21st Oct 2005, 11:41

Actually the C-50 is the new version of the Volusia.

The m-50 is Suzuki's "muscle cruiser".

27th Oct 2005, 12:19

I totally disagree. Mine is completely vibration free and rides very easily. Maybe you have a lemon?

30th Oct 2005, 07:13

My M50 handles like a dream, the only vibrations I get is if I take off from the traffic lights in top gear... as for the bars being too far forward... I'm 5'10 and I have no problems reaching them, you must have very short arms...

Yes it's a cheap bike.. but aren't we lucky to get so much for so little?

7th Nov 2005, 09:20

I have a red M50 - purchased in April ('05). It is my first street bike and I love it! Decent power, smooth ride, and as a newbie to cruisers, I think it handles great! I have over 5k miles on it and I'm averaging about 53 mph.

This is no super-cruiser or fancy looking "custom" bike. It's an entry level cruiser with great features for a great price. Love the shaft drive and EFI. It might have a bit too much plastic on it, but that helps reduce weight. A great 1st bike for me. I'm hooked!

8th Nov 2005, 13:29

Their is some confusion on one aspect, the M50 is an upgraded Marauder. The only reason it would shake is if you started off in the wrong gear, and even so, most shaft drives have a little shake in the take off department. There is no give like in a chain drive.

The bike is a pleasure to ride, and it is expected to do a tune up after 3000 miles. I believe the first tune up is due at 1000 miles. Might not smoke or back fire if the recommended maintenance is followed. Great machine!!!

9th Nov 2005, 02:31

I also disagree!!! I bought two. One for my wife, she was riding a 2003 Savage, and one for myself! I traded in my 1400 Intruder and love the M50! Handles great, very responsive, and the Harley guys drool over it.

10th Nov 2005, 16:03

I upgraded & downsized to the M50 in April of this year & am very pleased with it. It is smooth riding and more comfortable than the 92 Vulcan I had for 8 years. The all black rims & engine gives my wife & I more time to ride & less time to clean & polish. We vote for the M50 BOULEVARD.

Thanks for allowing us to give our opinion.


12th Nov 2005, 03:44

The riding position on the M50 is uncomfortable, it has that lean forward, with a low seat position, where you have to stretch your body. With the vibration, heavy handling, and the lean forward position, my body is physically worn out after a long ride.

The cheap stock tires are death tires when the roads are wet. The M50 is good for a short ride, bad for any long road trip.

Next spring, I'm trading it in on either a Honda 919, or a Yamaha FZ1. Suzuki has soured the milk for me, now I see all Suzuki's as cheap, generic bikes.

22nd Nov 2005, 10:18

I disagree with EVERYTHING negative said about the M50. It rides nice, looks great, and runs as smooth as can be. The minimum maintenance associated with a shaft drive bike is a big thumbs up as far as I am concerned.

Whatever the person who has all the problems is experiencing with his M50 is beyond me. The bike should be under warranty and he SHOULD get it looked at.

I plan to powder coat the front headlight bucket and maybe the kickstand.. can't have too much black you know!

The riding position is okay with me. If one wants to chew up the highway for hours at a time without grief, get a LA-Z-BOY.. I mean Goldwing. If they want to drag the footpegs, get a sport bike. It seems that someone did not choose the correct STYLE of bike for the riding that they like to do!

After some thought... a few gripes... I too agree that there is too much plastic on the bike. One has to watch when it comes to bungee cording stuff across the rear of the bike. If my 86 YAMAHA Fj1200 came with self cancelling turn signals, why couldn't SUZUKI add them to the m50?

I wanted a turnkey bike that runs at the turn of a key and turns a few heads as well.. I think the m50 is both.

24th Nov 2005, 05:36

Yes, my 2005 Suzuki M50 is under a one year, unlimited mileage warranty, but that means nothing to the dealers. Tune ups and adjustments are not covered, every-time I take my "under warranty" bike to a dealer I have to shell out $300, every-time they make a so called adjustment on the computer, it's $80. With a tune up, oil change, and adjustment it's $300. They even charged me $116 to tighten up my battery terminals, when I complained about that bill, they lied and said they added $20 worth of gas in the tank. When I drove the bike from the dealer, I stopped for gas and it was almost empty. No more Suzuki for me - I hate the bike and I hate the dealer more.

4th Dec 2005, 23:27

I now have 6,850 km on my 2005 M50.

This is my 4th bike, I've been riding since the mid 70's. This is the best handling bike I have been on yet. Don't forget the M50 is a cruiser, treat it as so. If you want G force check out the VMax.

Yes the seat is low, it's a cruiser (with a lots of pull). I find the seat to be OK, I'm sitting on a bike not a couch.

I am now checking out some cosmetic upgrades, she's a keeper. If I only had enough bucks for a second M50.

15th Dec 2005, 16:46

Great comments, you have helped me make a decision.

20th Dec 2005, 00:20

I disagree also. My two friends have a V-Star 650 and a Honda Shadow Spirit 750. Both are now jealous of the M50. It is better in every way and I got it cheaper than the Shadow.

The inverted forks make it very stable, similar to a sport bike. The EFI is awesome. There is not a better bike under 1000cc for the money. It even has a digital clock! How cool is that!

23rd Dec 2005, 23:14

The M50 is the best bike I have ever.

But, the M50 is not an upgraded Marauder. Nothing from a Marauder fits the M50 - I have tried. It is closer to a Mean Streak actually. The paint job is by Kawasaki, black with blue metal flake in sunlight. Some parts fron the C50 do integrate with the M50 (neck covers, engine guards).

Overall a great bike - lots of power, cruised up to 110, did fine.

28th Dec 2005, 00:07

If you do a search for Suzuki M50 reviews you will come across similar complaints all written by a guy name "Thomas" (who seems to have written this negative review as well). I ran into this guy once about a year ago when my group was on a ride outside of Napa. Thomas was pulled over at the side of the road and we stopped to check if he needed assistance. He immediately went off on his rant about what a piece of $@# his new M50 was. One of the riders in our group was a shop mechanic and after a quick inspection discovered that Thomas ran out of gas. I'm assuming this is the same guy because the name and bike matches.