7th Feb 2009, 22:28

Hey guys,

I was just wondering if there is much of a difference between the '81 Midnight Maxim 650 and just the Maxim 650? I bought a Midnight Maxim, and was just wondering the difference is?


9th Feb 2009, 13:40


6" of chain and rocking it 'til the tank is clean.. awesome idea! I was having some fuel issues with my 82. Checked the tank out, no rust. Checked the filter mesh, clean. It regularly starves for fuel.. but I noticed this happening when the tank is low but not empty, probably between 1/3 and half full. I'm guessing it may have to do with being gravity fed, and not having enough weight in the tank? Well I soaked the petcock in cleaner overnight, replaced the lines and took off an added inline fuel filter that a previous owner had (if gravity fed, extra filters may slow down flow, I assume. If there's one in the tank, why does it need additional filters?). Anyhow, problem solved.

10th Feb 2009, 08:12

The Midnight Maxim is same the bike except for more black painted parts and gold trim.

10th Feb 2009, 12:02

I own an 82 Maxim 650 and love it. Got it last summer, it had some fuel issues, I rigged it until winter, I didn't know what I was doing last year.

Now this year (yesterday and the night before) I rebuilt the carbs, new head gasket, rebuilt petcock, repacked and sealed the front forks. Cut out my baffles for a little extra sound, but I'm not sure if that changes my compression. Does anyone know if I need a jet kit. Also is it hard to put rear drum brakes on? I am learning as I go, but I do know I have ridden a few bikes and I really like my 82.

11th Feb 2009, 08:32

Rear brakes are easy. Once you pull the rear wheel, the break drum cover comes right off and the brake shoes are removed after hand depressing a connecting spring. Haynes type manual has specifics and some good tips. Well worth the $25 for it if you don't have one already.

*Use new cotter/split pin on axle and torque stay arm and don't breath the shoe dust.

I can't help you on the jetting?. Seems a shame to make the bike louder, plus Yamaha with its settings has these bikes running near optimal already. Enjoy the ride.

12th Feb 2009, 17:47

I agree that it is a shame to alter the mufflers by cutting the baffles on this fine bike to make it louder.

This is a 4 cylinder shaft driven classic. Why on earth would you want to make it loud?

14th Feb 2009, 14:01

Thanks for the advice on the rear brakes, and you guys are probably right about cutting the baffles out.

Now I've come to a new problem; I got everything put back together, and went to turn the fuel on and it came out of the second carb from the petcock. Not the seal or leak, it is almost like an overflow because it rushes out of that one carb. I took them back apart, found a piece of dirt under the float needle, recleaned, put back it together, and the same problem. If I have the gas off and wiggle the petcock, it continues to rush out. Did I forget something, it ran at least until I got a hold of it. Thanks again for the help and I did order a manual, I should probably wait for it to arrive!!!

1st Mar 2009, 18:54

Hey guys,

Just wondering what type of gas is best used.. I have just been using the normal grade 90 octane I think it is.

I have the 81' XJ650 with only 25k km. Still runs great, just don't want to be using the wrong kind of fuel.


15th Mar 2009, 08:21

Where can I get exhaust mufflers for my 1981 XJ650 Maxim?

17th Mar 2009, 22:53

Check eBay for parts, it all depends on what bike that week a guy is taking apart.

22nd Mar 2009, 18:41

I just bought an 82 650 Maxim as my first bike, it just needs a new battery. I paid $600, and just wanted to know if I got a good deal. Runs good, and starts up with a jump.

24th Mar 2009, 19:08

I have a 1983 Yamaha midnight Maxim 650cc, which I bought for my first bike to ride. I am having problems starting it, it came with a weak battery so I replace it with one from Wal-mart and it didn't seem to change the problem at all, I have since ordered one from the dealer. So I hope this will fix the starting problem.

If this does not fix the problem, does anyone have any ideas as to what might be the problem with starting it please?

28th Mar 2009, 17:31

What happens when you attempt to start it? Will the engine just not turn over? Or the starter not work at all? Checked the solenoid? Brushed etc good? If you don't want to take your bike into get fixed.. Just go down to your local auto store and you can get whats called a starter repair kit, which comes with brushes new wires etc.. Also have you checked the + / - terminal wires to and from the battery? Then there is always the fuses..

2nd Apr 2009, 01:43

I just bought a 1982 XJ650J as my first bike. Got it a couple weeks ago, it's got 44,000 miles on it. Paid $900 for it, it's in very good condition. No leaks, runs perfect, all I've had to do was replace the battery since the one it had was a cheap 30 dollar one.

All I need for it is the right side cover, the one that goes over the battery. Any ideas where I could find one? The bike is black.

Oh yeah, the seat has a few tears in the top, but it came with a brand new seat cover too. Just have to wait until warmer weather so I can put it on.

Also, another question: Is it normal to have a whirring sound around 40 mph? I hear it the rest of the time, it just gets louder right about 40 and then it dies back down afterward. Since it goes away when I pull in the clutch, it may be with the drive shaft. Any ideas?

2nd Apr 2009, 08:17

I went through all of the previous comments, and several people asked about Yamaha tank emblems. I didn't see any responses and I was just wondering if anybody found a good spot that has new emblems, or ones that aren't faded and cracked like mine. I am also getting ready to paint my tank and side pieces. I have never done this before, anyone have any pointers?

5th Apr 2009, 22:46

I'm restoring a 1982 Maxim XJ650.

Found tank emblems, side panel, oil filter bolt, engine guards, oil pump cover and exhaust gaskets on eBay.

Found stainless brake line, and valve cover gasket ($40) on oldbikebarn.com.

Found after market exhaust (4 into 2) from Parts Unlimited.

From the dealer I bought new front foot pegs, and petcock gaskets and o-rings.

I was told that model airplane spray paint is fuel resistant and looks great on the tank. I'm going to try it. For 7 bucks it is worth a try.

Good luck to everyone. It is getting harder to find parts for these great old bikes.