1986 Yamaha XVZ1300D Venture Royale from Canada


Great highway vehicle


Generally the dashboard display has mind of its own. The fuel level oscillates from max to zero even after the fill up at the gas station. Fuel level warning is constantly on. High beams (blue light) going on and off, regardless of actual light.

General Comments:

Despite the minor electronic glitches, which one has to accept as a sign of age (25 year old vehicle), it is a comfortable and dependable bike. Meant definitely more for highways and long distance rides than congested city streets. Has sufficient power and torque (comes in handy during heavy traffic). During passing of the slower vehicles, it easily and without hesitation goes into speeds that could bring the attention of traffic cops.

It took me some time to get use to a whining noise of the gears.

It would be nice if lights, both High and Low beams were stronger. Brakes are good; anti diving system adds to the comfort. Some plastics were cracked. Somehow I believe that this is not necessarily the age caused brittleness, but rather the sign of some "history(ies)"...

Fuel mileage, the average after 5000 miles, is 36 MPG (6.5 l/100km). After all, it is a full size cruiser, not a moped.

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Review Date: 25th October, 2012

23rd Oct 2014, 11:50

Plastic: It appears to be an issue with the plastic itself. Most of the plastic is available either salvage or aftermarket EXCEPT the two halves of the main front fairing. You can find the salvage, but the mount locations are almost always cracked. I had to completely rebuild and reinforce all my mounts, and it was quite a bit of work to do it right. I used plastic welder, mesh metal screen, & fiberglass & resin (where there was room). If I ever drop this bike the fairing is toast.

Even with the other plastic pieces, it is important that you do not tighten the screws down. Take down until just touching and use a blue Loctite. The rattling and squeaking can get annoying, so I found some thin sticky back felt like sheeting to place under those areas, though whatever you use cannot be very thick. Also watch the size of washers that go down into the plastic mount holes. These should be very loose fitting on OD (snug OD fits blow out plastic real quick).

28th Nov 2014, 19:47

The bike as you say is 25 years old.

In reference to the high and low beam headlights being a bit weak, change out the light bulb (H4?). That cured the 1991 BMW K100RS I bought last year.

This weekend I'm picking up a 1990 Venture Royal and will change out all the light bulbs. Good luck with your bike (and to my purchase, LOL).

25th Dec 2014, 17:41

December 2014

Just the update:

1. Speedometer started to oscillate - minor annoyance. Apparently the gear in the front end needs to be replaced ($$); for the time being (last year) it was disconnected; did not pay too much attention to it anyway (the speed, that is) - no reason to spend extra $ on it now.

2. Light indicator (High Beam) always on; light (High/Low) switch works properly; minor annoyance, not worth extra the $ to be spent.

3. All the icons on the dashboard coming on or off (including the previously mentioned fuel indicator) - danger of running out of gas (still original reserve petcock is sized) - a bigger annoyance. Apparently the dashboard display needs to be replaced ($700!). Being, as you can guess, slightly on the heavy cheapskate side, I found a more economical solution. A 2 gallon jerrycan including the content ($35 total) provides complete relaxation.

4. Developed the starting problems on cold and damp days after a period (week or two) of not using the bike. May need to replace the battery (3 year old, kind of early but what can I do...).

No other mechanical problems in the 2014 season (another 8,000 miles).

FYI Still happy with the bike.

1989 Yamaha XVZ1300D Venture Royale from Japan




Headlights out.

Compressor not working for suspension.

General Comments:

Runs great.

However not as comfortable as cruisers.

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Review Date: 9th March, 2012