30th Dec 2005, 13:41

I have to say I absolutely LOVE my bike!!! This is my first bike ever and it fits me like a glove.

I have NO problems with shakes/vibrations, I get up to speed quickly, I have the power to pass when needed and if you pay attention to the GAS LIGHT you'll know when to get gas! ;-)

I am very impressed, I did try out the Honda's and the Yamaha's, but I wasn't as comfortable on them as I was when I first sat on this.

Also, I'm a 5'5" female and the handle bars are just fine for me as they are (granted, I do want a different look which will pull them closer to me).

I have NOTHING bad to say about my M50 at all, other than now that I've ridden my husbands Road Star Warrior I'd like a little more power under me, but that will come in time - it is after all my first time ever riding! Until then, ride on! LOVE my M50!

19th Jan 2006, 09:07

The M50 is an overall good bike, but I found a few flaws such as the handle bars are a little short, which makes shorter people have to bend over while riding.

And this bike does not corner well as previous bikes I've owned.

23rd Jan 2006, 10:52

I am also a newbie. I just recently bought a 2005 M-50 and LOVE it. It is smooth and very easy to handle.

The bars are a bit forward, but they are adjustable. I'm 5'9" and I am still comfortable on the bike. It is a dream! Gorgeous bike too!

The shaft drive is great, EFI - awesome, and the handling (although I am new to the sport) seems smooth.


24th Jan 2006, 08:56

I've had my Red M50 for 10 months. I have over 7,000 miles on the bike and have experienced no problems mentioned, handles great, smooth ride, great gas mileage and gets plenty of looks.

Ride Safe, Ride Often!

27th Jan 2006, 14:13

I have been riding bikes off road for years. This is the first bike I have bought for the road. It has a great ride and the power is there when it's needed. The handle bars are a bit short, I'm 6' 1" so I have to lean down a little.

It's a great starter bike, and I would not trade it for any other.

1st Mar 2006, 04:08

Hello all, I just bought a sweet '06 M50 in BLUE trim. WOW!!!

This bike kicks major butt! It looks GREAT, rides perfectly, and is very comfortable. Iā€™m 5ā€™8ā€ and have had NO problems reaching the handlebars.

I have had old carbed bikes and really love the fuel injection system on this one. I've only had it for a week, but still managed to drive it 5 out of the last 7 days here by Chicago. (Yes, in February!) If you have a carbed bike, you will be running rich in the cold, unless you get the carbs adjusted. This won't happen on the M50 thanks to its fuel management system.

I researched this bike for quite a while and the results were great. I was really sold by the OUTLAW looks and its comfort. I HIGHLY recommend the Boulevard M50!!!

Great job SUZUKI!

4th Mar 2006, 22:43

Of all the moto forums I have read, "Thomas" is the only consistent writer who slams the M50.

I have owned three bikes over the last 22 years and the M50 is my third. I have owned it for a year and love the bike.

Pros are that the shaft drive is smooth and maintenance free. Low seat position and light weight are good for my small frame. I get positive comments all the time on the looks of this beautiful, black bike.

Negs are minimal. On longer rides (over an hour) the seat is a little thin. I have no problem with the lean-forward riding position (I am 5'10"). I wish it had a little more high-end, but this is a cruiser after all.

I have dragged the pegs occasionally when I turn the bike sharply. Otherwise, an awesome bike. Sounds great, handles very well, no vibration, good acceleration and looks fabulous. For new riders or experienced cruisers, this is just a great bike.

12th Mar 2006, 01:57

I have been riding for many years... I have had nine bikes before... and commute 700kms per week to work in the city. My route includes a mountain range and motorway... Mate, this bike is second ONLY to sex. It is a cruiser, not a rocket. Sounds like some needs a tune up, or should have a re-think on bike style...

Love the bike..

New Zealand.

16th Mar 2006, 22:57

Hello riders! I have been an off road rider with dirt bikes and ATV's for some time now. My '06 M50 Black' is my first street bike and I love it.

I'm 6'6" and 250lbs, I find the bike to fit me pretty well. No issues with the lead in due to long arms. And the gel seat option helps for the hour plus rides.

I was also looking at dual sports at the time I bought this one, seems like I made a good choice. Ride on and be safe.

17th Mar 2006, 12:57

I love my M-50. If you want to add a little power, get a Power Commander and maybe new pipes. I have Cobra Shotguns and a Power Commander on mine, and it's sweet.


29th Mar 2006, 13:37

She's my first. Blue. We looked at each other in dealer's showroom and we knew, instinctively. She looked so great! We had a great summer last year, drove together over 6000 clicks from late July to late fall, which comes much too soon up here in Canada. No problems with her, and she never ran out of gas on me (hey, there's a light telling you when...). I just love hanging on to her handle bar and let her rip and roar. She gets looks from the nicer gender, and I'd like to think they are for me.

The bike handles great, I have no problem following or leading my buddies with bigger cruisers or sports bikes. Lots of low end power. Top speed a little low maybe, but I think that is a good thing for me. Love my Suzuki M50, get one.

10th Apr 2006, 00:04

I am a first time rider and have a 2005 red m-50. I've had it for one month and have about 500 miles on it. I looked at many bikes before buying this one, and I'm 100% satisfied. I mostly ride on country roads, and the handling and power are more than enough. I had a small windshield put on, and am getting louder pipes. Great bike for the price.


16th Apr 2006, 17:58

I am the very proud owner of THE M50. I love this bike! It handles very well and has the juice to turn it up when needed.

I only have 170 miles on it. I was a little scared of it (being a newbie). I have been hitting the roads and enjoying every bit of it.

27th May 2006, 23:41

I think Thomas is the problem. I think he must have trashed the bike during break-in, and the dealer won't cover the damage he did. I wouldn't blame them. It has to be driver error. The bike runs and handles and looks great, and everyone BUT Thomas, agrees. So it has to be the Driver not the bike.