12th Nov 2011, 21:11

I installed the largest front and smallest rear sprockets that the aftermarket supplier provided. That dropped the top gear RPM about 1000 at a given speed, bumped the gas mileage up to 70 MPG, and completely changed the character of bike, from frantic to relaxed. Add a full windshield too, and the bike stops dancing around in the wind.

I took a 420-mile day trip with this arrangement, and ended it almost as fresh as when I started.

24th Jul 2013, 15:28

I added one tooth to the front sprocket. It brought the RPM down a little bit, but makes it harder to start out with two people on the bike. It is okay with one person.

9th Sep 2014, 11:03

I have a 1991 750 Nighthawk. I changed the front sprocket to a 17T and the rear to a 36T, and the performance is great. It lowered the RPM. I don't have a working tachometer, but 65 mph is much nicer now with a reduced RPM. It's like starting out in 2nd and having a 6th gear.