2005 Honda CBX250 from South Africa


Fun, functional, reliable


Nothing major, jerked at steady throttle, but cleaned carb, air box/filter, adjusted spark plug, checked valve clearance and running smooth now.

The seat gets hard after 60 kms riding.

Slightly underpowered. A 300cc motor would be awesome I think.

General Comments:

I wrote a review on my Twister a week after I bought it in October 2011 (my first bike, but have ridden before). Had the bike about 4 months now, and she's been real good to me.

I do a lot of city riding, and this is where it excels. It's a great commuter, as it turns and corners well, and has enough power to keep you ahead of the congestion.

I service the bike myself, as it's easy to work on. Only trouble is the short service intervals. She handles better with a 130/80 at the rear, Pilot Activs.

I'm really impressed with the bike, I love mine, once again, super fun ride and good looking too.

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Review Date: 24th January, 2012

2005 Honda CBX250 from South Africa


Super fun bike


None so far.

General Comments:

I bought a 2005 CBX Twister about a week ago, and I'm loving it. It's in excellent nick and looks great in bright red.

Finding it incredibly easy to ride, and it handles well while city riding. It's nippy and has a cool engine note.

It's quite chunky for a 250, and it has this aggressive stance, which makes it really attractive.

Looking forward to some fun times with this bike.

My chain/sprocket wear indicator label peeled off from the swing arm. Where's the exact spot to place the label again?

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Review Date: 10th October, 2011

1987 Honda CBX250 from Canada


Could not ask for a better beginner bike


Nothing as far as break-downs.

I dropped the bike at low speed and the only thing that was damaged was the clutch lever. No fairing damage, no engine damage, nothing. A testament to this bikes usefulness as a first bike.

General Comments:

Fantastic beginner bike. The CBX250 is very stable and does not respond erratically to mistakes, such as hard downshifts on loose gravel or dirt. Also responds predictably when locking up the brakes. Power is adequate but mild with a smooth power band, also good for beginners. Braking power is awesome, allowing the beginner to make up for poor judgment as well.

The bike is a 250cc so power levels are mild. Had little trouble on the highway, generally around 110km/h, but as high as 140 at times, and is the equivalent of a generic 4 cylinder car in the city. Acceleration at highway speeds is predictably slow.

I have ridden the new CBR125, and found the power plant in that bike was simply too underpowered for highway driving, and another friend and I both prefer this CBX250, despite the age.

At 6'1" 240lbs, I was worried I would not fit on the bike or it would have trouble dragging me around. I fit fine and with the gf on the back we top out the weight capacity on the bike, and it still goes just fine.

Most will outgrow the 250 in one or two seasons, but this was the perfect bike to make mistakes and learn on without getting myself into trouble. It's used, it's cheap and you can sell it to the next new rider knowing that it will be the most responsible investment you can make to yourself and new riders to come.

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Review Date: 14th February, 2009

16th Sep 2010, 01:54

I just picked up one of these weeks ago, an 1987 as well. So far starts and rides great, 18 500 km on it. I'm quite surprised at how well the 250cc single air cooled engine does. Would love to try it against a Ninja 250. At a dry weight of 255 pounds, probably the lightest street bike I've ever ridden. Love the way it corners and carves around pot holes.

14th Aug 2012, 07:24


I am a proud owner of a CBX250, and my boyfriend owns a Ninja 250. Sadly, there is a very big difference in the feel and responsiveness between the two bikes. The Honda however doesn't struggle as much with pillion as the Ninja does. As far as speed is concerned, maybe one day I'll try to take him on.