1986 Yamaha FJ1200 from United States of America


Old school rocket!!!


For my 1986 FJ1200, the gas petcock would leak after sitting for 24hrs, and flow out of the carb over flow hoses, and new friction plates in the clutch.

General Comments:

I have been riding for 26 years, always and all year, even winter. I have had many motorcycles: 3 GSXR 1100s. My last bike was a 1990 GSXR 1100; great bike, but not comfortable, and not on long trips.

Now my bike is a 1986 Yamaha FJ1200. It's very comfortable anytime or all day long riding. This this FJ1200 pulls very hard in every gear. The best and fastest roll-on out there for carburated bikes. This FJ1200 might be old, but will still bite most all of your late model sport bikes to date, stop light to stop light, and for a 570lb motorcycle, it handles like it's on rails.

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Review Date: 19th November, 2010

5th Jun 2012, 22:39

Just purchased an '89 with 69,000 miles. Complete fluid change, fuel line cleaner, and it was on. I have replaced the front sprocket and chain at 72,000. Piece by piece, getting it maintained.

OMG!!! This bike is a train. It never stops pulling. Rolled the throttle in 5th; the RPM just climbs steadily all the way to red line.

Coming from an older Honda Sabre to this '89 FJ... Yamaha got it right!!

1991 Yamaha FJ1200 from United States of America


Very very strong well engineered machine



Great stocky looking touring bike. I would love it if I did not have to add saddle bags and a helmet holder, but you cannot travel across the States without fishing equipment and a tent.

I have been having small difficulties; I weigh 180 LBS, the bike weighs 800 LBS. So I have dropped it a couple of times. It literally breaks my heart.

General Comments:

My FJ 1200 now keeps me awake. Very nice, ride smooth as can be, and heavy enough to withstand any winds from 18 wheelers or just side winds.

More power than anyone would need. Instantaneously... This is the first bike I did not think was too slow after the first 3 days.

No engine problems with the exception of timing chain rattle, but I understand they came out of the factory that way.

Long trips are not bad; very comfortable once you get your back muscles into shape. I want to keep it forever.

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Review Date: 8th October, 2010

1991 Yamaha FJ1200 from United Kingdom




Nothing to report defect wise. These are superb machines.

General Comments:

Well this is me on my 4th FJ1200; I just can't see past them.

I have owned loads of other bikes in the past, including Honda ST 1100 & NTV 650 Deauvile.

I sold my last FJ to buy a Honda Pan Euro. What a mistake that was. Within 100 yds of riding the Pan, the noise was hellish. After upgrading the screen twice, it was OK, but it's NO FJ.

Just had the chance of another FJ1200 for £800, full MOT & tax, in nice condition & new tyres, what a buy.

If you're thinking on buying one, do it. These are superb all rounders, & will take you away on your hols, as well as keep up with most things on the road.

Why buy an R1, when you can have these at a fraction of the price?

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Review Date: 25th August, 2010

1993 Yamaha FJ1200 from United States of America


A comfy, well mannered, land missile


Absolutely nothing, although I wish it were liquid cooled.

Regular maintenance has been oil/filter every 3333 miles, brake fluid every spring, tires around 5k, and a chain/sprockets every 25k.

General Comments:

Plenty of power at any RPM.

Comfortable, although I raised my seat 2" to accommodate my long legs.

Can haul luggage and a passenger without caring.

Not bad on gas; I average about 38 MPG riding pretty aggressively.

Handling is quite good for a bike of its girth and weight.

Very light steering inputs are needed.

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Review Date: 14th December, 2009

22nd Sep 2011, 12:26


I see that you gave your 1993 FJ1200 low marks for the brakes. You can update the brakes very inexpensively by replacing the stock calipers with the R6 blue spots. Also, upgrade the master cylinder with a 14MM bore. There are plenty of newer Yamahas that have this brake system. It makes stopping your FJ as easy as 2 fingers. The great thing is that these calipers bolt right on your forks with NO modifications.

The rear wheel can be easily upgraded to a 17" using a 1990s era GSXR wheel. Just requires some spacers to make it all fit. Make sure you get the entire wheel pack from the same bike, as you will have to use the GSXR brakes as well.

If you have not already, go to fjowners.com. There is a wealth of information about these bikes there.