5th Aug 2015, 03:57

I have the same problem, did you find out what to do? Please let me know if you got a fix. xmillerx@gmail.com


19th Jan 2016, 19:00

Johan here. I have a 1990 Venture Royal. I have no problems. I'm from Western Cape, South Africa.

2nd Mar 2016, 06:02

1989 Venture. Just went through this bike including the cooling system.

Problem: The temperature gauge runs just under the RED when cruising slow. Fan works, good radiator cap, new pump, etc. This bike is a recent purchase and I have no past operating experience with it. Do these bikes normally run in the upper section of the temp. gauge? Outside temperature was 50 degrees.

6th Apr 2016, 05:46

You might check the exhaust collector underneath the bike... I just took mine out and cut it open, removed the guts, and welded it back... check the Venture tech site for details and pictures. Several of the mounting connections had to be welded as well.

When the guts are loose in the collector, it makes an awful racket... sometimes sounds like the engine's coming apart... then it will stop for a while and then go again... that's cuz things are moving around in there and get stuck once in a while.

The bike back fires now a bit, so I'm re-adjusting the carbs to see if that helps. There's less back pressure, but the bike runs wonderfully...

6th Apr 2016, 05:51

I had the same problem... and others...

Go to the venturers.org web site and look at the tech section for first gen Ventures.

There's a fix there that involves taking out the control panel for the device and soldering a couple points... I also went through all my electrical connections and cleaned and greased them with electronic grease.... but the primary fix is hitting those soldered connection points, right behind the primary plug in to reset the solder ... you may have to add a bit more solder.

These points loosen up and you don't get a good contact.

After following the instructions, my system is back working perfectly normal... yeah!

22nd Jul 2016, 03:20

I have a 89 Venture and it runs great to 4,000 RPM, then it's like it hits a wall, no power, and won't rev any higher. I need help if you have any advice.

24th Jul 2016, 15:49

I'm not sure of your problem, but I ride a 93 VR, I live in the southern part of the U.S. with temps reaching 100 in the summer. When I've been out on a long ride, the temp reading never goes above ⅓ of the scale. Only when I'm in stop and go traffic will it climb to ½ the scale. You may have a thermostat problem or a worn water pump.

28th Jul 2016, 02:43

I have an 87 1300. I love it. I've had 3 Goldwings; got this Venture while one was down. I love it. To sit in the bike instead of on it, the ride is the same, but the anti dip feature is excellent.

Just got back from a long ride, but now my volts aren't staying up when I'm at a stand. Still hope it's the battery. It still fires up and there is a little stall when it starts now. Also I detected a miss now when riding all of a sudden. Thought it was bad gas, but like I said, I went for a long ride, put in premium and a drop of Sea Foam, no change... anybody else experience this? Maybe I just need a tune up?

5th Jun 2017, 04:08

I just purchased a 93 VR and did the fork seals, but the air doesn't work, it says it's pumping. Any help would be appreciated, I like the bike. Thanks.

5th Jun 2017, 21:57

Have either of you two figured out a resolution for the air ride leak? I've been told to clean dust covers and main seals, and this usually solves the problem. Attempting later this afternoon, so hopefully I'll have some success, but any other advice would be welcomed.