1st Aug 2010, 10:39

Just been riding my green/white Kawasaki GPX750R -89 model here in North-Norway for a couple of month now, and I´m really satisfied with the bike. Only "problem" is the cam chain rattle, but as I have read on this review, there is nothing to be afraid of.. But I would probably check the cam chain tensioner and the valve clearance after this summer anyway!

The bike is really a smooth ride, and lots of power, and one thing I would like to know is the true effect. I have read in almost any reviews that the engine power is 106HK, but some people claims there is 118HK. What could be right?? Did some versions come with the 118HK engine?

I have no problem following my buddy´s ZZR1100, with far more power, but.. yeah, I know the ZZR is heavier, but still...??

Is there any "surprises" with the bike I should be aware of?

11th Sep 2010, 20:15

I've bought one of these three months ago and really impressed.

For an oldie it's fantastic, 41000kms and strong. Lots of power over 4 revs. Great if your budget is tight, but want to ride with the bigger bikes.

20th Sep 2010, 05:35

I have one too. Love it, but the only problem is that a few were released in Australia, and parts are hard to get.

11th Nov 2010, 07:14

My GPX 750 R is a 1987 USA model, imported into Blighty around 1995, and found its way to me through playing on ebay one day. £390 to buy, a quick wash and a new Viper 4-1 exhaust, took her for an MoT, and passed with 2 comments. Clocks loose and chain tight! 10 minutes to fix.

Had a GPz900R 20 years ago, and this feels much the same; indecently quick for a 23+ yr old rattler.

Shows her age with cracks in fairing and flaky paint, but what a bargain! BT45s work well.

Passed again this year - just new tyres so no complaints. I'll try the tensioner fix, but a Kawa mechanic told me not to worry, valves rattle too, but it all goes quiet once really warmed up. 50k kms and still going strong. 50 mpg consistent, but would do better on longer runs; my bro's TL1000 53 plate only does 40!

17th Jan 2011, 05:10

Bought a 88 GPX 750 about 2 months ago on Ebay for $1010, sight unseen, and when she arrived, I was so pleased; never been dropped, and in really nice nick.

She did have some dirt in the tank, so I put a flush kit thorough her, and serviced the carbs, oil etc, and she went great very fast and good handling.

I was on my way home the other day, when I noticed a squealing sound coming from the engine at low rpm. I thought it was the clutch, but I now think it may be the alternator?? Is this possible? What should I do?

Any help would be great.

2nd Apr 2011, 11:29

Try getting alternator checked, as your belt might be on its way out. It cost me 80 pounds in the U.K. for the job to be done, including belt, as you need a special tool to tighten the adjuster nut.

17th Aug 2011, 01:42

Bought my 89 Black & Red GPX750R for only 650 euros, in extremely nice condition with just 26K kilometers om the odo. It has a Sebring 4 into 1 and K&N air filters. New Pirelli tyres. Before I went on the road I replaced worn sprockets and chain, changed oil, filters, brake pads. Just to be sure. Engine starts immediately at the press and runs very smooth. This old Kawa handles nicely and the acceleration above 5K rpm is stunning. This is a seriously fast bike. Touring through the countryside at 80-90kmh is very comfortable. Anyway, great value, very nice classic ride!

Does anyone know why almost all GPX's have taillight lenses with broken corners? I can't seem to find a decent replacement for mine.

19th Jan 2012, 08:18

One of the reasons it won't go up the gears is the position of the shifter. If it's too low, it hits the frame. Just loosen it (17mm spanner) and slide it up. That's what worked for me.

27th Jul 2012, 22:06

I have a GPX 750 R.

I need a new header for the exhaust, which is quite difficult to come across here in Denmark.

However I've found a GPX 600 R exhaust that doesn't cost twice the amount of money I paid for the bike itself.

Will it fit? I've also found a ZXR750 header and a ZX9R header. Will any of those fit?

I really need help, because it's my only transportation, and people are starting to look awkwardly at me...

11th Sep 2012, 09:50

So did I, and I've still got it.

20th Feb 2013, 06:38

...after reading your problem, I immediately assume it is your starter motor's ribbed belt. They are only tiny, and their tension should be set on the loose side of tensioning a belt. Yours needs tensioning ever so slightly to stop the slippage on the initial acceleration. Good luck!

26th Oct 2013, 06:59

Hi, I've just read your comment on fitting a 17" front wheel to your GPX, and would be interested to know if it did improve the handling?


30th Dec 2013, 01:54

Hi... yup, the squealing sound maybe came from the alternator belt. Try to tighten the belt a bit. Loosen 2 allen bolts on both sides, then tighten the belt by pulling the alternator up, then lock the allen bolts again.

1st Dec 2014, 01:42

Hi. I had mine change the carbon brush of the starter. Maybe that would help with your starting problem in the mornings...

23rd Jan 2015, 20:02

So you've had your bike since 1987? Can you tell me how often you have the valve clearances checked, and have you had to have the cam chain mod?

Cheers, Graham.

18th Jun 2015, 00:45

I have a GPX750R 88 mod, which until recently had a perfectly good tail light until one of the edges broke off. Been trying find a part, but they are all the same with a broken edge. Called Kawasaki and they discontinued the product. Will probably take the tail light out and fit a modified rear fairing/fill in the large square hole where the tail light was, and fit an after market tail light. In short, you're not the only one with the same problem.

22nd Jul 2015, 20:12

Hey guys.

I have a GPX 750R from 1987.

Both tires are worn off. What is the best size for the new tires? Same as original, or can you improve it with different tires?

28th Jul 2015, 06:12

G'day, I just purchased a GPX 750 89 model with 59000 km on clock. Relatively restored to original condition.

Problem: On the way home around 50 km an hour, I took my hands off the bars to get a feel for the bike and the front end began to wobble excessively. Apparently a factory fault I've been told, but I can't believe they allowed something like this to leave in the first place.

It's running a Dunlop 110/90-16. Any suggestions would be great, otherwise I might have to unload it and go back to a GPZ 750.

4th Oct 2015, 22:31

You would not see 250kph on the tacho. I guess you meant the speedo.

4th Oct 2015, 22:47

Most broken tail lights can be repaired by getting any other tail light from the wreckers, and cutting out a piece and super glue-ing it into your original unit. Use a piece of stiff paper as a template. This worked fine for me, and is an easy fix.