1998 Suzuki TL1000R from United States of America


Grunty, challenging, and a pure blast


Purchased as a street fighter race bike and trying to convert it to fairing stock form. Some parts are hard to come by.

General Comments:

Coming from the world of a cruiser turned bobber, I went to a friend's dealership looking for a 600 sport bike. I quickly made eyes with a Mad Max Street Fighter-esque TL1000r. He told me I'd be bored with a 600 in a week, and to take it for a spin, it was one of his race bikes from home.

At first start, I wasn't used to the torque and low end power and weight; gotta say I was nervous as Hell and a little scared as s**t, but after mildly going around the block I realized I was in love. This was a more challenging bike than the sport bikes I've rode off and on over the years... The power delivery, the turning, everything required a lot more of me as a rider. Challenge accepted.

I learned it has lower geared sprockets, which explains why some of the 1st gears felt a little tight at first, Ohlins suspension, and a Power Commander 2.

Over time the only thing I can say about the TL1000 is it's definitely a different breed of bike and I don't think it fits everyone. I'm always learning on it and appreciating its features over other bikes. I enjoy its weight and the bulky fairing I've now installed. And I have a love for other v-twin sport bikes. If this one ever stops, I'd only hope I can find another TL one day to replace it.

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Review Date: 20th March, 2017

3rd Nov 2017, 16:17

One thing I have honestly noticed about the TLR is that the gentler you are with them, the faster they fall apart. I'm not joking. These bikes almost seem to thrive on being pushed to the limit on a daily basis. The moment you start treating it like a prima donna, the bike will start acting like one.

1st Feb 2019, 23:46

This comment is 100% accurate. I've owned two TLRs - One I ran into the ground before selling, and then my current TLR, which I've babied. Guess which one I've spent over 100 wrench hours and thousands of dollars fixing... Yup, the babied TLR. For reasons I cannot explain, the harder you ride them the better they run.

2000 Suzuki TL1000R from United States of America


The TL1000R truly still is the only one of its kind


Outer clutch cover leak.

Push-rod seal leak.

Blown fuse - fuel pump.

Common charring on voltage wire (solid red) leading to starter relay.

Charging system.


General Comments:

I have owned a lot of bikes over my 15 years of riding, to include the GS550E, GSX-R 1100, ZX7R, and Daytona T595 to name a few, but the TL1000R is by far my favorite. The best comment I can leave is one quoted from a forum I once came across, where an OP questioned the difference between an inline-4 and a V-Twin. The answer given was flawless - "An inline-4 sounds like a bumble bee farting in a tin can, where the V-Twin sounds like the devil and his horsemen coming for you on a thundery night." The proof is in the pudding. After racing through the canyons one day, I actually had a fellow rider confess that I scared him when I went past. How many folks can say they've been told that about their inline-4s?

Sound and esthetics aside, the bike is comfortable and solid. All things being equal however, the TLR does require some modifications in order to correct well known design defects. Seals, wiring, etc... It can be a real headache, but well worth it in the end.

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Review Date: 15th October, 2015

2001 Suzuki TL1000R from United States of America


Best bang for your buck


Sprockets wear fast because of torque from the v twin. They need to bring back the TL; they are lasting longer than the GSX.

General Comments:

This is the all around sport bike. Not the fastest, but the best built all around.

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2010

16th Jan 2014, 06:43

Everybody seems to slate these bikes in the biking world, but with some small improvements for what I think is little money, major changes can be made to one brilliant motorcycle. Hence I have owned one for a number of years now, and really can't see anything on the market at the moment to better what I have with the improvements I've made to her. Go buy yourselves one, and try one awesome bit of kit. You'll not be disappointed.

Regards, Jim Rizla TL1000R