26th Jun 2009, 08:30

I am looking at buying a 1987 Honda Elite 80 Scooter. The gentleman I am looking at buying it from is selling it for $550 and it has just over 11,000 miles on it. Is that price a little high?

6th Jul 2009, 07:50

Good price... assuming it's in good condition.

18th Aug 2009, 14:12

I have been checking out a 1986 CH80, which is having some problems starting. I found that the battery, which was being used for it was an inferior quality battery, and in addition was the incorrect polarity. So I installed the correct battery for the scooter and am still having problems starting. When I do get it started, it seems to not be charging very strongly, although I admittedly don't have a lot of experience with scooter charging systems. I have a charging voltage averaging around 12.8 - 13.6 Vdc. Is this enough? If not, I would like to check the voltage output, but I have been having trouble finding the diode pack. Is anyone familiar with this system?

12th Sep 2009, 23:16

I just purchased an 07 Honda CH80 with 4000 miles for $1,300.

However I'm attracted to the new 2010 Elite 110, just not the fact it's assembled in China. Wish me luck!

19th Sep 2009, 17:22

I have a 1992 CH 80 Elite. It's fantastic. 9,800 miles, just replaced the drive belt. It has always had cold starting problems, but I live in Mexico now and it's not an issue anymore.

It's feeling its age now, and I can only get a bit less than 40 MPH now, but it's still pretty decent.

I also bought a 2007 Elite 125 here in Mexico and it's my primary scooter. The new 2010 looks awesome, EFI, new braking system. Not available here in Mex yet, but coming soon I hope.

12th Oct 2009, 19:47

We purchased our '03 Elite 80 new. We (my wife, daughter and me) rode it for a couple of years with no problems. We then gave it to our daughter for college in San Francisco for about three years, in which I changed oil in it once and she did it a couple of time on her own. About four months ago, my daughter agreed to give it back to us, since I've been bothering her to do so so that the scoot' will get used and have a good home. We rode it ~150 miles and it suddenly quit after riding about two blocks.

Now, I'm used to the cold starting issue and find that turning the key and waiting for 10-30 seconds is the key to cold starting. I can usually keep the engine running at the first couple of stop signs by giving it a little bit of throttle just before stopping and after the clutch goes into neutral. However, this time the bike would not restart.

I pushed the scoot' back to the garage and started my education on Elite 80's.

First I bought the Honda Factory Manual. It is quite good. I then started probing the local dealer's service department for answers to the cold-start/no-start problem. They were pretty helpful since I'm a 'regular'. I completely cleaned the carburator and checked the cold start 'widget'. The cold start 'widget' is one of the keys to cold starting problems. It costs ~$93.00 and allows extra fuel to go into the engine when cold. Mine appeared to be fine, based on the manuals test (ohms of resistance).

I reinstalled the carburator and the bike still wouldn't start.

After more tests and ordering a one size over jet from Sudco in Southern California (42 to replace the low speed 40 factory jet) I finally gave in and took the bike to the dealer.

The dealer had the scoot' for three weeks. When it was returned for a 'mere' ~$250.00, I was told that it was still hard to start cold and the compression was low at ~130 PSI. The manual indicates 190 PSI is normal.

The scoot' started and ran okay for a couple of days, then it wouldn't start. While it ran, it was far less likely to stall when cold due to the new cold start 'widget' and the oversized 42 jet. The scoot' did not smoke or use oil, even with low compression. The scoot' would still go up to 45 MPH with my younger 95 lb daughter and I on board.

Oh, by the way, the best 'speed secret' I've found for the Elite 80 is to pump the tires up to ~45 PSI. This makes a big difference in speed and acceleration. The high pressures will cause some headshake, but it's easily controlled by just putting your hands on the bars, that's where they belong anyway!

I removed the engine from the scoot'. I removed the head and cylinder and took them to the dealer for their review. Their mechanic said the cylinder was oval along with the rings. The piston had rubbing marks on both sides where it had 'rocked' in the cylinder.

I purchased a Honda 0.50 mm oversized piston and rings and have sent the cylinder and piston/ring assembly to a shop for fitment.

My plan is to reassemble the engine this weekend and live happily ever after.

My education:

What I don't 'get' is the fact that the engine is so badly hurt at only 4,300 miles. It has been maintained very well.

What I also don't get is how Honda could be held in such high regard by so much of the motoring public when they release a scoot' like this, with a fueling system so half-baked.

What I also know is that I really like and now really know my Elite 80. I've paid the price in $'s and patience to do ALL future maintenance, large and small and will not hire a dealer to do anything again.


If your Elite 80 is cold starting try this. Turn on the ignition and wait 15 - 60 seconds before trying to start it. If this doesn't work, remove the carburator and clean it completely. Check the cold start 'widget' with an ohm meter and check it by applying 12 volts and seeing if the needle moves. If the 'widget' fails either test, replace it. While you're in the carburator, order the 42 size low speed jet from Sudco so the stumbling problems when cold can be addressed.

Check the compression. If it's down in the 100-130 PSI range, the motor will run but it will be hard to start.

Do your own work. It's rewarding in more ways than one. You'll gain satisfaction for learning more about how internal combustion powered vehicles work and you can save some $'s if you do things right.

For those of you who read this 'book', thanks!

Wish me luck!

29th Jan 2010, 01:45

Hi to all. I have a 1986 Honda Elite CH 80 that has 4600 miles on it and has been dependable. It has a new battery and the body is in good shape.

I noticed an oil leak, and after taking off the belt case cover, saw that the gasket needed replacing, as well as the oil soaked belt should be replaced. I decided to have it more thoroughly checked out by a mechanic, and found out that the 2 outer sleeves (rollers) need replaced as well as the 2 inner pivot bushings, 2 rear wheel bearings, and the left and right seals, along with replacing the rear tire would be a good idea.

Anyhow, I didn't want to pay the labor to have him put it back together, so I have the bushings, belt, cover, gasket etc. in a box (the rear tire is still on, so I could roll it). It ran fine, but was shaky from the wear of the bushings etc.

Once the parts are replaced it would be a tight little scooter again. I want to sell it because despite the parts being reasonable, I can't afford to pay for labor, and wonder if asking $350 for this project seems reasonable? Please let me know. Thank you, scalientes@gmail.com