9th Dec 2009, 07:33

I have an 86 VS700 that was given to me by my Dad, after he bought an 04 800 VL Intruder. I love this bike, it's over twenty years old, but still looks like new. Only has 13,000 miles on it. I put an aftermarket studded seat and some Jardine fishtails on it and the rest is stock. No real need for upgrades. I weigh close ~270Lbs and it pulls me right along fine. Keep good gas in it, clean oil, flush the clutch and brake fluid every couple of years, and it will run forever!

25th Jan 2010, 14:09

I hear a lot about transitioning from a smaller bike to a bigger bike... I don't understand this. The whole idea of buying a bike you don't like to learn how to ride is ridiculous. I caught the bike fever about a year ago, and begged and begged my dad to let me ride his 07 Softail, which is one of the heaviest bikes out there. After about a month, I followed him to an empty lot and he let me take it for a few slow turns and up and down the lot a while. I took off down the highway and never looked back. I bought my first bike about a week later. A new 07 VTX 1800. I love it! Never laid it down either. Came close about 100 times, but my point is this. Don't buy a rebel when you want to upgrade to a Softail in a year... Go buy the Softail and learn to ride!

25th Jan 2010, 18:37

Hello.. I am looking into buying an 86 VS700 Intruder... I commute back and forth to college.. I was wondering if these bikes keep up with traffic?.. like 65mph without running the crud out of it?? The bike looks and sounds great, so it's very tempting..

16th Mar 2010, 16:23

I have a 1986 VS 700 Suzuki Intruder. To the person asking about keeping up with traffic. I drive mine about 35 miles one way everyday to work in the summer and it does fine. I run it pretty hard too. When I get home and shut it off, I leave the key in the on position and let the fan run until it quits, then turn the key to the off position.

22nd Mar 2010, 18:03

Just bought my 86 700 VS Intruder. Got rid of 05 Sportster. Suzuki rides like a Cadillac compared to Sportster. I'm only 5'2' and this bike fits me comfortably. Legs are even bent when I sit on it. Has only 3300 miles on it. Battery is very hard to get at. Love the bike.

23rd Mar 2010, 21:44

I brought my 86 VS700 2 years ago for 2000. The owner had did some work to it (chrome & pipes) and kept it clean. I just got it on the road, and "WOW" I regret waiting. Although the previous owner didn't tell me the truth when I purchased the bike, I am happy with it. It's not a Harley, but it's a now cruiser!!


19th May 2010, 20:48

Just got a 86 Intruder 700 like a lot of people on here. Has anyone been able to find highway bars or crash bars for this year? I have not had any luck on the internet, most are for 88 and up. I'm tall and I need some more leg room. Any suggestions would be great!!


27th May 2010, 07:17

Bought a VS700 Intruder 3 months ago. It's my first bike and I love it. It's been customized quite a bit by the previous owner, and I added my own signal lights and mirrors. Also bought a secondhand set of the original mufflers to replace the half open exhaust pipes. I've had no problems yet finding original parts, either new or second hand. Also have no problems fitting non original parts from Highway Hawk onto the bike.

It keeps up well with traffic. I hit 140kph (about 86mph) last week and it does it well, though because of the way you're seated, you'll have to hold on tight and not be blown off.

The battery is near impossible to get at, being positioned underneath the bike. You can't reach it by removing the seat. You actually need to lift up the rear end of the bike quite a bit and unbolt it. Luckily you'll hardly ever need to reach it.

All in all, a great looking highly reliable bike.

A happy Dutch Intruder rider.

22nd Jun 2010, 21:39

I recently purchased a 1986 Intruder. It has been stored in heated garages all of its life and the bike looks brand new. (6500 miles).. paid $1500, custom seat + new rear tire included.

The only problem I've noticed is one fork seal is cracked... another slightly weeps...! But in all fairness, every bike I ever owned weeped on one of the fork seals.

Other than that, it has a bad boy look, and the power to weight ratio is far better than most cruisers... it's a blast to ride... a real chick magnet! Also, the miles per gallon is excellent 50+ mpg... many bigger cruisers only get 35mpg..!

So in conclusion, I'm very happy with the look of my new ride!

9th Jul 2010, 14:14

I am glad I found this site. I bought a 1986 Intruder VS700 about a month ago and paid $125. I felt at the time I might have over paid due to the condition. The bike was stored with pool chemicals for well over ten years that just killed the unpainted metal. It only took a couple of hours to track down all the little electrical problems and get the thing fired up. It ran great.

I haven’t got it out on the road yet, so I too was concerned on power. It is still torn down in the garage getting parts painted and replaced, but after reading here, I really can’t wait to get it done and get riding. With the help of many friends wanting to get me back on a bike, we should be done in a couple weeks. With the drag bars I have to go for the bobber look.

17th Aug 2010, 14:47

Hi... I'm another satisfied owner of the 86 Intruder VS750. I bought it new in 86, and still ride it today. It only has 15000 km, and the low km is due to my job and the short riding season here in Newfoundland, Canada. I haven't added anything to it, and it is completely original.

I haven't had any problems with it, and have only had to do the routine stuff such as replace the battery a few times and plugs. I had the carbs cleaned a couple of years ago, and was informed then that it is getting hard to find parts for it.

I find it a really comfortable bike, and get lots of complements, and more than a few offers to sell. I don't see many of these bikes around, so it kinda stands out in the crowd. I figure I'll have this bike for a long time yet.

27th Aug 2010, 16:30

My dad gave me my 1986 Suzuki Intruder about a year ago. I had to change the battery, which wasn't as bad as some people on here say. I just took it out to the street, so the front tire was in the street and the rear in my driveway. This left sufficient room underneath to drop the battery.

I have had no mechanical problems. I am putting ape hangers on it now. I just bought new custom mirrors, grips, and the 16" bars. I have to have the cables all custom made. It has custom paint. The brake light was taken off and mounting holes filled. Now it has a custom brake light and rear turn signals, just under the rear fender. It's fitted with a Corbin seat. I also drilled three 1/2" holes in the final baffle to make it a little throatier.

I love this bike. Almost traded for a late 70s Sportster, then decided to keep the Intruder. Just runs like a dream.