15th Sep 2013, 14:42

Update: Today the 250R passed 14 000 km on the meter. Still no problems, not even a broken light bulb. The original IRC tires are also still on the bike, and not worn out... The bike continues to impress me...

28th Apr 2014, 13:10

The same bike passed 18 000 km (about 11200 miles). The original IRC tires are still on the bike, but the rear tire should be changed any day. Chain and sprockets are soon worn out, I'm afraid. Apart from that, zero problems.

11th Aug 2014, 20:54

At about 19000 km the rear tire was changed. Chain and sprockets were changed at the same time. The main bulb for the headlight has also been replaced.

22010 km today. No other replacements or repairs, so far.

16th Oct 2014, 21:47

26020 km today. No real problems, but I notice that the gear shifts receive some "resistance" at times, especially at the higher gears, from 4th to 5th, or 5th to 6th.

The highest gas consumption to date was registered today; 0.42 l / 10 km (first time over 0.4 l/10 km, and I think I have never been below 0.36 l/10 km, even during the break-in period, going at max 40 mph).

30th Nov 2014, 16:47

26810 km yesterday. I remember that the workshop mentioned that the steering head bearings might need some work soon, both at the 18 000 km and the 24 000 km service.

22nd Jun 2015, 11:31

30800 km today, and just picked it up after the 30k km service (~19200 miles).

Original front tire and brake pads were changed.

4th Aug 2016, 09:24

33800 kilometers on the bike today. It has been stored for almost a year, due to a stay abroad (California). It ran a little bit lousy, feeling like at least 15-20% of the power had gone, for the first days. A dash of condensate remover and Tunap, combined with newer gasoline, as the days went by, seem to have cured it. Now it runs solid again.

Took it on a 400 mile trip to Sweden last weekend, and it runs great. The engine sounds fine, has very little vibrations and no unpleasant sounds at all. Impressive and very fun, this bike. I have 5 other bikes, from 50 to 1100 cc, but mostly ride the Ninja 250R. It's simply so fun and good to ride.

10th Sep 2016, 07:49

I picked it up from the 36000 km service yesterday. It got a new Metzeler rear tire, oil and filter and some minor stuff done. Chain and sprockets are worn. That means the 2nd set will probably have to be replaced again soon. The engine runs very well, with no odd noises. Great bike.

25th Sep 2016, 14:06

37300 km now. Recently I have noticed a very tiny leakage from the left fork seal. I have ordered a product called Seal Mate, which I will try before I go for an expensive 3500-4000 NOK / 450 USD replacement.

7th Dec 2016, 17:18

38555 kilometers now. Season seems to have ended. The Seal Mate tool seemed to work. No leaking fork seal now. After almost 40k km I haven't had a single unexpected problem with the 250R, as far as I can remember. Lots of fun with this bike.

18th Apr 2017, 11:43

Passed 39 000 kilometers today. 3rd time using the bike to work, this spring. Engine ran fine after more than 4 months of storage. So far I have reason to believe that the 98 octane V-power fuel, that I'm always trying to use when I can, from Shell, is ethanol-free. That may be part of the reasons that the bike runs so well.

11th Jul 2017, 12:11

I had the bike serviced in Sweden, last week. After a change of spark plugs and cleaning of the air filter, it felt stronger. Oil and filter were also replaced, as well as the chain and front sprocket. 43000 km on the odometer. Twice (last autumn and this spring) I have cured a leaking left fork leg using the Seal Mate tool. Cheap and simple fix!

30th Sep 2017, 08:42

At 46540 km, yesterday, I replaced the old tires for new Pirelli Angel CiTy front and rear tires. If possible, I would have opted for IRC tires, that were originally on the bike, but they seemed to be hard to find in Norway. One dealership quoted a price of about 7500 NOK, or 900 USD for a pair.

The gas consumption is remarkably reduced since the servicing of the bike a couple of months ago. Oil and filter, as well as the spark plugs, were replaced. The air filter was cleaned. Consumption is down from 0.41-0.42 l./10 km, to about 0.365 to 0.38 l./10 km, which is about 10%. Fuel consumption is down to the same levels as I saw in 2012-2014. The bike also had remarkably more power after the service, so one can wonder if the other guys that have been servicing the bike (every 6000 km) did their job properly...

17th Apr 2018, 10:39

The 250 was recently taken out from about 4 months of winter storage.

Until today, in 2018, I have been running the Kawasaki on mostly gasoline from November 2017. I use 98 octane V-power fuel from Shell, tr√łndelag, Norway. There are certainly uncertainties in my measurement, but I noticed the highest power consumption to date; more than 0.46 litres/10 km. The bike also struggles to get past 10000 RPM in sixth gear, which I did not experience earlier. I hope the main reason is old and deteriorated fuel.

The bike just passed 48 000 km on the odometer. I will soon have it serviced, so maybe it behaves better, soon.

4th Jun 2018, 21:32

50950 km today. Today the Ninja 250 had its slightly delayed 48k km service done in Sundsvall, Sweden. The valves were still within the specifications, according to the service report. They also mentioned that the front tire had been mounted in a wrong way. Guess it must be the direction they are talking about. Also, the chain and sprockets should soon be replaced, it was mentioned. Due to a delivery of the wrong rear sprocket, the old one was reused when the front sprocket and chain were replaced at the 42k km service last year. This has probably contributed towards the quick wear of those components.

After the service the engine runs colder, with the needle stable at the "optimal" temperature point (European 250Rs have an engine temperature indicator).

Otherwise, running on Swedish ethanol-blended fuel, I had the highest gasoline consumption to date: 0.497 litres / 10 km. When going to Sweden, and literally uphill, it used less than 0.38 litres / 10 km using the fuel I always try to use when available: Shell V-power, which has been its food since its first days on the road in Norway. There was plenty of wind against the front when going home from Sweden, which may also have contributed to the high consumption.

PS: On the 17th of April I mentioned that the bike felt weaker after winter storage. This improved a lot after having filled up the gas tank 2-3 times, and been running the bike regularly for a few weeks.

After 50 000 km the Ninja engine runs smooth as ever, having no noticeable odd noises. Think I'll never sell this bike.

1st Jul 2018, 18:08

The front tire had its direction corrected at 51995 km. 52121 km presently.

7th Aug 2018, 20:02

~52700 km. Replaced headlight bulb today. I struggled a long time trying to connect the adapter to the lightbulb, after the bulb had been fastened. Found that it was better to attach the adapter to the new bulb, and go from there, like in this video:


Had 2 false neutrals between 5th and 6th gear during the last couple of days. This have been very rare, for the last years (had the bike since 2012, when I bought it unused).