10th Mar 2012, 16:01

Buying an 88 VR with 77K all white from a dealer in Sandusky Michigan. Says it's a dream machine from Arizona. Will pick it up at the end of the month, my first dresser ever. Hope all is as sweet as you all say they are. Will get back to you all when I pick it up and ride it a while. Thanks for all the encouragement.

16th Mar 2012, 05:37

Considering a 1986 VR. It has a sidecar. The bike has 80990 miles. I have not purchased the bike as of yet. Please assist with comments as to the mileage. The bike appears to be in good looking condition. The seller is asking 5900.00. Good price or too much? Please reply to "dsrm12@embarqmail.com"


26th Mar 2012, 13:42

An older bike with so few miles/kilometers on it... what to watch for:

I bought a 1990 Venture Royale with 50,000kms on it... watch out for rust in the bottom of the fuel tank... I ended up having to drain the tank, scrape out the rust off the bottom... then treat the tank and line the bottom of the tank. I should have lined the entire tank, but that would require removing the tank from the bike, which means removing the entire rear sub-frame of the motorcycle to get the tank out. I "discovered" the rust by having the bike quit on me with a full tank of gas... the rust got sucked into the petcock after the filter in the tank "disconnected", and ended up floating around in the tank.

Check the tank bottom by removing the fuel gauge sensor on the top of the tank (under the seat) and looking inside... and check your fuel filter for signs of rust particles.

4th May 2012, 10:57

I am presently riding my third VR, and love the bike, but it has almost 300000 km, and I really have enjoyed this beautiful motorcycle. I have done regular maintenance, and have changed the stator twice in more than 20 years of riding, no major problem (I had to redo the solders in the class system twice, but that was easy to do... it is still working perfectly).

My first Venture was the 1983 base model, which I rode until my good friend hit me in the back in Lake George (Aspencade RDV) with his new 87 VR.

My second Venture is a 1985 model, which I still have, and ride a couple of times a year. My wife wonders why I keep it, since I have the 89 VR (it is very hard for her to understand that I can't let go of IMHO the best touring motorcycle ever made, and I have driven most of the touring bikes). On the 85, I had to have the 2nd gear fixed and a stator. Beside that, I had to replace the drive shaft and the gear... exceptional reliability in all my Ventures, but at 300,000 kms I am keeping my eyes open for a VR with a little less experience (I will get a 1300, since I am keeping my 1200 1985 Venture).

Please drive safely and enjoy life; they say we're dead for a long time.

I have been riding and enjoying motorcycles for almost 60 years.


7th Aug 2012, 08:01

I purchased a 1983 Yamaha Venture Royal over the winter of 2011. I went through the whole bike for major cleaning and maintenance. Not that it needed it, but I am very picky. I did not drive the bike when I purchased it, but I did run and go through the gears and everything in-between; all seemed great. I paid $2500, with 40,000 miles.

Well being an ex-Wing owner, I will not look back, because I love this Yamaha 1200, and the looks and comments I get every time I take it out!

But, I do have some concerns that maybe someone can answer for me before taking the bike for passable repairs.

The bike runs hot, most of the time between the green and red?

The clutch chatters. I have heard louder than mine, but this still concerns me?

On the highway, the bike rides smooth as silk, except between 55 and 65, then it's smooth as silk again? (I'm thinking I'm not used to a V block and riding the Wing, normal?).

Happy trails, and thank you!

31st Aug 2014, 05:45

I'm not sure if anyone can help me, but I also have a 89 Venture Royale that I like very much, but the problem I'm having is in the steering, because when I hit a little bump or crack in the road, the handle bars go crazy and shake a lot. And if I take a hand off, it gets even worse. I also have a difficult time keeping the bike straight when slowing down or coming to a stop; I find the bike wanting to go all over the place. Now on the highway it rides great, but I wouldn't want to hit a good bump in the road because I could lose all control I'm sure. Have changed the steering and wheel bearings, and no better; most shops don't work on older bikes and no one else has any ideas. It's in great condition with only 20k on it.

Any help would be deeply appreciated... Dale.


5th Oct 2014, 13:04

Hello my name is Michael. I first saw the Venture in Seattle, and took my mom to see it and I said I would own one someday. I bought one in 1987 and it was an 83 model, and was black and gold stripes like the one I saw in Seattle. I owned it until 1989, and I gave it to a friend and I bought an 89 model 2 tone blue. I have been all over the USA with it. I bought the other model of that year, which is 2 tone maroon in 2010. Since then I have added another 89 model, so now I own 3 of them and love them all. So good riding, and I too wish they had never stopped making them in 1993. Those was the golden years for me... I am 50 now and still ride god bless.


5th Nov 2014, 23:03

Go to Venturerider.org. Pay 12.00 and join. It will be the best 12 bucks you will ever spend. They will give you solutions. It seems like you have shock and steering bearing issues. Good luck.

29th Jan 2015, 16:20

I have had my '88 Venture for about five years. The only thing I have had a problem with is the fairing has become very brittle and cracks easily.

But back to your problem, I was told to wire tie all the cables and lines together on each side so that they are stable. This gave me a much smoother and enjoyable ride.

Good Luck

11th Feb 2015, 00:03

I agree they are the best, I have 236000 miles on my 83 Venture. I'm the only owner, and never a second gear issue.

13th Mar 2015, 18:49

Hello, if you haven't figured out your issue yet, I suggest changing your tire.

Put on a good touring tire and I bet the problem goes away.

I had the same issue on my Concours.

6th Jul 2015, 13:14

I have 2... a 1983 and a 1990. I rolled 223,678 miles on one before I sold it and over 250,000 on my second one. Awesome bikes.

The only trouble I had was plastic cracking, and second gear went out early on my first one. Came to find out that was a common problem and Yamaha did not know why, but Japan sent me a new one, and even paid shipping for me.

My frame broke on my first one, so Yamaha gave me a new one; took mine back to Japan to figure out why it broke. Long story made short, the warranty was out when this happened. Awesome bikes, awesome company.