24th Nov 2015, 17:40

I bought my GPX nearly 4 years ago and had standard BT 45s on it. I changed them to Continental Conti Gos. Front 120/80/16, rear 150/70/18. Made a big difference to mine.

25th Feb 2016, 16:27

I have owned my 87 Kawa 750R for 4 years. Recently the alternator belt has shredded and squeals very loudly. I have replaced both the alternator once and the belt now twice. Anyone know how to properly tension the belt or any inside info on what it could be?


31st Mar 2016, 15:38

Please can I get the GPZ 750 R alternator belt number so that I can purchase a new one? Please reply on mansooraboy78@gmail.com

8th Mar 2018, 21:02

I disagree with your comment that all Kawasakis rattle; if set up correctly they don't. I've raced Z1000s in the 80s, won a championship with it, had ZX7R, ZZR600, ZX12R, ZZR1400 and they all never rattled.

I've just acquired a 1987 GPX750R with 30k miles off an elderly gent who never went above 70mph on her, only got her wet once in the last 14 years and is truly in mint condition, serviced every year and well looked after, even got the original long rear mudguard, colour is white and gold, and my word does this thing go for an old bike, and soooo smooth and comfy. This engine is quiet, no camchain rattle and only the slightest ticking from the valve gear; this is how they should sound, so if you buy one that is rattling, check it out.

4th Oct 2018, 11:09

I would agree with you about rattling. If it makes a noise, find out why!! Having said that, one of my Z's is a Z1100st (1980) and that does make some strange noises on occasion, mainly while ticking over and I put it down to clutch rattle. I certainly can't find anything amiss with the engine, and it goes well for a near 40 year old spinster!

Much impressed by the fact that you raced Z1000s. Would like to find out more about that if possible.

6th Nov 2018, 12:47

Hi mate, do you know where I can buy a 87 GPS 750r air box?