29th Aug 2018, 22:07

54130 km today. Replaced chain and sprockets, as well as oil and filter. This happened at Ride, in Trondheim, Norway. Noticed immediately that the gearbox was more silent afterwards.

14th Oct 2019, 20:50

56200 km a couple of days ago. Time for winter storage.

2nd Oct 2020, 12:54

59160 km: I picked up the bike in Melhus, after some maintenance. Oil and filter were replaced, as well as brake fluid. A general check was performed, and oil and grease were added to parts were that were relevant. 3352 NOK, or 360 USD.

60120 km /26th of November 2020: Stored it for winter (even though "winter" hasn't arrived yet: no snow lying around, even at 63 degrees north, 11 degrees east.)

12th Dec 2022, 10:35

When I had a year abroad, August 2021-July 2022, the Ninja 250 wasn't in use. It was registered again in August this year. Shortly after, it had a large service, including valve check / adjustments, at about 11 600 NOK, or 1100 Euro (for the time being). An intermittent fault showed up on this FI-version; the fuel level indicator light lighting up when the tank got down to maybe 75-85% of full, or about 100 miles after having been filled up. It would go away either when going up - or downhill, so it makes me think that it definitely has to do with some sensor placed inside the tank. For the later days of the season this problem disappeared.

It has just above 40 000 miles / 65 000 km on the odometer at the moment, having been stored for winter.

26th Jul 2023, 21:52

A trip far north of the polar circle, up to the county of Troms, in May, resulted in leaking fork seals. SealMate cured it again! No other problems. The Ninja 250 just passed 67000 km (and is approaching 42000 miles). The services have been followed, which is partly the reason that the bike may be said to have been close to absolutely trouble-free.

10th Mar 2024, 18:40

March 10, 2024. The bike was taken out from storage 8 days ago, and recently passed 69000 kms / 43k miles on the odometer. Runs strong, still. Temperatures around 0 degrees C today, and once an indicated X51-X52 kmh. X is 0 or 1. ;-) A ticking metallic noise has emerged for the last few thousands of kms, which I'm not sure if is worth any worries or not..

16th Apr 2024, 06:51

Had the Ninja 250 serviced around Easter. The ticking noise that I have mentioned wasn't noticed by them, I was told. Hopefully nothing to worry much about.. They had managed to make a 5-10 cm long crack in the transparent cover over the speedometer, though. From what I told by the guy I met, he didn't know what had happened. Called me later and said that a new part had been ordered. This was a week ago. Need to go the 45 kms to the workshop at some time then..

Hopefully nothing to worry about. Got a new pair of Pirelli Angel C.T. tires on the bike. After about 69350 km / 43000 miles, it has some wear and tear on some of the paintwork, like the tank, footrests and handlebars. Just natural.