30th May 2006, 16:38

Doubting Thomas? LOL.

I used to ride smaller bikes as a kid and want to get back into it. I've read reviews on the C50 and M50, and I can't choose between the two. I'm 30, 5'8" and 220.

I have signed up for a motorcycle training course in July, and will be getting the bike right after (the wife already agreed). It will be for highway riding to work and back -- it's about a 45 minute commute one way. I plan on riding in all weathers. I will be adding a windshield and saddlebags. I've already looked at the C50T, and don't like the studs or the bags that comes with it.

I prefer the look of the M50, but there's just one sticking point -- the windshield. I like the C50 windshield. The Suzuki windshield for the M50 just looks dinky. Keep in mind I've never ridden on the highway or used a windshield, so it could just be me. Does anyone have the Suzuki windshield or another one installed? What would you recommend?

1st Jun 2006, 19:15

I bought a 2006 M50 a few weeks ago, and had test drove both the M50 and the C50 SE (in Canada that model is the one with everything). I didn't find any difference in the ride other than the fact the C50 seemed a bit slower because of the extra weight from the accessories. Having said that, put all the extras on the M50 and I'm sure you'll find the performance of both to be the same. Only boils down to looks. I owned a very pretty Vulcan before, but wanted a sportier change, and I loved the look of the fat sport tires on the M50 and all the black.

I'm a female and a short one at that (5'3"). I have to reach a bit for the handlebars, but at my height that's just what I have to do on anything bigger than 500cc. I did have the bars rotated down a bit to bring them about 1/2" closer to me and that helps.

I'd consider looking at the Memphis shades. Loved it on my Vulcan...

11th Jun 2006, 11:50

If you need after market accessories, try www.cruisercustomizing.com. You can filter the site for your make and model. You can also choose to see others on the site with the same bike and see pics of theirs, and read reviews about accessories they have purchased at that site, as well as other places. I found it very helpful.

23rd Jun 2006, 23:27

I just bought a 2006 M50 2 weeks ago. I had a bike when I was very young also.

With the price of gas now days, I bought it to save money when commuting to and from work. I have about a 30 minute commute.

Love the ride and power.

I bought the Suzuki windshield and installed it in about 15 minutes. I have had no problems with the shield. One of the guys I work with, has an 2005 M50 and bought an after market shield, and has had nothing but problems with it. He saved about $150, but he likes how mine fix on the forks and blocks the wind better. Be careful what you buy. You get what you pay for.

6th Jul 2006, 09:36

Just got my '06 M50. Very nice bike, like everything about it, except... the seat! For long rides, both seats get to be very uncomfortable. Mustang isn't planning on making a seat for this bike - not enough demand. Anyone out there have a similar complaint, and more importantly, a possible solution?

13th Jul 2006, 01:34

I rode a '99 Marauder 800 from Ottawa to Calgary, and loved every minute. I never thought I would need another bike.

I now have an '06 M50 (which the sales guy said was "pretty much the same") and it seems like twice the bike. Suzuki somehow tweaked the engine and it puts out more than enough power, but still handles well in slow moving traffic. The shaft drive is brilliant and actually seems more forgiving than my old '84 V65 Sabre.

My only complaint is the stock black cast aluminum wheels. In '99 they had a nice brushed look with black accents, almost solid in the back and a three spoke thing going on in front. I just recently picked up the bike, but have no complaints about performance, handling or maintenance, and the only real problem I've run into has been the occasional removal of bird pooh. (I now own a c02 pellet pistol that will help with that.)


Calgary, AB.

16th Jul 2006, 01:51

I love my M50! I think the original poster had his mind or heart set on a different style bike. I ride with 1100 and 1400 Harleys, and have no problem keeping up and looking good.

Worst gripes are no tach, 6th gear or turn signal cancelling. Otherwise I love it.

The water cooled engine is awesome on hot days when my Harley pals start getting worried and over-heating in stopped traffic.

The bike gets a lot of looks and compliments. I took off all the decals and plaques, added a seat back for the wife and a back carrying rack for my briefcase. We have taken some long rides (3 hours) and I have now ordered an after-market Mustang seat for our bony rear ends.

The bike does 80 mph on the highways here in Connecticut with no vibration other than typical road surface feedback, and it is smooth and responsive.

I was tired of not hearing my bike over the wind and other bikes, so I drilled eight holes in each of the baffles. Not satisfied, I debaffled the pipes by following the video by Lyd. I then realized how you can get crazy with after market EFI add-ons if you sweat the ramifications of debaffling too much. But the concensus I have read is that by just debaffling the stock pipes you won't rob your bike of any noticeable amount of power, and there is no need to adjust or remap the ECU unless you just have to sleep well.

The bike sounds a lot better debaffled, but still no low Harley idle rumble, but that's cool. I think the need to remap the ECU applies to increasing the air intake or going with new straight pipes with no crossover, not just the debaffling of the stock pipes. If anyone (a seasoned Suzuki bike dealer mechanic would be nice) knows the real straight dope on the need to remap the ECU and/or add an after-market FI controller with debaffled pipes, I would love to hear the no bull reality. I want to avoid endless upgrades and spend my dough on gas, so if I can skip it, I will. We'll see! Tomorrow I ride and pray it runs well and there is not a lot of backfires etc. Biker waves to all.

24th Jul 2006, 15:14

I've had my m50 for about 1 month and it is a great bike. It handle's corners very well at a decent speed and it has good acceleration.

I think maybe you are one of those riders that jumps on a bike for the first time, and gives it full throttle in every gear. You have to break the engine in.

I have had 4 bikes: V-45, Bandit, GSXR750, and the M50 might be the best of the bunch.