1st Sep 2008, 09:50

Hi all you RF900 LOVERS.

I say if you are a 1/2 decent rider, you and your RF can compete with all this modern stuff.

I have a low mileage 94. No, it won't lift the front wheel, maybe it's because I am 17 stone. Believe me it has loads of power, handles like a DREAM. I use it like a 250cc bike. Stunning looks, what a lovely ass she has, that shape.

I have had it around 165mph. It's untouched. What a dream machine, love at first sight, still in love with her.

GUYS, if you want a REAL bike that not only performs, it out performs, get an RF. The 95 is a better choice due to an updated rear shock; all else the same.


13th Sep 2008, 09:10

I have been the proud owner of a 1996 RF900R for the past 12 years, & have traveled 150,000km on it TROUBLE FREE!

It is STILL a very capable, fast, safe, comfortable & enjoyable bike to ride.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, I have recently purchased a 1991 GSXR 1100 (M) due to work requirements interstate, & I had to reluctantly leave the RF900R at home. I can only say that the GSXR, though 5 years older & approx. 23kgs heavier, is still a mega-blaster & does NOT fail to disappoint!

No one was more surprised at this realization than myself, & all I can say is that both bikes are excellent with nothing short of sweet, sweet power delivery from about 2000 rpm to red-line, (both being able to pull cleanly & happily at full-throttle from about 4000rpm.) and I've found both to be so similar that I can't honestly say that ones better than the other!

The 1100 probably does have a little more power every where, & far more range/adjustments re - suspension parameters, however the RF is possibly a little more comfy though it will ''peg-out'' well before the GSXR at full-tilt. So, if you're undecided about what bike to consider buying for yourself, you could probably buy both of these older bikes for less than half the price of a new one, helmet & leathers etc. & still blow every-one else away (that's on a new sports-bike,) because whilst they're pulling wheelies whilst trying to drag you, you're pulling away at least a bike-length & a half each gear!

The point is that all bikes since about 1988 have been pretty good, so if you can't afford a new one, you CAN afford an older one & should do so!

Being a mechanic now for approx. 20 years or so, I've also learned that the SUZUKI is by far the MOST DURABLE of the "Japanese Four", & that YAMAHA possibly sacrifices durability for that "cutting edge" in technology - eg. 5 valves per cylinder. I can't say enough about my 2 beautiful motorcycles except that if you don't have one, YOU'RE MISSING OUT!

P.S., I have to say that the SUZUKI GSXR 1300 Hayabusa is probably the the best all-rounder by far,NOTHING really compares to it & it's been around nearly 10 years now & remained relatively unchanged... that MUST say something about the blood-line...

29th Sep 2008, 00:16

Hi, I'm just looking at buying a 94 RF900R. It has 63,000 km on it and I wasn't sure whether that was a good or bad sign? When they get to that amount of k's, does the engine tend to need attention such as timing chains, clutch plates etc. I realize general wear and tear for things like sprockets, chain and brake pads alike are to be expected.

Regards, John.

6th Oct 2008, 08:52

Just bumped into this website and would like to point you RF lovers to www.rfownersclub.co.uk.

I have two RF900's - just go there and look up Dracs 2 RF's in the gallery section.

Hey... and don't forget to introduce yourself to the other members on the forum - maybe see you about soon - we have 2 proposed rides coming up on 12th Oct 2008.

9th Dec 2008, 10:01

I have a 94 RF900. I'm having a few problems; it has 3rd stage jets, but I don't ride it hard enough. I think cause it's overloading and running rough, it could just be the battery right.

23rd May 2009, 02:52

HELLO to all you RF900R lovers. My story is a bit different then the ones I've read here, and I thought you all might like hearing that I have a 1989 quadzilla 500R that I lunched the engine, and wanting to make it faster, I bought a still running but bent up frame 1994 RF900R with 6000 miles on it. We did a few mod to the quad frame and fitted the fr900r engine in. It had a yohs pipe on it and that even fit nicely on the quad. What I didn't know was the engine had other mods and dynoed 157hp at the drive wheels. Talk about a quad that will give you a woodie. Make a 300 foot pass in under 4 seconds on this thing and you find yourself shaking for 15 to 20 minutes, then looking to get on it and do it again.

I love the looks it gets when you unload it at the dunes and fire it up. People start looking for the crazy guy with a crotch rocket on the dunes. It's very fast and trouble free going on four years now of very hard full throttle passes. The only things out running it are turbo charged and over 1000ccs.

5th Jun 2009, 01:46

I also have a 94 Suzuki RF 900. I just bought it with 20,00 miles. I have already took it up to 140 mph and it didn't take long at all. I try to take it easy on the first few gears, since I heard some bad things about them, but I actually sold my newer 2000 Suzuki Bandit that had twice the miles on it. I love the torque on this machine. I have yet to race a new 600 going in a straight line, but I would put my money on the old 900 I think.

11th Nov 2009, 03:11

I have a question to everybody that has an RF900R, because I have one too. Does anybody know where I can find a stage 2 or 3 jet kit for my RF? I have a Scorpion exhaust on mine and need a jet kit for my RF. Also what is the cause of 2nd gear on these bikes? Sometimes I can get mine into 2nd gear, but it just pops right back out, so I have to go from 1st into 3rd when I ride? If anybody can help me with my questions, please email to me @ jakrabit2010@yahoo.com


15th Dec 2009, 11:50

I have a 95 RF900, and it's a great bike to have. I have had it 7 years, and I never get tired of riding it! I live in Cleveland, Ohio, and they call me Kimbo.

3rd Mar 2010, 16:33

I have a bit of trouble with the constant allusions to "heavy" with this bike. Have you actually weighed yours and weighed all the other supposedly "much lighter" bikes? I'd bet you won't find 30 pounds' difference. That may sound like a lot, but really -- are you that svelte, yourself?

Mine has added weight: car horns, a Corbin seat, Hayabusa front calipers -- and it still actually weighs 498 with gas -- 248F, 250R. that's not so very heavy, even compared with brand-new literbikes.