2007 Suzuki Boulevard C90T from Canada


Great bike, give me a few more options though


I have had a very bad steering wobble for about a year. I recently had to replace the original back tire (Bridgestone W/W) at 22000K. A very serviceable tire IMHO, and the original front is still on the motorcycle.

My complaint is that the dealer has stated that the steering head bearings need to be replaced on this bike to get rid of the wobble. He demonstrated the "flat spot" to me as the bike was in the shop and on a lift.

I was told that there is NO way to grease these bearings as part of a regular maintenance program. And to take the front end apart to repack the bearings, is the same amount of labour as to replace what appears to be about $100C parts.

So SUZUKI, what is with this? Coming from an agricultural upbringing, I find it VERY disappointing that a world class manufacturer would not take a lesson from some one like John Deere or Caterpillar.

"The squeaky wheel gets the grease, but not in Suzuki's case"

General Comments:

No serviceability for the steering head bearings, a MAJOR safety concern.

Fit and finish, fantastic.

Needs a sixth gear.

Price point value to price was excellent.

IMHO, a truly gorgeous cruiser.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2010

27th Jul 2015, 16:16

When you go to the dealer or the mechanic's shop for that problem of handle bars vibrating, most likely they will tell you that the bearings of the handle bars are bad. Of course they want to sell, it happened to me and some of my friends, but in my case it was not the bearings at all; in my case the only thing was that I needed a new front tire, it was time to replace it already. Also if your tire don't have the proper air pressure, too flat or too much air, it can make the handle bars vibrate.

2007 Suzuki Boulevard C90T from United States of America


A smooth well balanced, good looking bike at a great value


I have had no problems at all thus far with this bikes that can be attributed to the manufacture. This being said, I have only had the bike for two months, and have only been able to put 1600 miles on it.

General Comments:

I purchased this bike a few months ago from a fellow that had 3 Boulevards. The C90, the C90T and the M109R. He decided to keep his C90 because he liked the color better than the C90T. (which is Gunmetal) He did rob the saddlebags, passenger sissy bar and stock windscreen from the T, which I have since replaced with aftermarket parts. He priced the bike accordingly. ($6300)

After owning several Harley-Davidsons I had decided it was time to try a metric bike. I must admit I am very pleasantly surprised with the Boulevards comfort and handling. It is equal to or better than anything I have ridden in the past. I am averaging 51mpg on the hwy and 41mpg around town. The bike has a great deal of low end torque as advertised, and seems to really cruise soft and sweet between 65 and 75mph.

I have not experienced any front end wobble with this bike at any speed up to 90mph, which I have heard some mention in other reviews I have read. I suspect tire pressure may have been an issue in those cases. But who knows?

The bike has nice clean classic lines and has turned a few heads on the few trips I have taken so far. The Boulevard out handles the last bike I owned hands-down, in the twisting mountain roads of Washington State where I live.

As much as I like this bike there are a few things that I don't like. The bike in my opinion is too quiet. Granted, there is no substitute for the sexy, throaty rumble of a Harley. But the Boulevards' exhaust note is almost non existent. I won't be spending large amounts of money on new pipes to make it sound beefier. But will look for the right deal on something to experiment with.

I also don't like the small fuel capacity of the bike. Although I must admit, having the tank down low under the seat may be a big reason this bike handles so well.

The paint is inferior to Harley and Victorys' as well as the lack of "real" chrome. But remember, the bike even new is almost half the price!!

I will keep this bike as a second when I make my next purchase which will be the Triumph Rocket III. It will then be used mostly by friends who come out for a visit. I would have no qualms at all having my buddies ride this machine.

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Review Date: 11th July, 2009

22nd Jul 2009, 22:31

I have to agree with you on the fuel capacity, and though I am sure my neighbors would not agree with you I think the Boulevard is a little bit too quiet. I don’t like loud bikes, but I recently bought Corbin pipes that have a very nice rumble, but are not too loud. I was not sure how I liked the sound at first because so many people had told me how much they liked my quiet bike, but now I love it. I have been a little bit embarrassed riding close to me home because my neighbors had so often told me how much they liked my bike, especially how quiet it was. I am not sure if they have heard my bike since I changed my pipes because I have been pushing the bike in and out of my driveway :-)

I have had my C90 for three years now, and because I am only able to ride it for three months a year, I have only been able to put 12.000 miles on it so far. One year after I bought it I started to feel a front end wobble, and it got worse every year until it was so bad I was sure there was something wrong with my bike. The bike was OK as long as I had the tire pressure above what was recommended, but I knew that was not the right way to fix the problem. Few months ago I decided to buy new tires, and since then the bike feels and rides like new. I am sure it rides even better now than when I bought it.

20th Jul 2013, 01:59

Yes, the original Bridgestone tire gives really bad handling once it "cups", and I replaced mine with a Metzler, which made the handling excellent.