4th Dec 2006, 21:11

Hi, M50 owners, I have some tips for you to make your M50 look even better. I have an 05 red M50, and I love it, but I did not like black rims.

Using paint remover, take all the black paint out and under the black paint the rim has nice polished lips, and the rest of the rim is very clean aluminum.

I love the way my bike looks now; it adds more shine. I bet you will like it too.

3rd Jan 2007, 11:18

Hi there, just read all the comments on the M50.

Thomas, I don't know what you have done to your bike Bud, the M50 is one of the greatest bikes I have ever had the pleasure to own! I am one of those guys who replaces his bike every 2 years, and I can tell you that the M50 is a definite keeper. Over the past 15 years I have owned 7 bikes and the only other bike that even came close on the comfort side was my Yamaha FJ100. I have not been able to find another bike that gives what the M50 gives for the kind of money you pay for the M50.

I live in South Africa, our roads are not in the same good condition as USA roads, with many pot holes and corrugations around. I have not yet had a bad handling experience with this bike, get to know the lady, how she handles and how she brakes on wet and dry roads,...you will be pleasantly surprised, she will treat you well.

I am currently planning a 2000km trip through the mountains and wine routes of the Southern Cape, route 62, and believe me when I say this, the M50 reliability, comfort, handling and performance are the least of my concerns... biggest concern is..will I want to go back to work after 5 days of absolute freedom and cruising pleasure???

10th Jan 2007, 22:11

I live in Australia and own a M50. I love the bike, but wanted a better sound, so I got new pipes off staintune, which gave me 5 more horsepower and 5kg lighter. It sounds better than a Harley.

14th Jan 2007, 18:57

I was just reading all the comments about the M50, and I have to say that I'm glad everyone has such good things to say about the bike.

I have a black 2005 model, and I absolutely LOVE it. I've had it for about a year and a half now, and it has over 6000 miles on it to date.

I'm 24, and this is my second bike, but only my first new one.

I love the black styling everywhere (even if the majority is plastic), right down to the black rims. It has a very unique design that sets it off from all those other metric cruisers out there. I usually never fail to get a bunch of glances or compliments every time I take it out.

I routinely ride with friends who own either substantially bigger cruisers or sport bikes, but the M50 has no problem whatsoever keeping up with them. Everyone who's ridden my bike, agrees that the smoothness of the shifting and lack of vibrations at just about every speed, beat out their own bikes in performance.

The only problem I have with it would be the seat. On prolonged rides, my rear-end tends to go numb from the shallow scoop in the seat, causing me to have to take breaks. A previous writer was correct: Mustang does not plan to make an aftermarket seat for this model. However, Corbin seats does have several available. While they are pretty expensive, they offer the option of heat. Might be worth checking out.

6th Mar 2007, 16:35

Hey Suzuki Family, first let me say that I have a Suzuki 1998 750 Scrad. I wanted the best of both worlds, the sport and touring, and let me say the bike is cool. I ride with a team of guys with R1s and busas, and they love the look of this bike. I also let my cousin ride and he loves it.

Smooth shifting. Great for the money paid. I can't wait for the spring.

17th Mar 2007, 19:41

Hi to all the other happy M50 owners.

I have an '07 with the same all black as was previously out. This is my first bike and I too was a bit concerned about riding at first. So far I can't find a thing wrong with the bike! I use mainly to go to work, but it's fun on the weekends too.

As mine was base, I added bags and a screen later, the screen is Memphis and it works great.

I followed the dealers advice and treated it right during the break-in period and haven't been sorry.

I get those same looks from people, they can't get over its looks, and I've even had compliments from HOG owners!

And the fact I don't have to pay $200 bucks when I go in for a service, or worry about a broken chain is also a relief.

6th Apr 2007, 14:31

I think that this guy has either got himself a lemon, which if true is a shame, or that is is a wind up merchant because his comments are so far off the mark from anything that I have experienced on my M50, or heard about other owners experience. My only negative comment about the bike is the seat isn't too comfy for me.

8th Apr 2007, 09:33

I just got a very slightly used Blue 2005 M-50. I absolutely love this bike. I love the way it looks and handles.

I also get the positive comments. The bike had 2300 miles and I added another 500.

I looked at many new bikes before this and was considering a Yamaha V Star 650 Custom. I was working a deal at a Yamaha dealer when I noticed the blue M-50 sitting with the used bikes. It was love at first sight. The instant I sat on it, the V Star was playing second fiddle. I wanted the M-50.

11th Apr 2007, 10:10

Hi folks.

I've been looking at bikes (my wife wanted a sport bike, but eventually came to her senses :p) and I'm definitely a big fan of the M50.

I'm only 5'6, so I'm a little concerned about reaching for the handle bars. What can be done about that?

Also, anybody found an aftermarket seat for it other than the one by Corbin (it's too pricey for me)?


1st May 2007, 10:39

My boyfriend and I just purchased a new 2006 M50 leftover. We love it. Great ride for the passenger and good positioning for the driver. If you are looking for a great first bike for the money - this is it! We got it in blue and it is a beautiful machine! We get looks everywhere we go. With some new pipes we will be all set!

As for a comfortable seat... I heard that the mustang seat is your best bet for something really cushy.

15th May 2007, 16:28

Living in the desert, I needed a bike that could withstand the heat. The M50 lives up to the challenge. I have been riding sport bikes all my life, and this one rides and feels like one. I had no doubts when buying this machine.

I have a 2007 Blue (looks Violet) and have put 1000 miles on it in two weeks. I commute 40 miles each way to work, and have yet to be uncomfortable.

If you are looking for a great rider, look at the M50...