12th Apr 2009, 21:41

I have a 1982 Yamaha XJ650 Maxim, and I was wondering how you adjust the front brakes? The pads seem to be dragging, and when I hit the front brakes they're really touchy. Thanks.

18th Apr 2009, 11:17

OK, I got it figured out.

19th Apr 2009, 14:34

I just got a 83 and the lights come on, but nothing happens when I hit the starter button. Can anyone diagnose this problem?

20th Apr 2009, 10:31

To 19 Apr "won't start"... If you can't hear the solenoid near the battery clicking, then I would check the start button connections. You may just have a bad switch also on the handlebar.. If you can hear the solenoid, then give your starter a whack with a mallet and try to start again.. If it starts then you have a bad starter that will probably only get worse.

Good luck and break out that multimeter.

22nd Apr 2009, 20:09

Hello all, just purchased a 1982 Maxim and was curious if a newer sportster seat will fit it? Looking to update it a little and give it some contour.

Also to the comment about it will not start; check your battery too, there may be enough juice to light it up but not turn it over.

Thanks for the time.

26th Apr 2009, 23:32

To April 19th: Also check your kick stand switch. Make sure it's working properly. It may just be stuck in and you might just have to pull it out.

14th May 2009, 02:39

To 19 April. I had a similar problem with my bike. Make these checks when trying to start it.

- If the kickstand is down, make sure it's in Neutral and the green neutral indicator is on. If the red oil level light comes on at the start, that's the kickstand switch. The bike will not let you start the bike in gear while the kickstand's down.

EVEN if you have the clutch in.

- Also check the Run/Off Kill switch and make sure it's set to 'Run'

- If at start up it makes a click noise, that means your battery is dead. Another way to tell is if you turn the key on and press the horn, and it makes a faint noise, it's your battery, get a jump start.

Let us know.

16th May 2009, 10:15

Hello XJ 650 lovers, I'm new to this forum, can you tell? I'm looking for a complete fuel tank assembly for my '81 midnight Maxim 650 - I've owned it since new, and would love to ride it again. Seems the body-man, that I asked to repair the leaking fuel tank, threw it out. Unfortunately, I trusted him way too much, because instead of giving him the bare tank, I handed over the trimmed out tank complete with petcock, trims and gas filler door. Consequently, I'm looking for a complete replacement. Any help or ideas out there? Thanks, much appreciated.

17th May 2009, 19:00

My starting motor to sticks, but when I give it a smack, it will turn over and start the bike. My question is, do I need a new starter, or what do I need to do to rectify this problem?

18th May 2009, 15:14

To 17 May w/starter: Your problem won't go away, but only get worse. Problem is usually worn spots on the armature that move and allow contact when you whack it. But if you keep whacking it, you may damage the bolts holding starter or the engine connecting gear. They have rebuild kits for the starter, but I found a working salvaged one on eBay and went that route instead. Either way, you have to take the starter out. ... WARNING!!! Go slow taking those bolts out on starter. The most forward long one snapped on me necessitating hack saw, drilling and 'easy out' cure which wasn't easy at all. Total air-box had to come out to allow 90 degree drilling, barely. ... New bolts are like $3 on line and would strongly encourage you to pick up the set BEFORE you detach the starter. Also use a good penetrating fluid (Break Free) and let soak prior to removal. Then when you get even a slight turn and ANY space under the bolt head soak again and wait a good while. Wish you luck. It's not really a hard job at all unless the bolts snap :(... Keep in mind you can always push start the bike still so you won't be stranded :)

19th May 2009, 01:06

OK if you whack it and it turns over, it's the brushes getting caught on a groove or whatever.. Take the starter off and take it to Autozone and get new brushes for that starter.. or order starter motor brushes online. Have the people at Autozone test the starter to verify it's the brushes and not the armature.

23rd May 2009, 12:44

Hey All.

Thanks in advance for any help - reading through the past comments has been pretty useful.

I have an 82 maxim 650 - it's my 3rd one (first was in CA, second was stolen). I've had this one for about five years in NY. A year ago I had a radiator guy flush the tank and redline it, but now I'm finding it's already starting to flake off inside. I'm thinking about getting a different tank altogether. Like other people on this site, I'm wondering if an XJ750 tank can fit on the same frame. It would be great to have more fuel capacity, and since I'm buying another anyway...

Any advice would be much appreciated.


24th May 2009, 07:56

750 GAS TANK on 650??? I also asked this question on this site last year and never got any replies. ... I did see on line somewhere once that they were compatible, but can't find the site again... You may have to call around to the parts stores to try and find an ol timer who knows for sure. Doubt Yamaha will know, but give them a try also... I successfully coated mine with Kreem product so never had to pursue further... Wish you luck and please post the answer if you find out...p.s. Bigger tank would definitely be better :)

24th May 2009, 20:10

Hey guys, just a quick question.

My bike idles just under 1,000RPM and will die out without giving it some throttle. I was just wondering where the idle screw is. I have been checking through my repair manual with real no luck on its location.


24th May 2009, 23:05

Yes, a 750 tank will fit without any modifications.

25th May 2009, 11:00

IDLE SCREW on XJ650 is located on rear side of carbs in the center facing the air box. It's about dime sized. ... Can never remember which way to turn for increase/decrease, but it is easily finger turned. ... * Remember to let engine warm up fully first then turn off the choke. ... Also watch you don't burn your hand on way in/out. A thin garden type glove helps :)

28th May 2009, 19:54

I have had an 82 Maxim for 10 years and just the other day, while rolling down the road, it just quit, and I coasted to stop. Headlamp was off but neutral light was on. Before, this turned out to be a 30A fuse problem, but this time all fuses seemed intact. There is zero noise/activity when trying to restart. I will try checking battery terminals and tapping the starter. Any other ideas to check?

31st May 2009, 08:47

Hi to all... I need some advice quick... I just got a 82 750 Maxim... the other day I was riding it and it just died... now the bike won't start; replaced the fuses and still nothing.. the solenoid clicks but nothing after that... need some help... have tried to push start with no luck, so please help me out...