2007 Hyosung Aquila GV650 from United States of America


A bargain bike that's not 'cheap'


Right after I purchased it, the clutch safety switch became disconnected after washing it. That was an easy fix, I simply put dielectric grease on the connection and put it back together. It's not acted up again.

The chrome cover over the swingarm pivot has fallen off twice, and needed replacement.

General Comments:

The GV650 is a unique cruiser that gets attention wherever I take it. Nobody believes it was only a little over $6000 and came with a two year warranty!

It handles like a sportbike, and outruns all but the large Japanese cruisers.

My only complaint is that the footpegs are too far forward even in the closer of the two positions. And I wear a 34" inseam! I guess I'm used to riding sportbikes.

The quality and fit & finish is as good as any of the Japanese companies.

With belt drive, digital dash, water cooling, LED taillight, inverted fork, disk brakes all around, and great acceleration, I would recommend the GV to anyone wanting a quality cruiser that's not overpriced and not based on technology outdated forty years ago!

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Review Date: 18th November, 2008

10th Nov 2009, 21:49

This motorcycle is now sitting unusable in the garage. It stripped the countershaft and pulley when it was 1-1/2 months out of warranty. I only have a little over 4,000 miles on it now. NOT HAPPY WITH BIKE, LOCAL DEALERS OR HYOSUNG AT THIS POINT!

11th Oct 2014, 23:54

My 2007 GV650 had the same issue of stripping the splines in the driveshaft. I repaired it. It was a PITA. Cost more than $300. Now considering doing a chain conversion since the belt has a cut in it.

I replaced the charging system with 250 Kawi and an electronic regulator. I love this bike, and maybe I finally have all the bugs out.

I have more than 15k miles on it; drove across the USA from AZ to NC.

Most all motorcycles need a wrench on them if used constantly. I am shade tree mechanic with cars, so if equipped with a shop manual, I ain't scared to try to fix a bike. An oil change and valve adjustment is not hard. This bike absolutely does need to have nuts and bolts tightened often. It is greedy for attention, and that is the price for 71 HP from 650 cc instead of only 42 or so from the Japanese.

2007 Hyosung Aquila GV650 from Australia


Fast bike (when it goes)


Consistent hard starting when cold - yet to be resolved.

Pulse coil faulty at 8000kms.

Inlet manifold gasket blew at 8000kms.

Intermittent slow cranking - yet to be resolved.

Side-stand cutting off engine in transit - unresolved.

Carburettors go out of tune very easily.

General Comments:

This model accelerates fast and feels good to handle.

Reasonable fuel economy - I get 300kms per 12L on freeway.

Stunning appearance and is a head-turner.

However, it has been unreliable in the last 5 weeks, having been in the workshop 3 times for a week at a time for hard-starting problem. The problem is still under investigation/diagnosis and may require a technician from Hyosung to investigate. Fortunately however, this is all under warranty.

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Review Date: 29th August, 2008

2006 Hyosung Aquila GV650 from Spain


Cheap and nasty, beware if you get a dog like mine


Leaking fork seals.

Engine broke down, needed new piston, valves, cam chain and tensioners.

Brakes very poor.

Neutral light has stopped working.

General Comments:

To look at this bike, it looks good like a Harley.

The overall finish when you look close is cheap and plastic.

Paint flaking of imitation chrome.

Is a very reasonable price for what you get.

I'll never trust mine again, but unfortunately can't afford a new bike.

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Review Date: 19th July, 2008

2007 Hyosung Aquila GV650 from United States of America


You will not find a more impressive cruiser for the money, or even double


Upon receiving the cycle from the dealer, who stayed open 2 extra hours, the bike had a defective petcock; just a fluke problem.

The cycle's right springs chrome chipped.

General Comments:

This cycle is fantastic for a new rider or any advanced rider.

Unbelievable torque with speed; too impressive for any 647cc cruiser. I've personally topped the bike to 142mph in 5th, but believe it may have a little more in 4th. WOW.

Good balance, but could lose the weight of the muffler for increased balance.

Decent comfort and ride.

I love this cycle!

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Review Date: 17th February, 2008