1986 Yamaha XVZ1300D Venture Royale from Canada


Great highway vehicle


Generally the dashboard display has mind of its own. The fuel level oscillates from max to zero even after the fill up at the gas station. Fuel level warning is constantly on. High beams (blue light) going on and off, regardless of actual light.

General Comments:

Despite the minor electronic glitches, which one has to accept as a sign of age (25 year old vehicle), it is a comfortable and dependable bike. Meant definitely more for highways and long distance rides than congested city streets. Has sufficient power and torque (comes in handy during heavy traffic). During passing of the slower vehicles, it easily and without hesitation goes into speeds that could bring the attention of traffic cops.

It took me some time to get use to a whining noise of the gears.

It would be nice if lights, both High and Low beams were stronger. Brakes are good; anti diving system adds to the comfort. Some plastics were cracked. Somehow I believe that this is not necessarily the age caused brittleness, but rather the sign of some "history(ies)"...

Fuel mileage, the average after 5000 miles, is 36 MPG (6.5 l/100km). After all, it is a full size cruiser, not a moped.

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Review Date: 25th October, 2012

1989 Yamaha XVZ1300D Venture Royale from Japan




Headlights out.

Compressor not working for suspension.

General Comments:

Runs great.

However not as comfortable as cruisers.

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Review Date: 9th March, 2012

1991 Yamaha XVZ1300D Venture Royale from United States of America


If they don't dissolve at speed, it's the best ever made by the hand of man


The bike went into high speed wobble at only 60-65mph, and threw me off the bike. Witnesses in a car nearby said I was within the speed limit, in control, and suddenly the bike went into a severe wobble and tossed me off.

Anyone had any other problems with suspension, front forks, slight bump causing severe wobble, or knowledge of same? Please contact me.

General Comments:

Only had 24,400 miles on this 1991 Venture Royale. Loved it, and loved my 83 Venture even more before this one.

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Review Date: 4th August, 2011

25th Sep 2011, 23:03

Check out venturerider.org. You will find answers to all your questions, as well as advice from some of the most knowledgeable and helpful people about the venture. I have had my 89 up as high as 130 mph without any issue, so you must have something wrong. Tires could be part of the issue. Mine wobbled at 60 mph when I had Avon tires on it. Although they are a great tire, they just don't seem to agree with the 83 - 93 model year Ventures.

13th Sep 2013, 19:59

Yes, the big Yammie gets a little loose in the front from time to time. I had an 86 back in 1995, and just bought its twin last year. Seems especially sensitive to suspension settings (and condition) and tires (type and inflation levels). Still waiting to wear out the Dunlop Spitfires and replace with either 491t's or Michelin Macadams, depending on what I can find. Never had the bike wobble so bad that it tossed me off, but if my hands weren't firmly on the bars, control could have been a problem. Max out the pressure in the tires, set the front suspension at about 20 PSI, and make sure the front fluid is as fresh as possible. Progressive springs help some but not 100%. Set the rear suspension at medium to high (40-60 PSI). You will have cured most of its wobble with these modifications, but not all of the head shake is gone. Having said all that, there is not another bike of this vintage that can touch it for overall ride, power and brakes (you will need to use front AND rear controls for them).

The plastic on these bikes was pretty brittle, and I've never seen one without a few cracks here and there, IF it gets ridden.

Anyone else had the problem with leaving one of these out in the rain and then tried to start it? Something gets wet pretty easily (coils)? After it eventually starts, the tachometer doesn't work and it runs on 2 or 3 cylinders until (I guess) something dries out.