27th Jul 2008, 08:02

Owned my GPX for five years.

Only problems:

drive belt for the generator snapped, easy to fit a new one.

I have found that the twitchy and slightly unstable handling when using bridgestone bt45 tyres can be cured by using a 120/80 front tyre rather than the 110/90. I only tried this because I had a spare tyre bought for my zx10b3, and when fitted it transformed the bike; it turns a little slower, but only a little, and the problem with instability in high winds went away.

Don't trust your speedos; it's OK speed wise, but try a modern 160mph 600 or one of the liter bikes, and you'll see the GPX for what it is; a good value fun bike that's cheap. Have fun riding yours.

20th May 2009, 09:41

I bought one when they first came out in 1987 – and I've still got it! Beat that!

25th Jul 2009, 10:57

Had mine 11 years now, apart from a cam chain and consumables it's been great, until recently.

Averaged about 1000 miles a year as a Sunday toy, now it has been pressed into daily service and is complaining, it now won't start on the button in a morning, goes with a bump then runs fine, it's had new coils (ouch) leads plugs etc put still won't play.

1st Aug 2009, 16:27

I have a GPX750, and the K/N filters fell apart, so I purchased a standard airbox, but I am finding it hard to fit the thing. Any ideas would be welcome.

29th Aug 2009, 19:36

I got hold of a 1986 GPX750R on ebay in Jan 09 for £220. It had been imported from America in 1995. The guy I got it off said he bought it off a friend with a view to fixing the camchain noise.. it had 42000 miles on the clock. It had stood in a garage for four years till he put it up for sale on ebay, then I got it. Like what was said before, the tensioner was made too short. I got a spare off ebay, then had a nut welded onto the end, reset the tensioner, popped it in, no noise.

Then it wasn't charging the new battery; tested everything, then noticed a snapped drive belt, £17.00 from Kawasaki. Fitted that, charged the battery, no faults, a new set of pads oil/filter.

I can't fault it to be honest. I've had Fireblades and a ZZR, but the GPX is just so strong. Yeah it's old and it tries to tank slap when you're braking very hard. It's got 52000 on it now and is due a chain set.. get one, you will love it.. daz.

12th Nov 2009, 09:59


Its great to see the comments on this very underrated bike, bearing in mind it took its big brother's crown, the GPZ900R. OK, it wasn't as successful as the 9, but things were moving on fast.

The main problem is its length, hence the 16" front and 18" rear to make it turn quicker.

I have to laugh at the guy who had a kerker on his LOL. Trust me, he was understating the noise as I had one fitted, and it would make your ears bleed, I have never heard anything like it. So I may change the standard pipes and put it back on just for a youtube moment LOL.

OK, the rattling and noises, ALL KAWASAKIS ARE NOISY. And if they aren't then there is something wrong with them. I have had GPZs, GPXs, ZXs and they are all noisy, and when they go quiet, get them checked out quickly.

What can I say, well yeah it's fast for its age, and would surprise a lot of newer bikes. I would also say it does most things really well even now. If you're thinking of buying one, then buy a good one. As there aren't many of these bikes around, and they are fast becoming classics.

1st Jan 2010, 05:47

I have had mine since new & I still think it's an honest bike.

It's a 89 model, and it's got 65,000kms on the clock.

Handling is good, but weaves on high speed corners.

It does most things well. I do a bit of touring on my own or with the wife & it does this well. It's hard to find a bike these days that you can fit luggage racks & throw soft panniers on & it still handles very well.

For the price they're going for now, the GPX 750 is a great buy.

30th Apr 2010, 19:28

I love this bike so much I'm on my second one now. I owned my first one in 1989, it was a year old when I bought it and owned it for 10 years. Then family things took over so I sold it. I am now the proud owner of another, which is a 1987 model with only 8000 miles on the clock so I reckon I got a good one, scrap that, I know I got a good one. But like previous posts, it has got its pros and cons, but what do you expect from a 20 odd year old bike, this is late 1980's technology. They're a cheap bike now, but wow does it go considering its age.

21st Jun 2010, 13:13

I LOVE my GPX 750R Ninja.

In red and white with red oxford soft panniers, it looks the part. From the side she looks so sporty ; only from the front and rear does she look a bit dated, with the big boxy lights.

She starts first time, every time. Hasn't let me down yet.

For a 20 year old bike, she goes like an absolute train. Keeps up with my friend's 1000cc Firestorm, which is ten years newer. Plenty of torque even low down, making commuting a breeze, but to get the best out of the engine you need to open the throttle and hang on. There's a decent kick at about 4k, then at about 7k there's an almighty surge that throws you down the road. Obviously the power is less than a modern ninja, but still arm lengthening in its ferocity.

Comfort-wise she's very low, which makes her a doddle for commuting round town - and the soft squashy seat with the full fairing makes high speed motorway jaunts a breeze.

Overall, with the low price they're going for nowadays (mine was £750 in decent nick with full MOT and 38k) I'd recommend it as a first sportsbike for anyone.


23rd Jun 2010, 17:31

GPX 750 R, great turn of speed, weird handling, they do make strange noises yes, cam chain tensioner was a mistake on this bike - follow the advice on here for improvements.

I'm fixing one up at the moment for its MOT, and some of the jobs are a fiddle to do, but I am getting there, Carb air box has been a nightmare to fit back on - 4 hours to do - heat on the inlet rubbers and determination!

Bought a spare bike to fix this one up, and I am going to put a 17' front wheel on it just to try it out and see if the handling improves - if it does, I will keep the Dog spare bike, matte black it, and use as a run around.

Starting problems were improved by fitting new plugs and the new air box - starts on the button now.