2007 Suzuki Boulevard C90T from United States of America


Great buy, better value than a Harley with all the right looks


The bike seems to have a short or bad connection in the starter. I have had at least three times where I have had issues where the bike would not start for a few minutes, but later turned over as it should.

The front fork seems shaky and Bumps are felt greatly.

The rear brakes are very loud.

General Comments:

This bike is a great ride all around. I live in the mountains of N. Carolina so I travel around a lot of inclined and declined corners. This bike can handle it well at 45.

The C90T is especially great on interstate rides. When I need to pass or just keep with a high speed flow, this bike has the means of getting it done. This bike is torqued more for high speed travel. At 85 miles an hour I have enough throttle for 80 more.

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Review Date: 20th May, 2009

2007 Suzuki Boulevard C90T from United States of America


It is a well engineered motorcycle with some cosmetic issues that can be addressed


The left rear turn signal fell off on the way home from the dealer. The wires were short enough to keep it from dragging on the pavement.

There are black spots (too numerous to count) on/in the finish on about 1/4 of the rear rim that the dealer has been unable to remove. Didn't see them under the saddle bags when I bought it. The dealer has asked Suzuki to replace the rims and rear tire.

General Comments:

I am 5'-6" and am able to stand with both feet on the ground at stop lights. The low seat height is a blessing.

The seat is very comfortable for the driver but not so much for the passenger. My wife liked the double bucket (Travelcade by Saddlemen) on the Yamaha Maxim better; however, it was not as comfortable for me. Comfortable passenger seats seem to elude a lot of cruisers. Might end up getting a double bucket seat from Saddlemen and have a saddle maker turn it into a single rear bucket seat for her.

It starts immediately and runs better cold than my previous carbureted bikes. It has a lot of torque so there is no need to downshift.

I like the shaft drive, the oil/air cooling and the dual front disk brakes.

Hope it lasts as long as my first Suzuki (1972 T250J). It is still going strong.

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Review Date: 29th April, 2008

2007 Suzuki Boulevard C90T from United States of America


It's a great bike that gets a lot of compliments in parking lots


Nothing yet. As of today, 3/2/08, I've had the bike 5 months.

General Comments:

For me, the bike handles great. I haven't taken 45 mph curves at 90mph like some of the friends did when we went to the charity rally in Terlingua, Texas, near Big Bend National Park, but I feel it would if I was crazy enough to try it.

The gas tank is only 3.7 gallons. I chose to accept that because all my friends that have road machines told me I would be stopping every 100 miles anyway. Whether to get gas or not. I've gone 150 miles and still had 3/4 gallon of gas in the tank when I filled up. The tank is under the seat, which I feel adds to good handling.

Wind hurts the gas mileage though. On one trek, high wind dropped the gas mileage to 35mpg. Otherwise, it get 55mpg.

Acceleration is great. Even better than my friends Yamaha 1600's. Even though it just under 1500 cc, I kept up just fine with the bigger bikes on our rally run to Terlingua. 800 mile round trip plus what we rode while we were there. The bike climbed to 105mph with a passenger pretty quick. That's the fastest I've had it, and it seem to want to go higher.

The bike seems to want to cruise at 80mph. At 65-70mph though, the sweet sound of the motor, and the low rumble from the pipes is very relaxing. I know Cobra or other top brand pipes would increase performance, but I plan to keep the stock muffler system. For the neighbors if anything.

The clutch seemed to need adjusting for a while. I guess it just needed to break in, because it's a lot better now.

The bike shifts loud, but that is common on Suzuki from what I'm told.

The brakes were noisy, but settled down with time and miles also. The bike brakes good. I had to slow down suddenly from 65mph when it looked like a car was going to run a stop sign at a highway intersection.

Well, I hope I can add to this review as time continues to prove that Suzuki C90T is a great bike to have.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2008

25th Mar 2009, 14:09

I noticed the same thing on the brakes of my 07 C90T. The rear brake sort of whined when it was brand new. That has not been as big of an issue lately, comes and goes.

I have never gotten 55 miles to the gallon either. My calculations come out to 49 miles to the gallon, which would also calculate the total mileage to 181.6 miles for the tank. I was getting over 55 with the 800 Volusia before I totaled it. I think that when they engineered the C90, they figured you would never go more than 150 miles or so before needing a rest. So that was good thinking. For people that live in Texas desert areas without a lot of gas stops near by, I would not recommend buying this bike without a reserve tank. you can get a 2.5 gallon reserve totaling your fuel intake to right around 6 gallons.

I really love the C90t though, it is a comfortable ride even for the big guy. I am impressed with my bike and the compliments it gets, as well as the comfort.

7th Aug 2011, 15:37

I just came off a 1670 mile, 2700 km (approx) run from Toronto, Ontario, Canada to Oshkosh Wisconsin, U.S.A. I found the bike very solid at the 70 mph mark. It felt like it wanted more. The odd 80 mph passing junkets felt like the power band was kicking in. With an after market gel seat, what a treat the 2007 Suzuki C90 Boulevard is.