13th Dec 2006, 11:44

The C70M with a 17mm downdraft carburetor produced in the early 70s was the ONLY C70 that could approach 60mph in stock form. The Passports produced in the early 80s had top speeds of about 45mph. Even if you increase displacement by another 20-30cc, low end torque will improve more noticeably than your top speed.

Besides, anything over 60mph on a bike with meager drum brakes and leading link front forks is not only dangerous, but stupid too.

If you're going to lie, try to do so moderately so that you are at least somewhat believable. 90mph?!! That must be some good crank you're whipping up out there in the sticks.

20th Feb 2007, 17:40

I just bought my first bike, a 1981 C70 Passport. I'm having trouble figuring out the shifting. Do I need to down-shift? I just put a bunch of money into it and I don't want to ruin it! Can you help me?


5th Apr 2007, 05:33

My advice is not to go more than 45mph on a c70. The brakes ain't great and secondly - it won't go that fast! What is wrong with all these people going 90mph / 60mph etc.

24th Apr 2007, 09:00

Yes, I have a 1982 Honda Passport, and am having trouble figuring out the shifting. Up-shifting is easy, but I'm having trouble figuring out when/how to down shift without causing the bike to "jerk". I assume I shouldn't down shift until the bike is well below the top for the gear?? Any help would be appreciated, since the other motorcycles I ride have a clutch and I know how to use it!!

25th Apr 2007, 04:53

Hi guys, I'm not from the US, in fact I'm from Malta in south Europe. The common thing is that I do have a C70 Honda, which I ride every day going to work and back, and also every thing is original. I mean I have not changed a single item, let alone tyres, batteries and brake shoes.

I got this brand new in 1979, and it still runs perfect.

Cruising speed is in fact 50 MPH, and with full throttle and a tail wind it easily reaches 60-65 MPH.

Happy biking Guys.

26th Apr 2007, 11:35

I can't wait to ride my c70 1981 passport around town in St.John's NL. I love reading all the comments. I want to see the looks I get when a 200lb man is driving this "scootie" in traffic. It was love at first sight.

19th May 2007, 11:44

I have a '83 C70. That runs pretty good. I really have no use for it any more. What do you guys think is a decent price to ask?

20th May 2007, 23:35

I have a similar question. What is a good price to pay for a c70 in relatively good condition?

9th Jun 2007, 18:18

You will not find a c90 worth having under 2k dollars. I am willing to sell you a sports tuned C90 for 3k. It will achieve 95MPH.

18th Sep 2007, 19:10

I just bought a 1981 C70 without a title. I paid $500 for it and it's in great shape with only 893 original miles. I don't know if a title can be had. Any suggestions?

27th Sep 2007, 12:25

I have a 70cc Passport with electric starter. At 64 years old, I have owned a bunch of large displacement BMWs. The Passport is great, because it goes in and out of my Ford van with ease. A one person job. The Harley riders wave! Amazing. Mine has a fresh valve and exhaust system. Not to good looking, but everything works.

My top speed is 35. Faster than that is scary considering the brakes and suspension. It's not suppose to be a fast bike. Stay in the slow lane, let cars go by.

The main thing I have found with the shifter is to shift up early (low revs) to the next higher gear. Unless you're going down a hill, coast or brake to a stop. Down shifting jerks the bike and drive train. Oh yes... use your heel for shifting up to higher gears. It's easier on the transmission and clutch.

After reading all these reviews, I think I'll try a better air filter, change the oil, and use high octane gas.

2nd Oct 2007, 19:19

I have a 1962 Honda c100 (50cc). I bought it from a neighbor in 1983. The thing is 45 years old and still runs like a top.

It smokes a little, the exhaust has holes, and due to a lacking battery - the headlight burned out.

It did not come with functioning turn signals (not required in 62').

It will go 47MPH with only a 3sp auto. I estimate it has 40K miles on it.

I was thinking of upgrading it to 70cc, with a 4sp/ auto "LI FAN" OHC engine/trans unit (bolt in, CHI-COM, exact clone of Honda, with high quality). I think it would then do close to 60 easy. The Passport was just a slightly upgraded version of the c100, so drive it forever and give it your grand-kids.

Steve/Detroit, MI, USA.

30th Mar 2008, 14:27

I recently got my hands on a 1981 C70 passport. It had been sitting about 10 years (inside), but got it running fairly easily. I have gotten a good bit of service info online, but I can't find any spec. for the point gap setting. Can anybody help me out? THANKS!!!

9th Apr 2008, 23:59

"I don't know if a title can be had. Any suggestions?"

You will have to do a lost title search. The DOL, will register you for the vehicle, but it typically take THREE YEARS to actually get a clear title.

With regards to a 90+ mph C90 for $3000. Unless it is turning around 12,000 RPM, 90 miles an hour is unreachable with the existing gears and sprockets. No matter how much HP you think you are squeezing out of it. The valves and head will also not allow that kind of flow to pull the gear ratio. And a 90cc engine, unless balanced & extremely modified, will NOT achieve 12-14k without imploding... especially a 20 year old 90cc engine.

There are plenty of new age scooters that will just kick ass for better money...



Check out the Phanton LI. Woo Hoo!! 85 MPG.

13th Apr 2008, 11:37

The Honda C70 easily the best in the small motorcycle/scooter class: they are easy to repair & maintain, easy to drive & very forgiving, keep up fine with surface street traffic, cruise comfortably at up to 45 mph and usually get about 110 mpg. They are very practical for around-town errands and short, non-freeway commuting (ideally under 20 miles one way).

They come with a front basket for light loads, & a rear rack that readily accepts cargo containers according to need. The seat will accommodate a passenger as long as care is taken to not overload the bike.

Most problems described are due to abuse, negligence, ignorance or attempts to drive them in ways for which they weren't intended. Modifying them for greater speed or power is foolish - just buy a bigger bike & be done with it! Allowing them to sit undriven for more than a few weeks without properly preparing them for long term storage is asking for problems, the same as with any other motor vehicle.

Yahoo has a group site especially for owners of C70's, which provides valuable information, exchange of ideas between owners & even an on-line shop manual!

The downside is that these bikes are no longer imported to the U.S., the last models in l983. They are still being manufactured & are driven all over the world, especially in Asia. With gas prices destined to continue climbing, perhaps it's time to begin urging Honda to once again sell them in the U.S.!