16th Apr 2011, 18:40

Hi, I have recently bought a 95 Rf 9000r. It is a fun ride, and I would like to upgrade the rear tire to a fatter width. Can anyone suggest some sites for me to check out please?

30th Apr 2011, 18:25

It's worth the money. I have one, but with a different engine GSXR put into it. If it is in good condition, go for it. The ride is comfortable and and nice on the road. My motorbike came with racing parts; Remus Viper exhaust with a turbo :) But get the bike, it's all worth it.

25th Aug 2011, 19:50

Hello, I just bought a 94 RF900R with 23000 miles on it, and I'm having a little trouble with 2nd gear. It feels like the chain is skipping, but I tightened it; clutch maybe? It only seems to be in 2nd.

It's my first sport bike. I've been riding enduro and won't give up that freedom, but love the bike so far. TONS OF POWER. Leave a message plz.


Thank you.

31st Oct 2011, 12:16

Could be your sprockets... have fun.

18th Aug 2012, 18:35

For those in the know, the RF is the best kept secret.

Anyone looking for help with this beauty or wanting other reviews of this magnificent bike...

The RF owners club is a font of all knowledge about these bikes http://www.rfownersclub.co.uk

10th Jun 2013, 07:40

Hi guys,

I have a '96 RF900R bought 3 years ago with 8300 miles on the clock for £1700, and at 72 years young(!), I absolutely love it. It's now done 15000 odd miles with, I hope, many more to come with me sat on it!


22nd Jun 2013, 13:22

Yes it will fit, as the RF900 has the GSX1100R bottom end.

15th May 2015, 02:30

I am just in the process of buying a '97 RF900F. I currently ride an ER500, which is great fun, but now I've passed my full test it's time to upgrade. $3500 NZ gets me this awesome bike, 61k on the clock, custom paint job etc. I can't wait... roll on next Thursday!!!

11th Jul 2015, 03:04

I did the same exactly; went from a GS500F to a 97 RF900R.

25th Jun 2016, 13:59

Hey, I just bought a 1997 Suzuki RF900R and hate the tail end. Is there anyway I can convert the tail end somehow?

8th Oct 2016, 04:02

The cases are the same, the trans is the same, but the 1100s side draft head won't work in the RF, so they must be swapped, but the combustion chamber in the RF head is smaller, which will push the compression up.

19th Oct 2016, 16:45

Jus got through with replacing second gear on my 1997 RF900R and I did split the case without tearing into the crank. Look closely, there are two screws hiding.

3rd May 2019, 00:49

Hello. You will need to pull the motor. Split the motor cases and replace 2nd gear and 5th gear, the shift drum, and check the shift forks for excessive wear or being tweaked out of shape. Good luck. BTW eBay has a decent used part selection.

20th Jul 2022, 20:34

What about ebay??