3rd Nov 2008, 23:29

I have a 1982 Honda Passport that tops out at about 32 mph. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I could get it up to 40 or 45mph? Thanks.

13th Nov 2008, 13:31

My '82 C70 is making a clacking sound when starting out through first gear and into second. Any ideas what that might be?

20th Nov 2008, 07:43

I just picked up an '81 Passport last week as a restoration project. I had been buying parts for the bike for a while, so I was able to complete most of the job over a long weekend (they are super easy to work on). I started with a wire brush and some engine cleaner and detailed the motor. The bike got a good bath and I polished and waxed the paint. New fuel lines and filters, new carb and K&N filter, new exhaust and drained and cleaned the gas tank.

The bike was in rough shape when we picked it up, and the white leg shield was busted up pretty bad. For now I'm leaving it off cause it kinda looks cool.

Someone has wrecked it cause I have a small bend in my front rim and a few spokes are loose, causing the front wheel to start shaking around 30 mph. I have a few more adjustments to the motor and clutch, but I'm hoping this bike will reach 35-40 mph. Next on the list is a set of new rims and spokes, along with tires.

So far I love this bike and I look for any excuse to ride it. It starts on the first kick and you don't even have to choke it. It idles super smooth and runs like a champ. Not bad for a bike that's pushing 30 years old.


31st Jan 2009, 21:37

I have a 1982 C50 auto. It's very good and does 45 mph. The C70 I had before was no quicker.

19th Feb 2009, 05:36

Hey all,

All the comments on here are very encouraging, sept the "stunt driver" 90+ funny, but I'll believe it when I see it.

I am fixing to buy a C70 I think, I know it's an older Passport, I would be buying it from my friend's mom, she used to have it as a daily driver to and from work, I plan to fix it up and use it for a daily driver to and from school.

Of course replacing all the "necessary parts", yet I haven't been able to find any repair manuals, what I really need to know is what the valve "measurements/spacing" needs to be. I don't know much about bike engines, but I learn quick, and it looks, sounds, and feels fun, just from sitting on it and reading this post spot.

Any help would be appreciated,



11th Mar 2009, 18:43

I have a 1981 C70. A friend of mine's new girlfriend had bought it when it was new, and when she got divorced her now ex husband, took it apart. It had 7 miles on it, and after tuning the carb and stuff, it has about 12 miles. Does anyone know what it would be worth? It is truly brand new... She wants to sell it on eBay.

15th Mar 2009, 11:37

Does anyone know where the fuse box is, or if one exists, on a 1982 Passport 70? We have the scooter running, but the headlight, tail light, high beam light and neutral light on dash board do not work. Everything worked last time we used it.

3rd May 2009, 17:29

I would like to hear from the person who was inquiring about the fuse box, as I am considering buying a C70 that seems tight, but on which none of the lights seem to be working.

11th May 2009, 00:41

Just got one of mine running... like a top.

Most of the information I got was from the C70 group at yahoo.groups.

VERY active group, prompt responses.

(BTW.. C70 in top form should go 40-43-45 TOPS on a flat straight road. Into a wind, up a hill, can go down to 20 mph.)

Accept it for what it is... and you will be a happy camper.

26th May 2009, 21:29

I own a 1982 Honda Passport. The trouble I am having is it does not perform well when it reaches the speed of about 20 mph. I have replaced the rusty fuel tank with a new one and I also cleaned the carburetor. Any suggestions what to do next?

27th May 2009, 21:47

You need to replace the carb. I uprated mine with a CB125 carb. It bolted straight on, I did have to use lashings of gasket maker to seal things though.

27th May 2009, 23:37

On a Honda Passport do you ever need to check the points or the coil, or is there timing to be done?

15th Jun 2009, 10:32

I got an 82 Honda Passport off my aunt with only 1100 miles on it. I had a new carburetter put on it and it only goes 35. She told me she had it up to 50mph before. Is there something I can do to speed it up?

22nd Sep 2009, 07:49

I rode the Honda C90s in my teens delivering pizzas, and boy can they take some hammering! With 4 pizzas and a bottle of coke in the back, they can wheelie all the way to the customers house, cornering on the back wheel, changing up and everything. (readers beware, check the state of your pizzas on delivery, I do!).

The shop I worked for was also near a University, which was extra cool to ride in as most of one side of the campus was grass and we would all try and meet up on deliveries for a quick hack across quarter of a mile of grass, across a courtyard and up a 15 foot grass slope at the end for a big motocross styleee jump. Never broke or overheated any of them, they are amazing machines!

22nd Nov 2009, 14:46

I bought a 1981 C70 scooter last couple days ago, the owner said his father gave it to him 10 years ago. I was told the bike was never registered, never titled in any states that he knew of. The bike had 6700 miles on it, they used to bike on the farm, hunting, and country private roads.

I went to the DMV to ask for title search and found none. How could I register the bike?

Help please.

24th Jan 2010, 22:43

Most china made mopeds and scooters have a bad reputation, but the 50cc Jialing Passport is great. Buy one if you can.

16th Apr 2010, 18:07

Off topic, I know, but anyone have any leads on a 1980 C70? I'd like to get an inexpensive one that doesn't run, that I could fix up.

7th Jun 2011, 17:07

Did you ever figure this out? I am going to be buying one soon, and am trying to wrap my head around the shifting. I have never had a bike that down shifts... Is it the same basics as a dirt bike? Thanks!

25th Jul 2011, 06:53

Hello, when you said cut a gas funnel, did you mean cut up the tapered spout until the opening fits over the Honda air filter and the air intake side, so when you are done, you have an air filter with a funnel over the air filter with the wide side or mouth side facing the front of the bike?

Sorry for all the questions, I am not very mechanically inclined, and I live on a dirt road. Would that be something to consider?

Thanks very much, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Sincerely, Donnie Spicer.