections. I'm giving serious thought to buying one for my wife to use to go to work. She loved the original one we had, and regretted selling it 30 years ago.

8th Sep 2006, 17:42

Can anyone tell me where to get in the USA a 2006 version of the Honda C-70? Thanks.

9th Sep 2006, 09:35

Update: I took my feeble old C90 to my local dragstrip and have been officially clocked at 93mph. Is this a record?

I have taken all the body panels off, and have devised a ram air intake system, a Micron exhaust and have dropped an alloy forged piston into the motor. I did have to weld some weights onto the bottom of the frame to stabilise things at that speed, although it is still scary.

It took 5 minutes to get up to 93mph, the motor was wailing like a banshee. I am running on Amsoil. I did however crack the motor after this.

My next step is to make it go over 100mph. These do about 60mph stock so are tuneable.

15th Sep 2006, 16:57

I have a choice to either buy a 1981 C70 or a 2005 Jailing Passport. What would be your advice? Thanks so much.

17th Sep 2006, 19:02

Take my advice and buy the Honda C70. Then get it freight shipped to my address, and I will turn it into a 90MPH Plus machine for $1500.

18th Sep 2006, 10:09

If you want to go 100mph, just buy yourself a bigger bike (in any case, be sure to have your life insurance paid off).

19th Sep 2006, 16:01

Yes, agreed you could buy yourself a bigger Bike, but where lies the balls out fun in that? I much prefer to take a smaller bike beyond any advertised limitations through extra engineering. Each to their own, I respect the opinion even if I beg to differ. Bike On.

4th Oct 2006, 10:02

I dropped my C90 whilst trying to take a very sharp corner at 25mph, the damn peg hit the ground. To be fair it did bounce back up again, but I was unbalanced and then slammed into the back of a Metro. I actually shattered the rear glass with my head, glad I wore a helmet that day.