14th Jul 2009, 21:43

Hey guys just a question. I was wondering if just putting straight pipes on this bike would be too loud..? Or if it would even workout.

Also, would anyone know where to get some 4-2 headers, since mine is a 4-1 and it would look pretty weird with one straight pipe. I'm going for the shotgun look.


15th Jul 2009, 16:15

Why would you want to ruin a classic bike like this by putting on straight pipes?

That just shouldn't be done to such a rare classic.

Leave it stock, or stick to something quiet, if you must replace the pipes.

18th Jul 2009, 16:45

Hi everyone, I have just bought a 1982 650 Maxim. It has stood in a garage for ten years; the carbs were all seized up. I freed floats, cleared jets, refitted carbs, and it fired up for a short while, then died. Any help or suggestion most welcome.

23rd Jul 2009, 21:23

Hey everyone!! Just tuned up my bike, oil change, spark plugs, the works. It went up 13 mpg from 33 to 46 mpg. It made me so happy let me tell ya, but ya runs a lot better now too, so anyone getting crappy gas mileage or having problems with power, then maybe what I did is what you need to do.

Thanx all for reading.


26th Jul 2009, 18:56

I have a 82 Maxim XJ750J, and it drives great. I cannot say anything bad about this bike.

The only problem I am having is the brake fault light is always on. When I bought the bike, the guy told me he changed the brake fluid. I don't think he did. I just drained the fluid and I am looking to put in DOT3, the service manual says to put in DOT4. Does it really matter?

About the brake fault; is there a way that I can see what is causing the light to come on after I put in the new fluid? Now just to make it clear, the front brake pad on the right side seems a little low, and the one on the left side seems like there is a lot of brake shoe left. The back pads seem fine, but I did not look at them. The link for the back pads seem to be loose. Should they be loose, such as I can turn the screw by hand?

8th Aug 2009, 12:09

I too love my 82 XJ 650 Maxim. Got it when I was 17 (now 39). First thing I was ever licensed for. It sat for many years while I was in college. Had to clean the carbs. Worked again for a few years but was never the same.

I've tried to faithfully keep it running, but busy I let it sit too long. Tried to start it. No good. Took the carbs off again, cleaning them again! It's my own fault.

I'm tempted to purchase some carbs for an XJ 750 I saw recently. Can anyone tell me if these are compatible?

16th Aug 2009, 22:10

I just bought my first XJ Maxim yesterday from a guy in Kansas. I had to drive two and a half hours to get it and two and a half back, but I think I'm in love. I spent the whole day today going over it and taking stuff I don't want on it and fixing minor things.

I haven't got to hear the thing run yet because there's no battery, and the small town I live in there's nothing open to get on on Sundays.

I've got a 06 Darkstar that I've dumped money into, and I've owned a 98 Classic and 76 360, but this one is going to be my monster "chopped dropped and a jaw dropper" even though I kind of feel like I'm cheating on my 06 "I hope she understands".

I'm kinda worried about starting it because it hasn't run for like 3-4 years "what a crime", but after reading all the good things on it being a bullet proof motor and all, I now have new hope.

I was looking for an XS, but after seeing that four into two exhaust, I knew that was my new love.

21st Aug 2009, 14:10

Don't worry about starting the bike, I have just got a 1982 Maxim; it has stood for 10 years. Carbs were in a mess, but after careful cleaning and an oil change, it fired up and sounds great.

As for fitting 750 carbs, you may have to change the jets. Check the manual to compare.

31st Aug 2009, 10:10

Hi all. It's me, the woman that bought one of these beauties in June. Now that it's been tuned up and the throttle stop screw set right, it's running pretty darn good. I finally got to get it out on the highway for a bit. My question now is what does the tach read on yours at 65 mph? I feel that it's giving it all its got at 65, like I should be shifting up again. My tach sits at about 5000 at 65. Like I've said before, this is all new to me and I really appreciate being able to "talk" to other Maxim riders. Thanks in advance for any input.

1st Sep 2009, 12:41

In regards to the 31st of August post, that's normal for this bike. It's sitting only half way to the redline, which is common for most motor vehicles. Even if you check in the car while you're going down the interstate, she'll be cruising around the halfway point to the redline. I took a 1,000mi plus trip on er and sat around 5000rpm the whole way. It also gives ample acceleration for passing and what not.

Happy riding!

2nd Sep 2009, 11:56

Thank you. I took her out again last night and I guess was more in tune with what it was doing. I've read other comments regarding the heavy vibration at a certain speed and having it smooth out once you're past that. Right around 60 is my spot. Once over that, she smooths out and runs great. The only problem I have there is when the old man wants to hang out at 60! Of course it was dark by then, and I told him to go first and he was being safe.

Happy Fall riding everybody.

Stay safe,


3rd Sep 2009, 11:29

Hey RPM?'er. You should be between 60-65 at 5000rpm on the 650 Maxim. It's rated at 12.5 mph for every 1000 RPMs in 5th gear. Just multiply to cross check...

Also there should NOT be a heavy vibration around 60 mph. Only a 'slight' one with a mild buzz in the handgrip that soon disappears. I can barely feel it with my winter gloves on. "Heavy" sounds not good :( Plus you should have lots of pickup after that up into the 90mph range... Watch out for wobble tho over 100mph. Very scary! Have fun and "Ride to Live" :)

9th Sep 2009, 14:08

Yeah, I as well get that slight vibration. Was out with a friend and he was only willing to cruise around 60mph.. Pretty brutal feeling that for about 2 hours.. But then again just try a V-Twin. Just wanted to live him behind...

12th Sep 2009, 17:36

Hi there, June '09 lady buyer -- I have owned an 82 XJ650JB since I bought it new. 27 years and counting, it now has a whopping 22K+ miles on it.

Currently, it is in the shop getting a minor oil leak (head gasket) fixed, fork seals replaced (2nd time in 27 years; state inspection item), fuel valve (minor leak) rebuilt/replaced (not sure yet), and getting its tank and side covers painted.

As for your (and a few others) question about taching 5K at 60+ mph, I've noticed with mine that at 70mph, it's running at about 5400 (Yes, I too have always felt there ought to be a next-higher gear there), but I've also noticed that it seems to "love" 5400 rpm -- it's smooth, vibration-free, and feels like it could go on forever.

True, for someone 6'1" like me, it could have a more comfortable seat/rider position, but (as you can guess by the mileage) I don't ride long distances at any one time.

Hope you enjoy yours as well and long as I have.

That said -- anyone know of/have an "OEM" sissy bar for sale? I had the "OEM" accessory luggage carrier installed when I bought the bike, and have recently seen a picture of an XJ650J with the same carrier and a sissy bar attached, but I'll be darned if I can find one...